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  1. GhostWhoWalks

    Time for some weight loss!

    I've lost your goal weight over the last couple years. Weight loss is tiresome emotionally. Best of luck.
  2. GhostWhoWalks

    How's Your Health?

    I'm in fairly good health. I have a weight issue, but I have slowly been dealing with that over the last 18 months, down 85 kilos so far. Normal BP, no medical conditions other than dermatitis that comes and goes on my scalp. Genetically all the men on my old man's side of the family tend towards old age and health, unless broken by addiction. And I have never drank or smoke. So I should be alright once the weight is fully sorted. My biggest issue when I had blood drawn at my unhealthiest was an abysmally low Vitamin D3, which I now supplement and a low Testosterone for my age, but I was fatter, and fat blokes produce more estrogen so T goes down. It's pretty normal now, even though I have more weight to lose. I'm 40, the site said I'm 35 and have a .3% chance of dying in the next 5 years. Anyway, interesting site.
  3. GhostWhoWalks

    Fury Road

    Saw it tonight. It was one of the most visually stunning films I think I've ever seen. Seriously. My eyes were overloaded almost the whole thing. It was so fucking metal I wanted to mosh through half of it. It could take place anytime before or after the Mad Max 2. It's just another Max story. One that shows him as a little more broken, which makes me think it might be a little closer to 1 to than to 2 or 3. It's not really a story about HIM. Or any one person. It's just a story in that world. That has Max in it. Watch him go through hell. And walk away on the other side perhaps a little less broken. We may never know. The best of humanity going head on against the worst of humanity. No holds barred heavy metal chimera of blood and righteousness. Yeah. I'm still amped the fuck up. I want to see it again. Right fucking now. Oh, and I reckon it will be polarizing to people. Some will love it. Some will hate it. Max has like 3 lines of dialogue in the whole movie. He's less of a star and more of... a force of nature. I can't describe it any other way.
  4. GhostWhoWalks

    What hobby has taken over a room?

    Reading. What should be a spare bedroom is a library lined with bookshelves and books.
  5. Depends heavily on the age they started.
  6. GhostWhoWalks

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I watched Interstellar today. It was ok. I wouldn't run out to see it though. Even though I did, but it was less about the desire to see it and more about what was playing when I rocked up to the cinema to see something. It was kinda convoluted, they tried to pack a crazy amount into a movie, which is why it is almost 3 hours long. Not sure if it worked as a cohesive film or not, I'm still processing it on my back burner. Some of the space stuff was nice looking. None of the acting was overly remarkable. Good, but not amazing. All and all it was adequate. I would give it a 6.25 out of 10.
  7. GhostWhoWalks

    How much stuff do you /need/ to carry?

    Phone, wallet, keys, hat. Always the same. Front left, back right, front right, head.
  8. GhostWhoWalks

