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  1. Mods here are interchangeable with wieners. We even use the same vernacular when discussing mods and all things sausage related.
  2. Chaos.Lady

    3D Printer and drawing software - advice would be nice

    I'm mainly going to be making minis for board games (i'm going to hit all the Gloomhaven summons first up), so I'm thinking Blender will be the preferred option. My Anycubic Photon arrived, so I'm gonna be setting up over the next week or two and having a play. I'll let you know how I go. From what I can see of the slicer, it's very VERY light on features, but I'm hoping it will do the job. From what I can see so far, it seems to be able to auto add supports and skirts, but I'm not entirely confident how well it will work yet. Especially since I will be importing Blender files to be sliced. I know there are a couple of alternatives if the anycubic one is awful, however I would prefer to use the manufacturer one if possible as I'd assume it would get the best results.
  3. *finger hovers over the ban button* *sighs because Nich would put on his cranky pants for frivolous bannage* *considers the mindpicture of Nich in his arseless chaps* Damn.
  4. So I'm getting a 3D printer. I think I've got it nailed down to a resin printer and I really like the Anycubic Photon (at the moment). I'm still looking for reasonable 3D drawing software. I'm currently using Blender but I haven't touched it in years and am still very VERY slowly remembering where everything is and how to use it. Any hints, tips, trick and general advice any of our resident 3D resin printer boffins might be able to provide?
  5. Chaos.Lady


    Just to be transparent, Nich and I have discussed this and we like the idea of forking when it seems needed. So you may sometimes see some fork on your thread in future. Kniving is fun too, but probably not something we want to promote. Spooning is obviously greatly encouraged.
  6. Chaos.Lady

    Call Log exporting for Android

    I eventually managed to find the installer outside the playstore which I wasn't super happy about getting from a third party, but it seems to have installed and the spyware isn't too intrusive I assume they will eventually get their act together and get google to allow them to put it back in, but the apps that use those privileges seem to be having trouble. I also installed Drupe hoping that it would help with some of the phone features, but I'm not sure I like it. It doesn't have the exportable feature, and the call stuff is OK, but seems buggy. The call recording might be handy, but again seems a bit hit and miss. Finding a decent phone app seems to be harder than I thought it was. :(
  7. I'm probably just begging for bots here, but I thought I'd ask the question of our very knowledgeable droid boffins. I used to heavily use an app called "Call Log Monitor" (I think it was) which would allow me to export my call logs to excel. I work on-call and use my call logs as my timesheet. So I would grab the logs, export and email them to myself in a CSV from my phone and work from them there. Since Google have hammered the call log privileges for apps and removed all the programs which do this from the app store - does anyone have an easy way for me to actually do this now? I *really* am not keen to install an app on the computer and have to connect the phone in order to transfer them (I'm using a locked down work PC to do it and it's a pain in the tail trying to get permissions to install any new apps), so I need something like what I had. I'm on a crappy Oppo phone for reference. Any ideas?
  8. Chaos.Lady


    Much like Braveheart
  9. Chaos.Lady


    I can see this is a hot button topic. :P
  10. Chaos.Lady

    Profile comments

    Who signed me up for this?
  11. Chaos.Lady

    It's Compass O'Clock

    Same square as ALP and a smidge to the right for me (although the dots are quite close together). I'm surprised I wasn't closer to the Greens, but then I'm not really very radical.
  12. Chaos.Lady

    Christmas Board Games

    A game I can really recommend to play with younger kids is Forbidden Island or Forbidden Desert. They are both co-op games with reasonably simple rules. If you are careful how you quarterback it, the kids will have a blast.
  13. Chaos.Lady

    Some great reads

    I love the Kindle app on my iPad. I have a huge library there and it takes up no storage. Much like Devere, my reading is like a rabbit on speed. I've just finished The Lost City of Z and am currently reading a book about Jack the Ripper.
  14. Chaos.Lady

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Are you talking about Active Users? If so, you go to "Browse" tab up the top and select "Online Users". This shows who's active or has been recently.
  15. Chaos.Lady

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    LOL - go Spydey! ? On the money.