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  1. Excellent, thanks for the heads up! Since my motherboard is a Gigabyte as well I should be sorted. I hadn't thought of warranty, since when it comes to electronics I basically assume the warranty is voided as soon as you open the package. Thanks for the suggestions on replacements. I am really happy with those options, I was expecting to pay much more to achieve a similar performance!
  2. Through an absolutely soul crashing journey, I'm under the impression my GigaByte GTX275 has died. Either that or my motherboard is having issues, since the problem is that my motherboard can not detect my graphics card according to the POST beeps. Firstly, can anyone think of other ways to determine if the problem is my graphics card? I was having problems with my system, which included requiring a BIOS flash for my graphics card (known bug with card requires it). After that, a number of starts and then finally a hard drive format and Windows 7 reinstall. After the first new start up, I turned off the computer, replaced the case and this problem started. But assuming my graphics card has died, what's a cheap, similar, modern day card to the GTX275 so my replacement isn't too different in performance? Cheers.
  3. jumb

    Lego games?

    I loved the Lego games. I have Indiana, Batman and Harry Potter on 100%, but never played Star Wars. Harry Potter was probably my least favourite, there were a number of frustrating times, but it was also one of the best with the central hub being so important. I will admit that one of the funnest parts was unlocking Tom Riddle then casting Avada Kedavra on everyone.
  4. jumb

    ok, Ds game suggestions

    Out of that list, I can recommend Metroid Prime Hunters. I recently went back and played it and couldn't believe on what I was missing.
  5. jumb

    Picross DS

    I finished most of Picross, it got super hard towards the end there so I lost patience. Picross 3D is a lot of fun though. I recently finished it; the last one has a 50 minute limit, and I had two goes where that time limit expired before finising it after 30 minutes. It was HARD.
  6. jumb


    The fact that it's twirled makes it seem like a data cable of some sort.
  7. jumb

    WoW Guild

    As a policy, I doubt they would ever change command of a guild - it could cause so many problems if they did, what with hackers and what not.
  8. jumb

    most epic single player game of all time?

    -Portal -Psychonauts
  9. jumb

    Xbox360 controller for PC

    Ah, I've already bought it. I didn't see they were that cheap, as I was only looking at the websites. Ebgames only had the PC one for new for ~$40 and used ones for the xbox on their website. Like I said, I was being a tight ass :)
  10. jumb

    Xbox360 controller for PC

    If you mean the wireless, yeah you need the receiver. From what I could see they have been discontinued, but you can buy ones that do the same job (apparently) from ebay. I think the cheapest I saw was ~$17 including delivery. Cheers for all the help, everyone. I decided to just wing it and go for down the cheap and nasty route and go for the ebay wired ones at ~$26. I've barely played any Xbox's so I doubt I'll be able to tell the difference. I also like to believe that they have the . I can't wait untill uni exams are over now. I'm predicitng I'll spend most of the holiday in bed with my monitor skewed around playing my new pseudo-console. Should be awesome!
  11. jumb

    Xbox360 controller for PC

    Yeah, I think I'm convinced to get a wired one now. Do you think the ebay ones for ~$26 would be much worse compared to the the comercial ones from the shops at $40? They do have a microsoft stamp on them, but the seller is from Hong Kong, so I dont know.
  12. jumb

    Xbox360 controller for PC

    I'm interested in buying a gamepad controller for my PC and have decided on the Xbox360 one. Since I don't own an Xbox360 myself, I have a few options that I'm not sure about. Is the normal wired Xbox360 controller exactly the same as the PC version and how long is the cord? Through Ebay, I could buy a normal Xbox360 wired controller (which are discontinued at shops) for ~$26 instead of the wired PC version which is $40 at shops. Is wireless worth it? Through some purchases on Ebay I could get a wireless controller for about $50, which would be a normal Xbox360 wireless controller + the PC USB reciever, whereas the PC wireless controller is ~$70 from shops. I'm leaning away from this option as I'm not sure how charging would work, since I'm not sure if the cable is included in the package. I'm also pretty sure the wired controller would have a long enough cord for where I'd sit. Are there any other cheap options? Is the riskyness of Ebay worth it? Cheers.
  13. I've had maths courses that were multiple choice, but you have to show working out to get ANY points. It was annoying with questions where, by inspection, you could work out the answer. I think I just rewrote the question then drew an arrow to the answer.
  14. Strangely enough, that was exactly the one I decided on getting! Thanks everyone for your help, I've made a better tailored machine and saved some money, I owe you all a beer.
  15. If I did upgrade, would the system be restricted by the CPU, making the upgrade minimal? I've looked around at a few reviews and the comparison shows a pretty big upgrade, so it'd be worth it, but a lot of those benchmarkers are using quad core pc's, so it's hard to compare :) Reviews seem to suggest the GTX 275 a better buy and I'd most likely pick one of the MSY ones, so does it matter out of Inno3d or Gigabyte?