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    When will be the next World War?

    I’m probably a bit more optimistic than OP, but I don’t foresee another global war. I foresee small conflicts held to an increasingly higher standard of care with respect to civilian casualities, except for one or three troublesome places.
  2. Errorist

    Roll Call!

    I’ve had other accounts I’ve used and I’ve been around a while, just not as long as some of the old stalwart who used to haunt these digital walls. I think I first was exposed to Atomic by General Poopie Pants where I lied and told him I was Dr Spooge to see if he’s believe me and he did for a second. Good times.
  3. Errorist

    The one that got away

    I don’t really have a “one that got away” but I have multiple failed attempts at courtship which didn’t lead to anything when I was younger and more foolish. Multiple possibilities I don’t really crave. I’m pretty happy with the situation I find myself in, I’m married to a wonderful gal, but there are obviously things I would wish to change.
  4. Errorist

    Stephen Donaldson's 'Gap Cycle'

    All I know is, I'd love to see it and would work tremendously well as a well-produced TV show. Ian McShane or Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Angus Thermopyle.
  5. Errorist

    Ethical dilemma BETA PORN

    I bet there's stuff on those tapes that the internet have never, and will never see. WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!
  6. Errorist

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    I'll be there, so you'll be there. ' ... and you'll be there, so I'll be there. Works out nicely.
  7. Errorist

    Atomic M33t 12! - Melbourne!

    I will likely be there.
  8. Errorist

    2012 - 50 Book challenge

    I tend to stop reading once uni starts, but so far this year I've read: Dune - Frank Herbert Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert Children of Dune - Frank Herbert The Guards - Ken Bruen The Killing of the Tinkers - Ken Bruen The Magdalen Martyrs - Ken Bruen American Tabloid - James Ellroy (and I finished off The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Heinlein which I stopped about 2/3 of the way through about six months ago). Currently reading: The Cold Six Thousand - James Ellroy
  9. Errorist

    Black Mirror

    That's exactly how I felt. I was so disturbed that the concept was occurring that I felt downright awkward. I kept expecting something to occur to stop the event, but it kept going. Very well done episode, but the other two are 'better'.
  10. Errorist

    Gender roles, science, and children

    The hormonal changes in developmental biology occur at later ages during puberty, typically a long time after certain psychological identities are formed (which are subject to change, of course). The idea behind psychological gender roles is very much at play due to social aspects such as integration and learned responses to social interactions from any persons throughout development, and typically fostered by those with larger bonds with a child or those who simply have a larger effect such as parents, other kin or friends (and other data gleaned from sources such as television, literature etc.). So those 40 children and their own individual circumstances (and of course the group as a whole) has a large effect on what they might do, rather than any inherent characteristics of any one individual regardless of perceived gender differences. I feel that there is too much emphasis placed on gender specific activities or roles in general, and can foster limitations on further self-actualisation or identification with certain traits. These effects can be far-reaching within societies, as we've seen throughout human civilisation.
  11. Errorist

    Norway killer diagnosed - Insane

    That's a fair assessment of his mental health, I'd imagine. It's times like this, that despite immense pressure the justice system is able to work effectively that really gives me hope. I suppose I have to take something from this awful fucking tragedy.
  12. From the article: "We can say that while bruised, he is alive and well. He has sent us a message that if Anonymous reveals a name related to the cartel, the family of the kidnapped anonymous will suffer, and for each cartel member revealed, 10 people will be put to death." I believe them. I wish there was some type of service that could be employed to ensure protection for the family members, but I gather from the above statement it wouldn't matter much to the Zetas who they kill to make their point. Really curious about the list of supporters and those involved in the criminal operations, though.
  13. Errorist

    Obviously they are part of the conspiracy!

    I think aliens exist. Or existed. Or will exist. But due to the vast nature of the universe, we will unfortunately not have met them in time, nor will likely meet them in the next few centuries (if ever). I'd be shocked, unabashedly so, if intelligent life had ever or will ever visit us. We'll likely find small elements of life dotted around locally, but nothing so developed that resembles any of the species encountered on this fair planet. It's a bit depressing, but the bright side is all the life that is created here, I suppose. Whether we'll ever create life which we deem equal to our own, is a story for the future.
  14. Errorist

    Top 10 Movies

    Fargo The Big Lebowski Burn After Reading Jackie Brown Pulp Fiction The Goonies Hot Fuzz The Departed Old Boy Los Cronocrimenes (Timecrimes) Additional movies that unfortunately didn't make the list (but nearly did): Robocop Rocky Horror Picture Show A History of Violence
  15. Yes. There are a lot of dumb or impressionable people out there, and I know you won't agree, but I think it's a positive thing for a society to prevent them from stupidly getting involved with drugs like cocaine, to protect them from themselves. I'm so glad the law enforcement agencies are doing such a bang-up job of policing international drug smuggling and domestic cutting and selling operations. Now it's not even more available than it was in the 90s, and you can't even get it unless you know someone who knows someone, or go to any number of clubs in any city. Whether they're actually doing a good job of it or not is not the argument here, though, it's whether they should be trying at all. I think they should be, even if it is hard. So you think that they should keep trying regardless of the lack of success with current and previous tactics and the massive costs due to this international 'drug war', and the corruption typically inherent in the processes itself such as bought off police, public officials or deceptive practice by law enforcement to keep operations peaceable rather than outright dismantling operations (due to lack of evidence, difficulties in prosecution etc.) thus causing a vacuum for similar operations to begin and the process to begin anew. From what you've said however, can I gather that you believe incarceration for users and low-level operators would assist in preventing the harm which you perceive as being the most important thing, or do you believe clinical treatment and addiction counselling would be more efficacious in outcomes-based policy?