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  1. ChildofChaos

    The Atomicans Discord

    I will build us a better Discord future! Cause hey, if i don't, mother will probably scold me for it. Have fun everyone!
  2. ChildofChaos

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    A friend and i watched "The Man Who Invented Christmas". Good movie. Very interesting.
  3. ChildofChaos

    YouTube Rewind... Is It Becoming Lame?

    Pretty much. It's MEANT to be a celebration of all the most popular songs, memes, topics and youtubers in the past year. TBH, the first ones from 2012-2015 are pretty cool if you know your youtubers and songs.
  4. I recently saw a video from I Hate Everything that totally criticized the new YouTube Rewind, and i had to admit, it was a total hit and miss. And because i know my mum will say that i'm just following the masses, even BEFORE i saw that video, i watched YouTube Rewind, and i just thought it was totally lame. I think it's mainly because YouTube is caring less and less about the YouTubers we all care about and are just putting whatever people they think are interesting and have made the trending list into YouTube Rewind. I mean the remixed song is really cool and the visuals are stunning, but because there are so many people that i have no idea who they are are in there and the people i DO know are totally hidden in the background and makeup, i can't enjoy it. So i wonder, anyone else getting sick of these YouTube Rewinds and want to say when was the last GOOD one? I personally think it was 2015, but that's just me. What does everyone else that watches YouTube think?
  5. ChildofChaos

    What are you reading?

    Mainly fanfiction. Mostly from Dinotrux and MLP. I'm actually writing a dinotrux fanfic myself if anyone is interested. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12035786/1/Dinotrux-The-Scrapadactor-Trux-Season-1 And don't worry, you don't need to know the show to get into it. It's one of those fanfics where it's basically a recreation of the show, only with a character added in. People really seem to like it, one person (a friend i've got on fanfiction) quoting on her fanfic that i'm "one badass writer and if you haven't checked out his story, you are obviously new to this fandom and need to go cheack that out right now!". So yeah, bit of an ego boost for me in terms of my writing skills :D
  6. ChildofChaos

    Roll Call!

    Apparantly i've been a member since 10 Sep 2008. My 10th anniversary next year. Wowzers.
  7. ChildofChaos

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The most recent song i got into is Devil's Choir By Digital Daggers. Good song.
  8. ChildofChaos

    What's on your mind?

    I'm going crazy being the only one in the house with seemingly nothing to do. Ever since i left school, it's been so BORING. Thank god I'm making a video to hopefully kickstart my YouTube channel otherwise i would have NOTHING to do.
  9. ChildofChaos

    "There She Is" Remastered in HD

    Alright, breakdown... 1. I can't say I've heard of the original video. 2. The first episode reminds me a bit of Sonic and Amy (Only, somehow, a lot more creepy) 3. Everyone in this town is either prejudice, a jerk or stupid. I hate it. 4. That breakdown the cat made in episode 4 was absolutely amazing. I would totally feel the same way. If i lived in a town with similar behaviors. 5. This series is dark in the best ways. It really makes me feel bad for the main characters. I love it. 6. Amazing finale. Just... amazing. Overall, a great series, nice messages, creative characters and REALLY amazing music. But the overall hatred of the side characters is appalling. Being someone who has strong views on people discriminating against what others do, that part probably affected me in a different way. Still, a really good honest to god great series of videos. Someone needs to make it into a full on TV Show or YouTube series, only with SO MANY MORE species that band together. I would watch it. Someone however needs to decode the relationships of all the characters, because i agree, it can be really confusing. I call the main charectors Catarf, Love Bunny, Photograbunny, Tipsy Cat, Big Bunny, Daddy Bunny, Spikennys, Big Cat, Mother Cat, Porcubow, Rhinbow, Barkey Bow, Penbow, Frillbow, Mousebow and Chickbow. Thanks for uploading good person. I will cherish this video forever.
  10. #TheEndOfYouTube What a tag that's driving the internet insane. Everyone is retweeting it, and with all the chaos that's happening on YouTube, it's honestly making me more and more afraid to start uploading to YouTube. I'm personally waiting this whole disaster out. What's everyone else's opinion on what YouTube is doing?
  11. ChildofChaos

    What's on your mind?

    You think that's bad? My phone says we're gonna have temperatures as low as 9oC - 6oC over the coming week. And all I'm probably going to be thinking through all of it is... "If it's so cold, why can't our area have snow? Stupid sea ruining all the fun. >:[" Not bad so much as a bit of a shock. Very dry and sunny, I'm happy to not be all sweaty for a change ;) Had to spend a bit longer on the torture (exercise) machine this morn in order to break a sweat ! ... most disconcerting. Your in NSW right ? Surely there be snow in the highlands, surely. ... yeah, I'd be moving from there quicksmart Rybags. -4 is utter crap to be dealing with. Yeah, mother says there is snow in the mountains. It's like an hours drive away. But the residential areas? No such luck. If it did snow around here, i would make a bunch of snowballs, take them to school and start a snowball fight with my classmates.
  12. ChildofChaos

    I'm Not Si... Uh, Parano... Flagp... WHAT?!?

    Thank You So Much! That really clears it up.
  13. ChildofChaos

    And What Are You Listening To?

    The most recent song i discovered (and so will listen to over and over again cause that's how i roll) is "Mantra" by Timmy Trumpet. I also like "Freaks" by the dude too. And of course a song i heard, didn't know what it was and FINALLY discovered is "Name Of The Game" by The Crystal Method. It's A-MAZE-ING! Kind of a side note, "Mantra" kind of holds a special place in my heart. I've recently loved taking songs i love and giving them my own little music video idea that i plan to make someday. The kind-of xylophone jingle in "Mantra" made me go back to the past where i first came up with the idea of my own music video over music when i was little, and i don't for the life of me remember the song, but it was this music video of this kid being bored in the supermarket until the music starts and all the products come to life to play the tune and dance with him. I'm kind of thinking of using the same music video idea for THIS song, it just sounds like so much fun to do.
  14. Ok, so something came up that is confusing the HELL out of the family. Three songs, all with the same lyrics, but under different names Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta (Which Dad says is the original) Green Day - Paranoia (Which is a song that MAY or MAY NOT exist despite there being a lyrics page for it: http://www.metrolyrics.com/paranoia-lyrics-green-day.html) I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well - Punk Shop Boys (A version on Spotify that I know of that I thought was the right version, considering the other versions are not there (even though the "Original" is used as the title in a playlist)) I first heard the song from The Nostalgia Critic: ...and when i tried to look up the song, the Spotify version is what i found. What the hell is going on?
  15. ChildofChaos

    What's on your mind?

    (Insert Lyrics From "Flagpole Sitta" By Harvey Danger Here) You think that's bad? My phone says we're gonna have temperatures as low as 9oC - 6oC over the coming week. And all I'm probably going to be thinking through all of it is... "If it's so cold, why can't our area have snow? Stupid sea ruining all the fun. >:["