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  1. Lord-Ezekiel

    Steam Specials Thread

    Strongly recommend purchasing Bard's Tale for 5 bucks - has a surprisingly lengthy campaign and some great humor. Played it when it was released back in 2005 or so, just bought it again for another (slightly nostalgic) play through - oh what fun! :D
  2. Lord-Ezekiel

    Macbook Pro.

    Thank you SOOO much tinbane - a very useful nugget of information has been added to my brain tank.
  3. Lord-Ezekiel

    New Magic Mouse

    Looks pretty, but is one of the worst mice i have used. Tracking sensitivity is abysmally low (at max settings) when trying to use it with a 27" iMac or even a 21.5" iMac It's uncomfortable to use And $99 is just too much. I could get TWO Logitech G5s for that.
  4. Lord-Ezekiel

    Anyone played the WET demo yet?

  5. Lord-Ezekiel

    Getting an Apple Mac for the first time ever

    Thanks for all your input guys - it has helped a lot. I am heading off to my new job for the first day tomorrow, should be an interesting day :)
  6. Lord-Ezekiel

    What portable console do you use?

    GBA SP+ The only portable console i have owned since i had a Game Boy (the original one) back in the early 90's :P
  7. Lord-Ezekiel

    So... Whos going to play Borderlands?

    It's looking very promising - i can't wait!
  8. Lord-Ezekiel

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    *Also turns on 360 to find free theme*
  9. Lord-Ezekiel

    Xbox 360 Elite and PS3 same price in USA

    'bout time they simplified things. It'd be nice if there were a "clearance" price on the Pros though - don't need 120GB of space, or for the thing to be black. I reckon eBay would be a goldmine for cheap Pro models when the elite drops price.
  10. What party, isn't it always like this? :p

  11. Lord-Ezekiel

    Getting an Apple Mac for the first time ever

    I've never used Unix or Linux before - why would it help to use them, and Ubuntu in particular? Wouldn't i be best off getting myself a copy of Mac OSX? I have always had a bit of an aversion to Macs (not really 'Mac hate' though) , mainly because i know how to use Windows and on a Mac i feel like i have had my control taken away from me... not really the Mac's fault though i guess. I have just been fiddling around with my house mates Macbook with Leopard installed, and i must say: it's pretty damn sweet after using Windows XP for so long - there are a lot of features which i am slowly finding that are great, like the easily accessible widgets, and the ease of installing programs (just drag and drop), etc. One question though - is there an "enlarge window to full screen" button/shortcut in OSX? (like there is in almost every window in Windows XP up the top right) And are Mac's easily upgradeable hardware wise? (eg, is upgrading ram as easy as a PC?) Do they have a list of compatible hardware, or do they only let you use specific 'Apple' branded hardware?
  12. Only ever owned a Windows PC for my whole life, and now wanting to get a Mac as well. This has largely come about because i am just about to start a new job as a computer salesperson & repair technician for PCs & Macs (and will be needing to get Apple certified so i can repair Macs as well). Just wanting to know what i might need to know about them that might take a Windows XP user (myself) by surprise. What are some good websites to learn about them and their features? And what peoples experience has been like learning the ins and outs of Macs after using Windows for a long time.
  13. Lord-Ezekiel

    Anyone preordered Halo 3: ODST?

    Don't like paying the full preorder price so will probably pick it up in the first week from where ever is the cheapest. The Halo series is one of my all time favourites, so this is a must buy. Actually just playing through Halo 1 campaign (for like the 50th time) with a friend on legendary at the moment and having a freaking blast - so much fun!! And no Aki, everyone is NOT waiting for MC2 - the original was decidedly average - hopefully they do a better job with the sequel...
  14. Lord-Ezekiel

    Xbox 360 Elite and PS3 same price in USA

    No offence, but what do you classify as "full"? Yes it comes with a 120gb HDD, HDMI, probably one year of gold membership (Don't know) and it's black. That isn't much extra IMHO (Apart from the HDMI). What else does it come with that the PRO doesn't? ALL Xbox 360 consoles (Arcade, Pro, Elite) come with HDMI port.Also, all consoles come with a free 1 month Xbox live gold subscription for the first 3 accounts created on the console.
  15. Lord-Ezekiel

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    One of the best games iv'e seen this year - must buy for sure.