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    What's happened to this place?

    Clearly new? Bahahahahahaha. Oh lordy. No, just an old hat from well before your time. Furthermore, the internet is full of kitty harm, and I never posted any to begin with! It is better to know what you are ranting about before partaking in said rant. I'm trying to save you from looking a bit silly. You have been warned. Plus, the pic in question was roadkill, responding to the question "What have you found on the side of the road lately?". Seeing as roadkill is also found on the side of the road, it was a legitimate, if somewhat provocative response. Not made by me. I believe it was removed based on the personal opinion of a moderator, using the FAQ as the reason it was taken down. I've just read the FAQ, and according to it, most of the topics in the green room should be canned, and many posts in the other forums as well. I'm just saying, is all. Seeing as the topic is "What's happened to this place?".

    Reverse Racism

    I'm not even going to bother reading the rest of the comments. Reverse racism? WTF are you on about? Seriously - Explain. But first, perhaps you should do some reading on Equal Opportunity, White Settlement in Australia, Aborignal Relocation, etc. I'm not saying read this because it's evidence, I'm saying read it because it will provide an understanding on why the Australian Federal and State Governments feel it is ok to promote racism. You will get an understanding, you won't actually understand. No one does. But in todays day and age, if that strikes you as reverse racism, I won't bring up the topic of Aboriginal benefits. BTW, don't start crying "ABBO HATER!" - My missus is part coon, and when she's not busy sniffing petrol, she agrees.

    What's happened to this place?

    ^ "What's happened to this place?" ^

    Savepoint - Game Show

    Wouldn't matter anyway, chunky is funky.

    What's happened to this place?

    Rargh, rargh, rargh! No one understands you, mod-bears!

    Someone bites you on the neck

    Is this some white cunts joke that black cunts don't get?

    games for windows live buggy pile of shite


    What's happened to this place?

    I'm surprised you didn't censor my comment! Probably not enough kitty roadkill.

    What's happened to this place?

    LIES! ALL LIES! The mods enforce what kind of behaviour they accept. Mods "moderate" the content on the site. Mods are designated by the all-powerful as they have demonstrated their worthiness in the eyes of the all-powerful, thus ensuring minimal deviation from the grand scheme of the all-powerful. Fascist Nazi Swine.

    What's happened to this place?

    Meets? Not likely in Canberra, the power of TUAL and Khir combined is far too much for Gharph to handle.

    What's happened to this place?

    So very true, but this is the mindset that actively blocks the development of a community, as opposed to restrictive conditions that reduce the user base to a cadre of old hats and those "in the know". It really depends on what direction "Management" want to take the forums in.

    Time is fleeting

    Can't find a decent looking metric clock, any ideas people?
  13. They were right, you're jokes are getting worse, Robzy. That one just made me incredibly sad.

    What's happened to this place?

    I predicted this way back in 2001. Or was it 2002? I forget, but I know it got me banned until 2008. Hehe, I was right.

    Anyone know which movie this pic comes from?

    Some of Richard David James stuff can be hard to find, but it's worth tracking down. Windowlicker is another top clip. BTW, Rubber Johnny isn't RDJ - He just did the original music, of which a remix was used in Rubber Johnny. Both the film and the remix were made by Chris Cunningham.

    TF2 - Meet the Director

    It's a source game, they should simply have gotten the lads who coded KeyEdit 2 for Quake 2 to do the replay editor. It was 1000 times better than the primitive crap they have thrown in. And yeah, the entry quality is horrible. Anything worth watching will never be seen, as it's hidden amongst too much shite.
  17. It's ok, but really try hard, that new ad.

    [Arcade] - Do I invest?

    If you want it, can afford it, and can store it, go for it. And to be extra nice, I won't comment on people that play dancing games...

    A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If….

    Uuuurgh. One right here! Pass, thanks. If a guy tried that shit with me I'd be outta there. I guess it depends on what you call rough. Some may call it as little as biting. Gently.

    A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If….

    Based on that list, I'm no just a rape supporter, I'm also a rapist. Also gotta love other Viz readers.
  21. Quite amusing, TBH. If you pre-ordered the game, you get to play a sample a week before it comes out. If you didn't pre-order, you get to purchase and play before the demo comes out. So no one gets to "Try Before You Buy". Fuck I hate the contemporary games market.

    Free full-length Aussie horror film.

    I was excited, until I did exactly what the article suggests. A Google search reveals just how un-mysterious it is. It's a tunnel. People are there all the time, especially filming things. Damn. No monsters. I will still watch it though! I just wish they didn't say "Google it if you don't believe us!".

    Windows Live and Steam ids

    Steam id: TUAL_MASOK Add me if you play a lot of TF2 on Aussie/NZ servers (on3, on.net, etc). I'm also keen for Portal 2 co-op, I've finished it if you want some help. I used to be keen for L4D2, but that got old REAL quick.

    Changing Steam Download Target Directory

    It's nice of them to make their games that much easier to crack! But seriously, that's much better than GCFs. No idea what the go is, but backing up a GCF game takes a lot longer than otherwise, and they also tend to require an update after a backup restore (PC to PC, not restoring an old backup). Mind you, with the prices of most games on Steam, you'd be an idiot not to have an account. I want an SSD, but then I'll want every app and game on it, and I can't afford an SSD that big...

    My school day vs my kids school day.

    My kids have it completely different to me. I was raised by a single mum and was the man of the house from the age of 2, and although I got to be a kid, having your own at 17 means you need to grow up quickly. Never having Dad around meant that I wasn't too sure WTF they were for, exactly. I mean, if I could do it without a Dad, surely any kid can? Pfft, sure found out how wrong that was with my own. My kids have it pretty well off, they get everything they need in terms of fun. They eat well, and pretty much anything (the benefit of being Dutch/Swedish with Asian godmother and half raised in China Town; when you can eat from opposite ends of the food spectum, anything in the middle is fine), and the little bastards are literally going to either unite the world under one loving banner, or destory it in a heinous, fiery apocalypse. A little more on that: My eldest was born on the 09/09/99, so the running joke is that he's the Antichrist of 9. My youngest was born on Christmas Day, so I've got Satan and the Second Coming for children. Makes for some entertaining evenings. But back to the main point, phones for kids are banned. Unless they have no battery and want to be broken. There's no need for it. Sure, they love the computers, and games, and TV, etc, but they also love flying down the driveway at 60KM/h on the billycart, chasing rabbits and lighting fires.