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  1. Pomky

    Cinema stunt

    And they are not surrounded by their mates. Yeah but black people seem desperate to be offended.
  2. Pomky

    Telcos volunteer to help police piracy

    If we can have netflix for $5 a month Piracy would all about dissapear I reckon, works in the US and with the NBN why can't we have it too.
  3. Pomky

    Ambulance Vehicles

    What priority is getting noodle box?
  4. How is he stuck with the lease?
  5. Pomky

    Extreme measures.

    considering half the US system is using amphetimines to do better I'd say I don't have much of an issue with this.
  6. Good customer service gets my business, had some good experiences whilst doing up my cortina, but one thing I have learned is if you are after car bits and a women answers hang up and try again, bitch today hung up on me when I asked if she had 225/60/14's didn't have a fucken clue what I was after and she worked at a tyre shop. Their store blurb said they could get me anything, and thats the customer service they offer so I will never shop there. The guy at car bits didn't just help me he told me how to do a bunch of stuff because he owned a cortina and was incredibly helpful, he also gave me the trade price (friend of a friend) and saved me ~$200 so I'll shop there in the future. But I'm getting off track essentially good service is to encourage repeat purchasing and should be rewarded as such. Talk is cheap action is what they are after.
  7. Pomky


    It has awesome thermal applications and is good shit and the bad stuff is primarily from a single mine in like minneosota, the shit the canucks wanna sell is not that bad Apparently. Read the asbestos wiki got some interesting facts.
  8. Pomky

    Hey lady, I think YOU need the glasses.

    Go somewhere else the whole optometry game is a rort, specsavers and the other discount chains can do the same for a whole lot less and still make money because the lenses cost fuck all. and they have been overcharging for decades. Take your quote and go elsewhere.
  9. Pomky

    Occupy Melbourne

    Put this stupid arsewipe on the front line and then see what he says.Armchair fucken lawyers If they can't do their job they should quit, I can't smack customers that annoy me and get away with and they shouldn't either.
  10. Pomky

    Occupy Melbourne

    Getting the piss kicked out of them by hypocritical wankers, I wish more protests would turn violent and beat the cops back and not just turn in to smash everything free for alls.
  11. Pomky

    Darth Vader a Musical Genius

    He didn't. :P Remind me to get my moneys worth I only bought the boxset of his films twice.
  12. Starburst Squirts. Cherry Cola (not $3 a can though) You'd have better luck at a real hardware store asking for a Brush Hook. Similar and more effective on weeds.
  13. Pomky

    how y'all doing

    !!! Plagiarism! /sues for a million dollars Ban him for not correctly referencing.
  14. Pomky

    I want a gaytime

    i'll drive you to buy me one?
  15. Pomky

    I wanna make some Salsa.

    That should be sufficient for now I'll try make a basic batch then go from there.