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  1. Cybes

    What a joke

    -.- Yer shitting me, right? "Last night you tweeted this..." There's no "finally" about it - she did that interview the next day. Also, at at ~5:58 Tapper says "Academically, you're right [but 'ordinary' folks get their panties in a twist because they think 'Deathcamps' (even though she specifically said she wasn't talking about those).]" Well, she *was* right, and if you could get over your ego long enough to hear her explanation, you might even see why she used such an evocative word.
  2. Cybes

    What a joke

    A few days since the event, but I thought you two might like to see this if you hadn't already - skip to 5:22 (the embed doesn't like time codes):
  3. Cybes

    What a joke

    The cops ask you for your *driving* license - seems kinds relevant when they pulled you over for a vehicular transgression. The incident I cited, if you bother to look at it, was pulling in an aging white Australian woman, with all the relevant paperwork in order and nothing suspicious in her luggage or about her demeanor, and interrogating her for an extended period. If you think those two events are the same thing, then you're in need of stronger medicine. On the other point... The man's never met a dictator he didn't like, and has pissed all over the constitution. That's FACT - not allegation. The laundry list of criminal charges currently under investigation alone would see any other candidate not only dismissed from office, but finished politically, regardless if any of them held up to scrutiny. Plus, let's not forget that the nature of creeping fascism is that it *creeps* - it doesn't happen overnight. IF 'boxcars' happen, it will be in the full light of day with the full support Trump's base - and that base will be so enthralled that they won't even be able to acknowledge to themselves that it's over the line. Kinda like the kids in cages thing already.
  4. Cybes

    An interesting thought...

    Because Thorium still needs design work. Modified standard breeders would be easy enough, but those are NOT fail-safe - they can boil themselves dry and melt just like Uranium. Liquid Fluoride (molten salt) reactors, otoh, are as safe as it is possible to be, since the coolant is also what enables the reaction - lose the coolant and the pile goes cold. Fluoride salts, otoh, are *nasty* stuff and eat all currently known seals in distressingly short order. Don't get me wrong - I'm totally behind the idea of LFTR. I'm really keen on OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) as well, but that also has some serious problems at the moment.
  5. Cybes

    What a joke

    I didn't see that as alarmist (ie: this is going to happen) - I saw it as a warning (ie: if this keeps going in this direction...). And many of us (me included) got called alarmist when we projected exactly this sort of thing as far back as the beginning of 2017 and the very obvious "Papeire, bitte" attitude already creeping in.
  6. Cybes


    Y'know, I've read the Bible. Cover to cover, more than once. I do not want to be 'loved' by that evil, genocidal, narcissistic psychopath. I'm really relieved that I've never seen any evidence whatsoever for a god's existence (despite believers of varying levels of rabidity and violent potential), because I'm pretty sure he'd just ignore the restraining order.
  7. Cybes

    What a joke

    I do so love hearing that accent advocating for thought before shooting. Perhaps that clip might help a little with your confusion.
  8. Cybes

    What a joke

    Look, I don't know what you do and don't know - how could I, since the only contact we have is the occasional post here? But you opened this conversation asking what history books AOC had read to term them concentration camps, and there's not a little opinion that goes her way, citing historical events. To my mind, with nothing else to go on, that looks to me like she knew something you didn't in this case. If you did know those things already, and merely disagreed with her choice of words, you could have stated it that way and not as a question. I would not have 'answered' a statement. Wild speculation: Melania is Trump's handler; assigned by Putin himself and given the directive to have a child to bind l'Orange to her. Naturally, she finds him repulsive, but orders are orders.
  9. Cybes

    What a joke

    You really should watch the video. Germans did not invent concentration camps, nor are theirs exemplars.
  10. Cybes

    What a joke

    Given that she opened her remark by saying that she was specifically NOT referring to "death camps", I think that's a stretch. Also given that Trump administration lawyers argued in court that the "detainees" did not need such "luxury items" as toothbrushes and soap, and that kids are *still* being forcibly separated from their families (though no longer routinely), I'd reckon it's pretty obvious that these places are an unhealthy step beyond simple refugee camps. Yeah, MSNBC - I know. But it's the woman being interviewed that matters: Andrea Pitzer.
  11. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Don't be put off by the title; he's no centrally planned economics communist - he's the owner of a very large yogurt factory, with many employees.
  12. Heya HB! LTNS man. If your weather is anything like mine, I'm impressed that you *can* helicopter atm. Currently 3c here, and feels like less. Kinda answered you own unasked question, there.
  13. Cybes

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    True enough, but what bothers me is not that the coatings disintegrate, it's that you can end up eating Teflon (more accurately, PFOA, supposedly not used any more, but when some people are willing to put melamine in baby formula are we certain about that?) - and that shit is ++ungood. Like, eating cigarette butts ungood.
  14. Cybes

    how crap is this government ?

    You're talking about a man who thinks 'infinite' means 'very large'. Scope is not his strong point.
  15. Cybes

    Ladders. They hurt

    I have trouble standing on a flat concrete floor, let alone a ladder. