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  1. wingnut0021

    So how many CIA torturers went to gaol?

    Gaol: The only "British English" word you wish would just die already.
  2. wingnut0021

    What TV series are you watching?

    Agents of SHIELD!!
  3. wingnut0021

    Cake and you

    Abomination. It is neither pie or cake. It must be put to death! Yes, a tasty tasty death.
  4. wingnut0021

    Cake and you

    This thread is nothing but non-pie related fail. What else goes with icecream? That's right PIE. Cake don't go with icecream. Close thread please.
  5. wingnut0021

    If you were actually hungry... what would you have?

    Pie is shit, you shut your whore mouth. Typical cakeist, always trying to put a pie brother down!
  6. wingnut0021

    WoW Guild for Atomic?

    We got a thread somewhere for all our toons? I'm looking for a good arena partner for the next season.
  7. wingnut0021

    Worlds of Draenor Launched

    Come stand in my bladestorm and say that.
  8. wingnut0021

    If you were actually hungry... what would you have?

    Man I'm so sick of Atomic's bias, pie is clearly better. Why must us pie lovers feel excluded.
  9. wingnut0021

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  10. wingnut0021

    WoW Guild for Atomic?

    I heavily do not recommend trying to come back on Frostmourne, that's if you actually want to play at all.
  11. wingnut0021

    Worlds of Draenor Launched

    Got to play for a few hours today, net dropped out now im back in the queue of about 2500 on Khaz'goroth. I actually really enjoyed what I got to play although they really stuffed Arms warrior up, so boring to play. Having aus servers is probably my favourite thing though, 25ms makes a HUGE difference in PVP. No more running around posts like an idiot chasing druids.
  12. wingnut0021

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Did you see the one with the house party bit at the start? The actual trailer for Infinity War was behind closed doors of sorts. This remake uses the released music and clips from the movies with the last bit cam footage.
  13. wingnut0021

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I scanned the greenroom, doesn't seem like anyone is talking about this. Marvel a little while ago dropped the bomb with their phase 3 announcement. And holy fuck. Age of Ultron https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDaRrUs0jgE Infiniti War Enough said.
  14. wingnut0021

    Adult Swim has rediscovered its soul

    I thought the intro was a bit long, but it was certainly worth it. The show is pretty damn compelling, and DAMN did they leave it on a cliffhanger. Can't wait for the next episode.
  15. wingnut0021

    How colour blind are you?