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    Atomic Origins

    I remember picking up issue 2 at an airport newsagent for something to read on a flight to perth, I was just a baby faced kid back then, must have only been 13 or 14 at the time. I managed to read the whole thing from cover to cover and back again over the next week and started buying it every month after that. I remember reading early PCPP mags in the school library but the new ones had lost their charm, atomic had that charm, it took me longer than I cared to admit that it was the editor at large steering a ship of creatives and writers with a cohesive vision to pull of something as magical as atomic. I joined the forums a couple of months after that and from there it was just sitting hitting refresh so often the paint on the f5 key started to wear through. The forums were so lively then that every afternoon through to the night the conversations would never stop. It was certainly a coming of age moment for me and helped galvanise my love for computers. I had started with a 1ghz p3, blazing away for a while until it started to get left behind. Then sometime after the dual CPU issue, I managed to convince my parents somehow to help me buy one, significantly topping up whatever money I could pool into it to have 2 athlon 2600+ XP's with a pencil bridge to allow them to work with 2 processors. The OG dual core. I ended up water cooling the whole system with a radeon 9700 to drive it, that thing was a beast that served me well for many years to come. I still have nightmares about chipping the corner off a bare die before AMD had integrated heat spreaders and my watercooling pipe of choice was too stiff, causing the block to not sit quite square. Now I'm on a i5-6600k and a R570 graphics card, struggling to play VR so very seriously due for an upgrade.
  2. smithjoe1

    Come for a walk down memory lane...

    It's hard to believe how young I was when I came to those first meets until I see those photos. But we all were really.
  3. smithjoe1

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Technically the bank brought it, but I did a thing.
  4. smithjoe1

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Flouncy, what ever happened to the hot mess of code that was the V1 forum? There was something special about it that no other forum had, even if it did manage to make posts appear in different threads when the server was overloaded.
  5. smithjoe1

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Thanks for all the memories guys. It will be strange to not have the place around, but the friendships I've made over the past 20 years will certainly live on.
  6. smithjoe1

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    Considered a Bolwell (sp)? They look pretty sweet, there aren't that many of them, and they are basically a glass she'll on a spaceframe. Have considered it. I just finished working on a heavily modified MK7 with a chevvy v8 and very widened guards, I was helping it through race prep, fixing the toe/camber and engine tuning. Hopefully the guy who brought it has a fun time with it. It was this one: A negari would be nice, but there's too many options and not enough cash or space to have them all. Another fabricator brought in his Lola T70 replica to be assembled and there's talk about pulling a copy off it to make more bodies to stick over our frame and turn into another road legal racer. But here is the go-package I have to work with, but I'm thinking of using a twin turbo Alfa V6 in the stradale instead of the Coyote. But it's just a matter of engine mounts and a gearbox adaptor to fit it to the getrag oe1 transaxle And just for good measure, the kit-car we make that the above picture is attached to. They're basically go-karts at this stage and go like shit off a shiny shovel.
  7. smithjoe1

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    If you mean the Stradale, they ARE as rare as hen's teeth. They only made 18. There's only a handful of reproductions. Here's one: http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/news/a29082/alfa-romeo-tipo-33-continuation-auction/ In March of 1969 the model was discontinued, by which time only 18 examples had been produced. Only a handful of these fabulous machines remain today, and the chance to own an example is a rare treat indeed. It comes as little surprise to read then that Alfa’s Head of North America, at the 2015 launch of the 4C at the Detroit Auto Show, estimated the current market value of the 33 Stradale at “well over $10 million”. Even the continuations will cost more than a house. I'm looking forward to seeing what it sells for. As long as I have one that looks the part, they're rare enough that you'd never find it sitting alongside an original one in order to pick out the differences. My work's playing around with trying to put a few new bodies over the spaceframe we're running for the gt40 replica as it goes like stink and handles like a go-kart. We just had the fiberglass dropped off for a Lola T70 and the 33 will be the testbed to see how hard it will be to machine new bodies for it.
  8. smithjoe1

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    Heheh - those things have been a fantasy object for me since they happened. As far as I can see, they're the spiritual successor the 33 Stradale which I've also wanted to get my hands on since I heard of them. I've just started to CNC machine the body to make a replica of these. Should be a fun project to keep me busy. As much as I love the 4C and other alfas, I can't find any fiberglass kits for these and seem as rare as hens teeth. I'll have to make a few tweaks to the spaceframe my work uses for the gt40's to get it to fit but I may as well give it a shot while I can get the parts at cost. I'm thinking a twin turbo alfa v6 to power it, to keep the pedigree somewhat in line. It seems today everyone wants the big horsepower though, a stroked and bored quad cam coyote/miami pushing out 500-700hp at the wheels makes some of our clients bored and they keep wanting to hunt more power out, after a while they're just shredding tires and I've seen $50k-100k thrown into the engine/drivetrain to try and chase that horsepower dream, we had a mustang cobra supersnake that was 1200hp at the flywheel and over 1000 at the wheels, even with 20" x 345 on the rear it just ate tires and wouldn't go anywhere, the guy just used it for 'dyno comps' and to stand around for pub talk.
  9. smithjoe1

    Thanks Obama

    I don't know if Malcom goes to a gym, if he does he really needs to stop skipping spine day.
  10. smithjoe1

    Ever driven a Lamborghini before?

    Sounds like good fun. I've ended up working for a place that makes replica GT40s pushing 700bhp and other various stupidly fast cars come through quite often. There's tonnes of grip but they'll still kick out if you give them a full pedal full. They say they've also got an R8 tucked back there, another fantastic car to give some thought too if its an option. Enjoy the day, shame that you can't squeeze a hot lap in but I'm sure that they'll know a couple of quiet twisty roads without too many potholes out in the back country, just watch yourself in parking lots as its easy to clip a sideskirt.
  11. smithjoe1

    Recommend me a VPN

    You can always roll your own which is less likely to get detected in the usual vpn sweeps. A remote linux system to act as a linux node, any webhost can offer this and some even take bitcoin for extra anonymity. A SSH tunnel via putty with some facility for SOCKS forwarding on the client to said remote system provides a way to hide the handshake packets. Then run an openvpn server on the remote system and have the openvpn client run to, where XXX is the forwarded socks proxy port on the ssh tunnel. This is the only way I've managed to get proper VPN access through the great firewall anyway. All someone snooping in can see is a bunch of double encrypted traffic.
  12. smithjoe1

    Roll Call!

    I think it was around issue 4 that I joined up. I remember that the first atomic I brought was issue 2 and joined up on the old forum not long after that. I have fond memories of the original forum going through its growing pains as it got really popular, posts would pop up on the wrong thread, in the wrong board and all sorts of shenanigans went on.
  13. smithjoe1

    Access to account?

    Awesome! I'm back.
  14. smithjoe1

    Farewell index680i

    Holy crap. RIP mate, we will all miss you.
  15. smithjoe1

    I'd like to build a kit car.

    I think you should go for it. From what I was researching when I had the grand idea of building one and putting a rotary engine in it, the kits vary in quality. I think it was Elfin or some other aussie company that made a really top notch kit with everything pre cut. Then you wont need any metalworking skills to build a kit car, instead of getting a GT40 kit, having to source 80% of the stuff and do a lot of work with sheet metal, a kit usually comes ready to assemble. Apparently it was just like a giant meccano kit.