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    A massive request

    I normally watch the 5pm Ten news and sometimes see the Nine 6pm news...ABC is okay for regional and international news
  2. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    After a break from the world of Atomic...your beloved Colonel is back with his finger lickin' goodness in 2010! FYI, KFC has brought back the Tower burger...damm they are good
  3. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    What state are you in...QLD (their KFC is different to rest of Aus), TAS and Newcastle (lol their fucked) are not selling it.. The website also says "*At participating stores"..bah This. They need a $5 meal like maccas and HJ have. The burgers are tiny these days too. Well the chicken on them is. I agree..their portion sizes have definatly been reduced. The snack box deal is okay, but that is only the food (snack size portions) and no drink included
  4. ColonelSanders

    Post of the Month!

  5. ColonelSanders

    A man's home is his castle

    Pommie git!
  6. ColonelSanders

    ...and the 2010 Oscar nominees are...

    You don't believe that D9 is Oscar material? yes. much more that "up in the air" or "avatar". Though personally I want Inglorious Basterds to take it. EDIT: read plebs post the wrong way. Guess I agree With Nikk0 that this is a very bad list this year. Then again im also sick of Clooney's movies always getting nominated Eg. Michael Clayton The awards (GG, SAG, AA..etc) always have a hard on for Clooney..
  7. ColonelSanders

    Another Court Ruling

    That's going to hurt the back pocket of Colin Hay & co....
  8. ColonelSanders

    ...and the 2010 Oscar nominees are...

    I hope Avatar misses out...sick of hearing about it...
  9. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    I gave up promoting the "Wife Savers" and prefer the Wife Beaters
  10. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    Grill'd just never tastes correct to me. Something that little bit odd. But their pickle and mustard burger (or whatever it is) rocked my socks. Rob. Not a fan of Grill'd...I love the burgers at the Counter (Crows Nest)...and Burger Me..
  11. ColonelSanders

    PSA: iiNet vs AFACT ruling today

    nya nya...
  12. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    For any Melbourne Atomicans...is there any good burger joints ? I'm moving back to Melb in a few months and want to get my burger snack on....
  13. ColonelSanders

    Mad Mel's talking rectum

  14. ColonelSanders

    [SYD] Powerhouse Museum - Retro gaming weekend

    I'm pissed I missed out on that...will still check out the main 80s exhibition anyway
  15. ColonelSanders

    Farewell to a Mod

  16. ColonelSanders

    The Colonel is back in 2010

    'tis true...when I went there on Saturday to get reaquanted with the Tower Burger..the combo (with bacon) cost about 10 bucks...not cheap...
  17. ColonelSanders

    Mad Mel's talking rectum

    Just read that supposidly that Mel said it to his publisist who was horsing about off camera..
  18. I had mentioned it briefly in the Vegemite/iSnack 2.0 thread: The TV adverts are now airing for the 4 finalists of the Smith Crisps new "Do Us a Flavour" thingy... The 4 chip flavours in contention are: Buttered Popcorn Caesar Salad (WTF??) BBQ Coat of Arms (Kangaroo and Emu) Late Night Kebab (WTF?) Sounds nauseating? Goodbye Mr Chips...see the video of these flavours and the creators You can actually vote for the flavour you want to stay - http://smithsdousaflavour.com.au/
  19. ColonelSanders

    Hoyts Price gouging on 3d movies

    It's all a matter on when "3D movies" will be the norm and not the minority....Like all technology, it will come down in price in terms of the filming, production and distribution and showing of the films...
  20. ColonelSanders

    Smith Crisps "Do Us a Flavour" - new crisps

    I remember having these sweet Potato chips at an event like Good Food and Wine Show and buying heaps of packets....problem was the company that made them did not stock them in many stores (mainly gourmet or markets)... Aldi stock an organic corn chip and salsa line and they are pretty tasty....
  21. ColonelSanders

    Aussies are bunch of dobbers!

    I was in Cairns this time last year and the tap water aint tasty at all....bottled water all the way..... Any water in the south west/western Victoria aint much fun either...Portland used to be on boar water and nobody drank it...
  22. ColonelSanders

    Merry Xmass

    Watch out for Santa...he's packing heat!
  23. ColonelSanders

    SF fans: What's the best spaceship design ever? IYO

    I say go with the Futurama Planet Express ship idea where the dark matter engines dont move the ship but instead move the universe around it...
  24. ColonelSanders

    Hoyts Price gouging on 3d movies

    Doesn't help that the US has over 308 million people vs Australia's 22 million....so that is going to affect prices and cost of distrubition (sending films prints "locally" instead of internationally)