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    So many sites uses Disqus now you may as well. It's cut and paste of a few lines and then you get great commenting functionality and analytics. Spam protection and all that. If you want to implement captcha, then just go http://www.google.com/recaptcha It can be themed and customised. But then you'll need to create all the comment entry and do the captcha verification server side by doing a form postback to the url in the docs on that page. It's not hard if you know what you doing. I actually added recaptcha to a contact us form this week and it took about 3 hours.
  2. grazer

    SQL Help

    Yep. That error is almost always a user permissions problem.
  3. grazer

    Building website...which program?

    Without you saying exactly what it is your 'site' is going to do, yes. Any of the popular CMS's is a good option. I build my own sites in using Umbraco CMS, eg the atomicf1 website for the community of atomic members who like some sim racing. Which CMS you use comes down to how much you want to spend on licensing costs and your level of technical ability. You can also mix and match your technology. I built this using both ASP.NET MVC for the bits that needed to be "intelligent" and Umbraco CMS for the content parts (handled using a 404 error handling mechanism).
  4. grazer

    [PC] F1 2011 Atomic championship

    me too. I just dropped a 1:40.9 around Brands Hatch in testing. Love that track.
  5. grazer

    [PC] F1 2011 Atomic championship

    Clearly Interlagos is a shorter track. The aveage difference has been about 5 seconds with 6 seconds at the last race. 93secs/99seconds = 94% 70secs (flouncies lap) * 94% = 65.8 So I'd expect 1:05.8 or low 1:06's. So far I've done maybe 30 minutes and I've got my lap down to 1:10.3 on primes, std fuel, default setup (actually I lie,that's with ARB change - see earlier post :p). I also unlocked the consistency achievement :) (I think it was for banging out 3 laps in a row within 0.2s or 0.1s of each other) oh weird: so sleep deprived this morning I see to have logged in with an alt. kikz out.
  6. grazer

    [PC] F1 2010 special events

    I may also be available. reinstall of steam dependent.
  7. grazer

    Windows 8 Information ?

    I did, it was free! I don't see myself getting windows 8, looks like Vista V3 with another new UI. hehe, looks like something yet has a different UI? Looks nothing like Vista u mean :p (well, not the 'selling point', the new UI, anyway. obviously if you turn off that abstraction it'll look similar to Win7 and Vista).
  8. I see it more as a comment or blackmark against the the Airline. There are more robust devices out there. Hopefully I can confidently say that these plans have paper maps still, but have the added benefit of ipads. I don't think we're "infected with a plague of consumer grade technology". Certainly, and this should not be difficult to understand, consumer grade / commodity tech is more prevalent. I've got no problem with an doctor pulling out an iphone to do that. Way back in 2004 I wrote a triage programme for the HP IPAQ. The goal was that nurses, doctors, paramedics would use it to both triage their patients and as the first steps to keeping the patient health care record.
  9. grazer

    Gf probs

    Sounds to me like you've mostly come to the right decision. Mate, at four months you're just dating. It doesn't have to and shouldn't be hard. If it is, walk away. That's what dating is for :)
  10. grazer

    F1 2010 - Atomic Championship - Season #3

    Yeh it is. Flouncy just lacks the Hamilton style car control :p
  11. grazer

    New Feature (temporarily) Ahoy!

    Just another way for big brother to keep an eye on us. user records rating, database takes not of users rating of thread. Data Mining reveals user consistently rating a particular user low, while every else rates high. User banned for harassing behaviour :p
  12. grazer

    What have you done today?

    Trimmed backed some of the trees, cleaned the gutters, ripped up some of the garden beds, and BBQ'd with friends. Productive day. And did a little bit of coding.
  13. grazer

    F1 2010 - Atomic Championship - Season #3

    We're not racing tonight AFAIK. As Lambo just said, "Prior to next weekend." ;)
  14. grazer

    F1 2010 - Atomic Championship - Season #3

    Mark is on sabbatical
  15. grazer

    Women most probably won't understand this

    husbands should know better. I question every slightly ambiguous thing that comes out of my wife's mouth. Yeah it cause plenty of drama when she asks "why do you always have to so difficult" and I respond with "why do you always have to be unclear", but it saves having too much milk! :p heh funnily enough, I am a "programmer", so at least I can use the "but it's my job to remove ambiguity. I can't help it".