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    No 100 megaton warhead was ever built. You've punched in figures for a 100 megaton warhead. The largest deployed warheads were around (from memory) 18 megatons. Yields actually got smaller on more modern missiles due to increased accuracy. The "Tsar Bomba" was designed to be 100Mt, but the actual explosion was thought to be around 50Mt. "Tsar Bomba" was purely experimental and was never intended to be deployed as a weapon. Any way you cut it, 5Mt droppped on your city is still going to make for a pretty miserable day. The SS-18 Mod 1 carried a single 25MT warhead (I think the Mod 3 could also). The American B41 gravity bomb also had a yield of 25MT.
  2. AMTP10E


    A pretty simplistic model that doesn't take into account height of detonation, geography, or atmospheric conditions. There a number of declassified US Nuclear Test movies on Youtube which have good info. Movie on Ops Ranger, Buster-Jangle, Tumbler-Snapper, Upshot-Knothole, Teapot, and Pumbbob look at various weapon effects.
  3. If you're looking for a good source of info about shaving then the Badger & Blade is the place to go. I've found old fashioned wet shaving with double edge safety razors, badger brush, and shave soap to give the best shaves (other than the old cut throat razors and I ain't quite got the courage to try one by myself yet).
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    Slow off the mark

    The absolute cheapest way to get some performance back would to do a fresh install of Windows. That said, some parts upgrades would help (all are available at PC Case Gear). RAM: depending on how much clearance you have between your RAM slots and CPU cooler then G.Skill Ripjaws 3 x 2GB for $89 or if space is tight under the cooler then G.Skill F3 3 x 2GB for $75 is the go. Graphics card: Not really an expert but Gigabyte HD6850 1GB overclocked for $179 would do quite nicely. Hard drives: A fast combo (but somewhat expensive option) would be SSD for Windows and a HDD for games/documents/other programs. An OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD at $209 combined with a WD Caviar Black 1TB at $95 would see you motor along pretty quick.
  5. AMTP10E

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Saddleback Leather Co. I seriously love this wallet, so much so I brought my Dad one to. I'd love to get more of their stuff like their travel cases, suitcase and duffel bag.
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    This sounds like its based on the US federal income tax. Over there, the bottom 50% pay no net income tax (they get as much or more back from the federal government than they pay). The top 10% pay over 50% of the income tax. In fact, the top 1% earned about 20% of the income but paid about 40% of the total income tax. Some individual states over there also have income tax. For example, in California the top 1% pay 45% of the state income tax.
  7. Having seen some of the Islamist crap that is emerging in Egypt and Tunisia and the indications of similar in Lybia, my advice to NATO and the West is when it's one set of assholes fighting another set of assholes, you're supposed to pray for an asteroid, not pick a favourite.
  8. I'd do an anal scene with Julia Gillard. After all, turn about is fair play.
  9. http://www.smh.com.au/world/gaddafi-vows-r...0320-1c1si.html You think he's just handing out weapons to anyone that rocks up to an army base asking for an AK-74? lol
  10. That is only true if the vast majority of the civilian population are unarmed.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the rebels got on the receiving end of some NATO standard munitions. Picking out 'friend' from foe would be a nightmare in Lybia right now.
  12. A couple of points: 1) Journalists don't know their elbow from their asshole at the best of times so don't expect what is being reported to have any relation to reality. 2) To enforce a No-Fly Zone, you need complete air dominance. You can't have complete air dominance if you allow the other side to retain their anti-aircraft missiles/guns and associated C2 systems so you must target them. These things generally sit on the ground and thus can be called ground targets. 3) Noting point 2, striking a ZSU-23-4 or a S-300 is a very good idea however noting point 1, these would probably be reported as tanks. 4) Since the French are the only ones at the moment to have aircraft over Lybia at the moment, if tanks really are being plinked then it would have to be the French doing the plinking (the French are the only government to have switched recognition to the rebel 'government').
  13. Throw in a meeting of the student union and the Socialist Alliance in a couple of the back rooms and it would be a good start. Leo! You're back! How was your stay in the naughty corner?
  14. AMTP10E

    How do you say “chutzpah” in Chinese?

    Do some research, there is no 'asking' in the one child policy. Forced abortions, forced sterilisations, massive fines, discrimination, jail... Real fucking humane.
  15. Let's see. The number 2 economy in the world wants number 60 to pay special compensation for an act of God to families who are suffering the consequence of their government's inhuman policy. If I were the Kiwis my response would end with "...and the horse you rode in on."