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    Win 7 password - onscreen keyboard?

    Thanks, I think :)
  2. Bala_Matt

    Win 7 password - onscreen keyboard?

    Hi all, My poor cousin can't login to Windows 7. His password includes the letter P, the only letter hos keyboard now won't type. Is there a way around this tonight? Maybe involving an onscreen keyboard? He will buy new keyboard tomorrow, but we wanna play Napoleon Total War tonight!!!!! Thanks, Matt
  3. Bala_Matt

    Windows Resume Loader

    Thanks mate!
  4. Bala_Matt

    Windows Resume Loader

    Hi all, I'm struggling with the Windows Resume Loader. It appeared after an accidental hard reset. The machine boots through initial stages and halts with the following message "Windows Resume Loader The last attempt to resume the system from its previous location failed. Attempt to resume again? (Use the arrow keys to highlight your choice.) Continue with system resume Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu" The problem is that my enter keys (both) and arrow keys fail to function on this screen. They do however work in the BIOS screens. Anyone have suggestions of what to do would be welcomed. Thanks, Matt
  5. Bala_Matt

    SRT with OS on 1 SSD

    Hi all, I'm not an expert but this may be useful. I've installed a 60gb SSD (Corsair Force GT) as a cache on my Z68 mobo. My SSD is plugged in a SATA 3 port and my HD is plugged in to a SATA 2 port. I used the Gigabyte utility to enable caching. When I did this I was able to elect any mechanical drive to be cached. Having said all this...... I've found my system to be great and very responsive in "basic" cache mode. I play heaps of big games (BF3, Total Wars, etc). I have never felt that Windows files had been bumped from the cache. I can only assume that the cache is smart enough to keep it in. As I switch between games a lot I occasionally feel that a game is bumped if I haven't played it in a while.
  6. Bala_Matt

    Help stop this degrading TV ad.

    This thread had the chance to be an enlightening piece of social commentary and discussion......... Then it took an arrow to the knee.
  7. Bala_Matt

    OMG, it's finally happened...

    I can do you a deal in TV-OUT s-video cables and SCART cables. Buy one for $4.95 get three complimentary free cables from anywhere from a 3Dfx Banshee through to a GTX260 (I lost the tv-out to my S3 Virge) and everything inbetween!
  8. Bala_Matt

    SSD for HTPC? Boot HD just died

    That was my thinking despite some peoples strong opinions. I priced a bottom range OCZ 60gig SSD at the same prices as a 500gig hard drive. The SSD is much faster, less power hungry etc and I don't need the extra space as I have plenty on the media drives. I went this way and I'm quite happy.
  9. Bala_Matt

    SSD for HTPC? Boot HD just died

    Thanks for the feedback
  10. Hi everyone, My boot HD just died in my HTPC. I have all media etc on other drives. Also wifey doesn't like waiting for the machine to boot! Therefore I'm thinking that a small basic SSD could be a good replacement. The HTPC is a 2.0 GHz Core2Duo on a P35 gigabyte ultra durable board. It has SATA2 only. I don't anticipate upgrading any components except to get a new boot drive. I'm happy with current performance (when it's working!). Please offer suggestions of which SATA SSD to get or offer alternative plans. Budget would struggle to reach much over $100, maybe reach $125. I would expect to pickup locally from umart.com.au or gamedude.com.au Thanks
  11. Bala_Matt

    9-11 official story

    My two cents 1) As said elsewhere, I have no faith that thousands of people needed to orchestrate 9/11 could keep their mouths shut. 2) Is the government covering SOMETHING up? Sure, probably covering their butts from looking worse and happy to keep conspiracy theories alive as a distraction from other things.
  12. Bala_Matt

    Who uses the Clem7?

    The usage is well below projections. The private company running it is losing money at a significant rate.
  13. Bala_Matt

    tenant advice

    Put everything in writing. I learned the hard way and have benefitted from the lesson in later dealings. This has helped me many times in dealings up to and including mediation and small claims tribunal. The small cost of sending something via registered post is almost always worth it in the end. Email can also be quite useful for proving your attempts to communicate. This is especially true if the address you have been given is documented somewhere as a contact detail for the landlord. Some sneaky landlords give an address that is not recorded anywhere and deny knowledge of it's existence later on. Remember to read, re-read and wait ten minutes before sending any emails. I've learnt from the best/worst landlords out there.
  14. I'll be going from X-Fi/Xonar (in gaming PC) to my headphones (ATH-AD700). BTW the headphones don't need an amp to run them, they are not a high-impedance set. Is that why you were recommending the Xonar, to drive the headphones? The Yamaha amp is part of my HTPC setup, it has Burr-Brown DACs (don't know which ones). It is fed by HDMI from an ATI 5670. It's not part of my gaming. I was seeking to gauge quality/SNR/dB. Basically, will an X-Fi/Xonar sound better than my Yamaha RX-V467? (with respects to audio quality etc, I realize that I probably want/need CMSS positioning, or equivalent). Thanks
  15. Bala_Matt

    Game Review Suggestion

    Just include the RRP at time of launch/review. Add a sentence to qualify a "trigger point" price at which you would consider buying. For example "Battlefare 7 was an enjoyable game that didn't seem to have the staying power of other AAA titles. I would recommend it as a great time waster at $40, it seems a bit steep at $90. "Warfield 8 has some great ideas but didn't really gel right. I pay $10 just to get a glimpse at something different that might just blossom into a viable sequel one day." What do you think?