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    Spawn Point Small Bar in Sydney

    haven't been. was wondering if anyone here has. I also saw an article on kotaku.
  2. combmyhair

    What's your media server

    use a WDTv + ums on the pc.
  3. combmyhair

    Spawn Point Small Bar in Sydney

    Has anyone here been? http://jugernauts.com/sydney-2/spawn-point-small-bar-sydney-cbd/ its like the first ever videogame bar in sydney.
  4. I couldn't find the real spec sheet but this is the rendering/3D machine I use at work, had a look at dell but the cpu listed here is no longer on the build. Can anyone suggest for economic build that will mirror this one's performance? Appreciate any help I can get. Ta, (that's meant to say DELL T5500 - which is the marking on the case). B
  5. Its dead because the LCD is cracked and the replacement cost is the same as getting a new one... so I left it in a drawer and forgot about it til now... ... so the harddrive is a tiny little mother fucker and i was wondering if you can get an external case for this. http://www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/20...sion-m.php' its a 1.8inch ipod type internal drive (which reminds me I should have a dead 3G ipod lying around) this: from ebay? http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=190254666176 http://www.cubeternet.com/servlet/Detail?no=26
  6. as above. new build - xp is working fine. Followed an online tutorial and got my vista installed and it seems to work fine except it can't identifiy the network - I check the back of the machine and the light that signals that the connection is active is off. I can't go online and download drivers..etc on that box so here I am. Is this a known problem? If I need to supply any info, let me know. Online/network works fine under XP as stated.
  7. combmyhair

    Atomic Netbook Owners Thread

    I ended up buying an aspire one and sent the cash back form about a week now. And I just checked the website and its still saying pending support documents. I just knew this cashback schemes are a scam. First Canon and their printer cashback that went nowhere and now this! Very angry. Will call and email on monday. ****ing bullsh*t!!! and the worst thing? My 1 week old aspire one is now making ticking noises. I'm quite annoyed with it. I don't know what is causing it? That harddrive (it sounds like it). Urgh! I feel like shaking the ***k out of it to hopefully make it stop ticking. :(
  8. combmyhair

    Atomic Netbook Owners Thread

    I bought myself an aspire one - all up about $525 with cashback which I think is a steal - really cheap and usable and I touch type with it just fine *using this now* - its quite a nice little machine, videos/mp3s/word/quicken..etc on the go - very nice. I'm having a great time with my new companion. Wifi couch emailing/facebooking is NICE.
  9. thanks for all the feedback - I just bought some stuff from ticomputers and the proprietor of the shop was super friendly and really nice (he was quite proud of the pcauthority awards and he ought to be) :) They're in Crows Nest ST Leonards NSW so i recommend them. Good emails/phone.. etc.
  10. so about 2 weeks ago, I posted a build thread. Sent MSY emails making an order with phone number contact details. They don't respond to emails, they're not picking up the phone...etc. Very lame. Anyhow, who else can I shop with? Or do I just rock up hoping there's parts?
  11. combmyhair

    Is This How The Forums Are Gonna Look From Now On?

    Gotta say... i hated the old forum and which is why sometimes I post intermintently because I thought it was hard to read. SO MUCH BETTER. kudos for the change and the update to the 2000s!