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  1. tuner

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    Im still kicking about :-) i play most nights BF name tuner36
  2. tuner

    Battlefield 3 Platoon

    i had a wicked Game with a fellow ACDC member last night, forgot his name, but add me tuner36
  3. tuner

    BF3 Benchmarking

    im running a 2600k with a GTX460 on a 47 LED @ 1080p 60hz and it isnt skipping a beat, with GFX settings on high,, tho when i get home ill try ultra, tho i had to reboot my router twice so i could re logon :-(
  4. tuner

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    all added now, lets get more people added to that platoon and get ACDC happening
  5. tuner

    Origin ID Listing

    atomic = tuner Origin ID = tuner36 soldiername=tuner36
  6. tuner

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    This sounds good Gents, count me in, i still wear and use my [AC_DC] tag, Allali its been way to long
  7. ive got the 860 and its a wicked Cpu, ive tried straining it, and its a hard thing to do, i dont overclock, but the built in turbo boost is good, current while im writing this everest is showing 1.8ghz @ 0.90 volts i know the 870 cost alot of $$$ a few months back, but since the 875k came out, they have dropped alot
  8. tuner

    Tomorrow When the War Began

    sounds like that 80s flick called red dawn
  9. tuner

    Simple Build

    Thanks for the input sora3, I shall do a bit more investigating on the Intel side now, since I’ve been straining my brain on the new AMD chipsets all day I’ve been looking at these boards, they are all ATX, none of that small form factor stuff M4A87TD-USB3 CF 16/4,USB3 SATA3, for about $115-$130 M4A88TD-EVO CF16/4, USB3,SATA3, for about $124-$150 M4A89GTD-PRO-USB3 CF 8/8 , USB3,SATA3 , for about $180-$300 Tho for the life of me I cannot find prices on these 2 M4A88TG-V-EVO-USB3 CF 16/4, USB3,SATA3 M4A89TD-PRO-USB3 CF 16/16, USB3,SATA3 Do u or has anyone has any experiences with the above motherboards? now its time to look into that I5 board u recommended, cheers sora
  10. Cert 3 in IT, No uni 9 years in the IT industry, Currently a Microsoft systems administrator, exchange, crm, SharePoint & lovely crap like that After hours, I’m my friend’s first port of call for PC issues, I use and install logmein, so I can test and fix their issues remotely , as long as they have net access As for building PC/Servers, I deal with everything, IBM 3650s 3850s, desktops, laptops etc etc The worst part is educating users, I see it this way, u need a licence to drive a car which is quite simple to use and get, but with PCs, u don’t need one, I swear everyone who buys a PC should get a licance, or some formal training from the seller before they use them because u can certainly do damage to your PC, let alone personnel information if ur not to careful Once of the really bad parts is, pulling down a machine, and putting it back to gether, and fingers cross that it works LOL As for moving upwards, the skies the limit if u apply ur self to where u want to be
  11. tuner

    Simple Build

    Thanks for the Reply Sora3 Just on the I5, so a intel I5 750 has 4 cores with hyper thread ? also whats a good mother board for intel, nothing to over price, i just dont know my intel chipsets, plus arnt they bogged down becuase of the PCI-e Lanes ? so USB3 & SATA6gb are getting bogged down by lack of PCI-e Lanes ? is there anything wrong with the 770 chipsets ? they have the same 22 lanes as the mid range 8 series dont they ? Im just trying to get some views and opions, any help would be great
  12. Good Evening all Well After 5 years my long but strong 939 system died (motherboard) it started out as a Asrock Dual vista Mb with a 4400x2 with 2gb ddr, then I brought the AM2 future support card and upgraded to a AM2 x2 5000 and upgraded to 4gb ddr2, this machine ran XP, Vista & Win 7 without a beat, I never overclocked it, just way too busy to muck around with it, as it did everything I want it to do Oh the memories of that 5 year old PC :-) Anyway I would love some help, forget the fan boy crap with Intel & AMD, i would love some help I watch DVDs, Blu rays, surf, render, audio process, mix and play games, this system is and has always been the centre of my Living room, my study is for my work and well my living room is where it all happens :-) This is what has survived the from the old girl Antec 650 true power, 6 months old SoundBlaster PCI Express X-Fi Titanium Lg Blu ray combo player Nvidia 9800GTX 1gb ATI AGP x1900 4x1tb HDDs Dvico dual HDTV card Zalman CNPS9700NT The New build I would like to future prove it as much as possible, sata 6gb & usb3 is a must, Now ive read a bit into those 2 new features can hinder a I3 & I5 system, ive never like how Intel has changed its undies so quickly, the only Intel system I’ve had was back in the old 286 days, but if u can show me bang for my buck without overclocking, opinions and views are welcome, im looking towards the $400-$700 mark, the less the better I was thinking of getting a AMDx6 1055t, 6 cores for $255 makes me wet, I don’t need a BE CPU as I don’t overclock,now onto the motherboard, this is where I am stuck, these are the options I was thinking( valid views and opinions are welcome ) I want to spend about $100-$150+ on a motherboard GA-770TA-UD3 GA-770T-USB3 M4A87TD EVO (my number 1) GA-890GPA-UD3H Asrock 880G-Extreme 3 Motherboard (yes I know 3 PCI-E) but good SATA6gb connections Onto the ram, once again I don’t over clock , but i do want it to match the motherboard spec and CPU Geil 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1600 PC12800 Dragon Led G Skill 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1866Mhz PC15000 9-9-9-27-2N Kingston 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1600MHz CL8 HyperX Coolers, well ive currently got a Zalman 9700nt will this do the trick on the AMD CPU ? The GFX card will stay the same, or until i cannot play the games i want with it, the case, well i have nt throught of that, but any good recommendations of a mini/ tower case to sit in my living room would be good as i have a old blend in case that has been my entertainment hub for years Intel or AMD I don’t care, I just thought 6 cores for $ 255 isn’t to bad and that’s why I have nt spec up a Intel system. I hope u all understand tuner
  13. Very interesting who will be the first ???
  14. tuner

