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  1. Woomera37

    [ADL] Adelaide, the Thing.

    I can slot in the 23/24 and ale house is all cool walking distance from the hotel. Its a long drive down . but I can feel a shopping urge coming on. ( look out Leader). Taz plz keep me posted as 30th is the sports club night of nights.
  2. Woomera37

    Issue 105

    The article in the Hardware review about the GMC R4 had me thinking of a base to mod. Contacted GMC and found out there is a new version out already . The first one had a problem with the ODD door springs ( on the pistons) being a bit too strong for the ODD door. Hence CD/DVD would not open . New version is called R4 Advanced/upgraded. Cost overseas ( Korea) is 50-70 USD with shipping at the cost of a small car and an arm! Comes in a range of colours , Red, Orange, Green, Black & white. Alsotech may have some of the new versions arriving in either the next container or the one after.
  3. Woomera37

    Dodgy Defence Minister Dumped

    Odd thing is Defence will only back their own.. if he has no experience then he will fall as well... its a closed environment .. access is via service (would you like to become a citizen? Join now!)
  4. Woomera37

    Dodgy Defence Minister Dumped

    ahhh crap another muppet to replace the last one. At lest this one is a heavy weight and should have some pull in the party, off to check his back ground ( hope it dosen't involve trains again) . Yes I did 20 FT how about you?
  5. Woomera37

    GF wants to do soft pron

    Looking at the site its still new( looking for advertising) and the pictures that they have are as grainy as! :-( Incomplete Model infomation If your GF wants to I would ask her to shop about.
  6. Woomera37

    For all the boys on Atomic

    MEGAN CARE INFO 1.Do not tumble dry after cleaning 2.Inflate to 45 psi for correct operation 3.Flamable keep away from nakid flame Guess they didn't read that last bit for the BBQ ( I couldn't get my eyes below point 2)
  7. So take one tween bot, add some bang to it , or some other yuk substance and do a social experiment on the new reaction you will get. I wonder if they could be fitted with the USB rocket launchers !
  8. Woomera37

    Atomic Challenge....

    OK this is going well I have almost killed the afternoon at work and still miscounting Q2 ... joing to try this at home after I read the issue 100 happy snaps to follow with issue 1-50 & 100 together in a 3d pic
  9. Woomera37

    Wireless VGA to VGA doowhicky

    Wow that was quick Jeruselem, Its bang on, apart from price. :-( But thanks.
  10. Woomera37

    Wireless VGA to VGA doowhicky

    G'day, I'm looking for a wireless sender to transmit the VGA O/P from a laptop in an Observatory to a Data projector in another building. I did have the details for one last year but seem to have lost them about the workshop. I see that there is one available in the US , in the 5.8 GHz range, But that spectrum is reserved for digital transmission in Australia. So no compliance tick. Therefore Im after a 2.4GHz version to keep the ACMA and my licence happy. Any help greatly appreciated Gumby in the Outback