    Manhattan Walk with harassment

    You know, I've had big long conversations with my wife about topics like this. Mostly because I'm male, and she's female. And while I believe strongly that folks should be treated equally under the law... I often don't get when women are upset about things. From a perspective gap mostly. Something that may seem minor to me, like being said hello to on the street, is bothersome to some females. Conversation kind of went something like this... "Hey baby, I was watching this video the other day on the Reddits, and some chick was talking about how it's wrong to say hello to people on the street. But the thing is... I do that to people sometimes. Men and women. Usually people that fall directly into my eyeline. I don't get the problem. I'm just saying hello. You know?" "It isn't really about you saying hello, it's about the context that comes with SOME people saying that hello and what that could lead to." "Wuuut?" "Ok so, someone says hello to you, say you aren't paying attention and don't notice. Or just choose not to respond. What happens next?" "Well... nothing I guess. I keep walking. They keep walking." "Ok, now what would happen if when you didn't say hello back the person got confrontational, followed you, or called you names?" "Um, I can't imagine that ever happening. What the fuck? But ok. I guess either I'd turn and say 'Sorry, what's your issue?', and then we'd either resolve the issue or I guess in some crazy fucking planet we'd fight about it?" "Right. Now, are you afraid of that confrontation? What's the worst that could happen from it?" "Well, I guess I could have the shit kicked out of me. Or I could go to jail for kicking the shit out out of them. But I really don't think that's a realistic scenario. I can't imagine running into someone crazy enough to want to fight over me not saying hello back. I mean fucking seriously baby." "Your issue you have that makes it hard for you to understand why some women do not want to be spoken to by random strangers... is that you're not afraid of the consequences of the confrontation. Some random freaks out, you'll be able to adequately defend yourself. At least most likely. Most women wouldn't. Imagine a world where there's a race of people taller than you, stronger than you, more aggressive than you, and could easily kill you or rape you or just abuse you if they decided to do it in the moment. If they said hello to you what would you do then?" "Ok... so now we're living in a world of Brock Lesnars walking around intimidating people with hellos?" "I don't know who you're talking about, but sure. Go with that." "Well... it would suck I guess. I'd have to be more careful of who I made eye contact with. Some men find eye contact a challenge, so I guess you'd be more careful about making eye contact with the new Lesnar masterrace so they don't think I'm trying to start shit with them. Like gorillas and shit! I saw this doco about how if you're around big fucking gorillas looking at the King Monkey can make him fuck your shit up. You gotta keep your head down and not seem like you're challenging him or he might eat your face or some shit." "Ape, not monkey. Ok, what if the 'Lesnar masterrace' as you call it was as likely to just want to fuck you as to 'fuck your shit up'?" "I like monkey more than ape. Look, um... well... this is really getting weird now. There's not a Lesnar masterrace of people taller than me, stronger than me, sexually aggressive towards me and so on. Lets get back on the fucking topic." "You're the Lesnar master race in this scenario you dipshit. Fucking hell." "Oooooh. Right. Um... but... oh. Ok. I gotcha."
  9. A couple days ago I was in the city. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon. I was waiting till 6 for a venue to open I was going to a show at later that evening. I did some shopping at Minotaur, popped a watch I own to have repaired not far from there. Spent 20 minutes looking to a place to take a piss. And then finally ended up on the corner of Bourke and Swanston on a bench. Just reading one of the books I bought, A Slow Regard of Silent Things, by Patrick Rothfuss. Anyway... I was sitting there and there was a bloke sitting outside the Dick Smiths there with a hat and a backpack and a sign. He looked to be in his late 40s. The sign basically said 'Hi. My name is Tony, if you could spare any change it would help me put food in my belly and give me a warm place to stay tonight. Bless you all, Tony.' So I sat there and read for a while. After about 20 minutes he got up and gathered his things and walked off. I had planned on putting some money in his hat before I left, but he left first. So I was a bit sad at a lost opportunity. About 2 minutes later he reappeared and took back up his spot. So I put my stuff away, checked the time and went over to him. Asked him if he was hungry. He said he was. And so I said, come on. Lets go get something. Asked him if he knew a place around there that was good. And he didn't, but said he knew there were places down the road. So we walked half a block or so down Swanston and went into a little hole in the wall that had rock and roll albums on the ceiling and pictures of elvis and such. I got a diet coke, and asked him if he were thirsty and motioned for him to get something. He picked a Sprite. Out of everything in there he picked a Sprite. Not a beer. Not a water. Not a Coke. A nice cold Sprite. It was weird then because he looked at me like I should order him some food. I told him to just get whatever he wanted. At 4:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, this guy who was hungry ordered bacon and eggs with sausage, fried onions, tomato and toast. At the time I didn't think anything of it. It sounded pretty good, I ordered the same, but my asked for my bacon to be extra crispy. So we sat there and talked for 30 or 40 minutes. He was a nice bloke. Has done a lot of traveling around Australia. All hitching and backpacking. Clean and sober for 10 years. Used to take care of his mom, she passed and he found himself homeless. Has been for 6 years apparently. Anyway, before we parted ways, I bought him some socks at a shoe store down the road because his were on their last leg and gave him enough to get into a backpackers for the night if he decided to go that route. Last night I had this strange thought... when at this cafe he literally could have ordered anything on the menu. A parma. A steak. Chips. A meat pie. A burger. Anything, it was a huge menu. This guy ordered bacon and eggs. Which he finished. And he took the toast with him 'for later' he said. And now a couple days later it made me a bit sad. Like... given the opportunity to have anything, he picks simple breakfast faire. How long had it been since he had bacon and eggs that it was his first desire when given the opportunity. Things like that kept cropping up. Now, I've never been hungry. Actually hungry. I've gone without food for a day here and there. But usually by choice. Not by necessity. I can't say that if offered free reign I'd order bacon and eggs if I were truly hungry. So I guess my question is... if you were hungry. Really hungry. And you were offered a chance to eat just about whatever you wanted... What would you order off that menu? I'd really like to know.
  10. GhostWhoWalks


    Curious if anyone on here is attending? I'll prob be going on the Friday. I didn't see a thread about it. So... thought I'd make one.
  11. Since this is a magical button... Can I instead have it make the human race more educated? Especially in 3rd world countries. That would resolve overpopulation anyway, since birth rates tend to become fairly stable with a certain level of education. Outliers still exist of course. But yeah. It would also have lots of other bonuses, like reduction of religious extremists, improved science and discovery, and so on. Put that button in front of me. Now.
  12. GhostWhoWalks

    What's on your mind?

    Played this dice game called Bang tonight with 7 other people. It was a hoot. Very easy, very fun to play. Exciting and fast paced. Good game for a quick blast of fun with up to a total of 8 people.
  13. If it had a limited duration, of say... 1 generation. It would be mostly harmless. If it were forever, it could endanger repopulation after a pandemic or other catastrophic event leading to our eventual extinction. If it were programmable to die off at a set of parameters, and I'd know it wouldn't mutate into something else I might be willing to press it. Otherwise, doesn't seem like an intelligent or logical decision to do so.
  14. GhostWhoWalks

    The Halal Conspiracy

    Your use of 'need' in that way is not accurate. The company didn't NEED to do it. They choose to do it. Because for a very small outlay, they can gain new markets. And new markets mean more profits. The mark is a symbol, like the heart tick, or aussie kangaroo, or what ever other symbol some organization has marketed and picked up by product creators. It's not a complex topic. Unless you choose to eat Halal for religious or other reasons... it doesn't impact you at all. It's just a stupid stamp on a product. One of a number of possible stamps. This is the weirdest fucking thread I've read in a while on Atomic. Seriously. The fucking weirdest.
  15. GhostWhoWalks

    What's on your mind?

    For the first time in a couple years I'm crook. Some stupid combo of chest and head infection, including my right eye. Prob from cross contamination from blowing my nose apparently. Which makes me feel as disgusting as it sounds. And also makes me wonder how it's not more common. I see people carrying around tissues all the time. I can't imagine they don't happen to rub their god damn eyes sometimes. At least the fever seems to have broken. My nuts hurt when I'm feverish. I mentioned it to the Dr today, and he seemed taken aback. I'm almost 40 and I always assumed all men's scrotums fled from a higher body core temp by getting looser and making your nuts jangle around like cowbells. I usually know a day or two before I actually get sick because as soon as I have even the slightest increase in core temp... my balls sag. I can't be the only one... Right? RIGHT?!!??!?