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  1. stuub27

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Internet Explorer 11 definitely is free of the described issue, so I think I will just it for atomic and Firefox for everything else! ? Very strange and well beyond my knowledge
  2. stuub27

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    I'm with Rybags. As I posted in Feedback, I run Firefox 62 on Win 7. As reported in that thread, I thought my mouse way playing silly buggers, but it turns out I'm getting massive CPU usage spikes, only on atomic- so I guess my mouse 'skips' as the usage fluctuates...? It's fine when I first navigate to atomic, then goes up and down a bit, but then sits between high 80% to low 90%.
  3. stuub27

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    OK, this is a bit weird...think it only started tonight, or is getting worse at least: my mouse cursor 'skips' as I move around the page. Very erratic. Makes fine navigation a pain in the arse. I use Firefox Quantum 62 64-bit and a Logitech G403...for what that knowledge is worth- this issue only happens when browsing atomic...
  4. stuub27

    Odd food combos - how about yours?

    I was with a lady the other day who sprinkled salt onto a banana... Which I thought was pretty weird, but some of you guys would not bat an eyelid by the sounds of it!
  5. stuub27

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/wellington-paranormal I've been enjoying this. Not Great TV, but enjoyable enough if you are into the 'kiwi vibe'...
  6. stuub27

    Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

    I'm hoping that if I wait sufficient time for the bugs to be sorted then I might also have won lotto on the way so I can buy the rig to do the game justice! lol
  7. stuub27

    Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

    Yeah, sorry about that. Got a cold/flu thing, and between posting from bed, and doing that on my 'phone, I munged it up. Try this one: Worth the retry- thanks! I've realised over the years that I'm pretty shit at most games...but I Do like watching them being played. This one especially looks a visual feast
  8. stuub27

    Star Citizen / Squadrdon 42 - a real PC game

    Link no work for me :(
  9. stuub27

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I just tried to watch The Lion King for the first time... I obviously have no heart or soul- everyone raved about this movie, but I didn't last 10 minutes! The overblown music gave me the shits and I wanted all the characters to die I mean, I never have been a big Disney fan...and maybe it would have grown on me...but I plan to never find that out!
  10. Well, thanks heaps for that. Appreciated :) I don't understand some of the technical stuff, but I get the general idea now, I think.
  11. I recently bought one of these: https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/walkman/nw-a40-series and am looking at buying either these: https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-h900n or these: https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-1000xm2 Of course, they all require charging. Via USB. Either desktop or laptop. I only have a desktop. Which is fine when I'm at home, obviously. But I want to know if I can charge them using the wall adapter that I use for my phone? Or even better, can I use the power bank I carry with me? Now, I did ask Sony first. But they gave me the helpful answer of, basically- you can, but we don't recommend it. But they didn't say why. And I certainly don't know enough about electronics to understand. Can anyone at least enlighten me as to why it would be a bad idea? Thanks
  12. stuub27

    What's on your mind?

    I'm sure there's a lot more stuff to ping him for !!! Like his suspect real estate deals and that business run by his sister ... That 'accident' on the way to court...
  13. stuub27

    What's on your mind?

    Hopefully just the first of many findings!