    30" Monitor 4 Gaming

    But they're just sooooooo expensive. Worth every cent tho, i got mine with a discount and it came in @ $1899
  15. tuner


    hai long bay , get a junket and go for it, here is what my best mate said, he is from vietnam, im heading over there later this year, u can live like a king on $50 a day FROM MY BEST MATE I've been back around 4 or 5 times already. Majority of the times was with Thai airline - which i found was quiet pleasant. And each time, i've always stop by Thailand for the shopping. If you're planning to do 2 countries, book it as one package. i.e Vietnam via Thailand. i found it to be a cheaper. but from if booking in vietnam: Vietnam to Thailand is about $300 - $400 return (depending on season). it should be the lower end as it's not during Chinese new year. I've stopped by cambodia as well but we did that via van. we had some people take us over for a day trip. No passport, no tickets. it was in a government vehicle but i personally didn't like it as much over Thailand. Basic rundown. Vietnam: to get the most out of the country, do a tour from north to south or south to north. South to North: Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon). You can either choose to do a day or two further down to Vung Tau (i've only been there once to visit a relative but it's not too far off from saigon). Also, when in Saigon, you can check out the war thingy - where you can visit the place they dug holes and tunnels and you can crawl threw them. Then you can either do DaLat (where they grow tea and coffee), Nha Trang (which is a bit more tropical - can scuba dive), Hue (more historical buildings), HoiAn (i've never been but apparently it's quite nice and it's in a lot of the tours and most of my friends who's been on these tours like it the most), then Hanoi (north). Must go to Halong Bay if you go to Hanoi. It's the main attraction in the north. Hire a boat and it'll take you to the bay and caves and etc. I think it costs me around $700 to do the tour north to south: Hanoi (halong bay) then flew to Hue and then Van (15 seater) to Nha Trang, Da Lat and then Saigon - accomodation and food and entries to parks included. that was about 4yrs ago. Most of the times, i've been back was to visit relatives but did the tour once from north to south. Tips: catch a taxi when there is 2 of you. The motorcycle is alright but could be unsafe at times - they don't use helmets and splitting up might not be good. - Don't wear gold necklace hanging loosely. - Keep the hotel card with it's address on it (just in case you get lost, you can alway get back to your hotel) - I usually drink bottled water but a more popular brand. by that i mean the brand you see more commonly around. You won't get mt frankin brand. don't drink the tap water and avoid ice if possible. - Eat whatever you like, but keep a packet of immodium pills with you at all times :) - if shopping, bargain down. i usually drop it down by 50% and at times 75% (but that's just me, i like to make a head deal). i think 50% is a good starting point and work you way back up. if they don't like it, walk away!. and wait for them to call you back :) if they don't call you back, and you really want it, work your way up. it really depends on what you're willing to pay for it. never show signs of interest. i always find something bad to say about it. also, shop around if you have time. the tour guide should tell you roughly how much things are. - I also brought back a packet of Dimmetapp for cold and flu. Just incase. - My mum always brings back a packet of straws. they don't trust the ones they give you. looks like it's been reused. - don't carry dangling bags with long straps. use a backpack or a tight bum bag. - try all the exotic fruits. All in all, it's quite safe but i tend to be over prepared then be an easy target. I've never had an issues but it's the odd stories here and there. Thailand: If you enjoy shopping, go to MBK. this is where I told Mike to go. it's about 7 levels and you can easily spend 3 days there. it opens fairly late. Around 10am-10pm. I've been to Pattaya. Quite nice. This is where i went to see the tranny shows. it's pretty good (not that i like boys but you can't tell anyway). It's a big thing over there and it's more like a show that the Casino puts on. I watched the Alcazar in pattaya. Google it. I've done a lot of the temples in Bangkok, the Golden Buddha, floating market, Elephant rides, puppet show, snake and crocodile shows. I've done the tours 2 times and the other 2 times, I just went shopping (at MBK). HOPE THIS HELPS TUNER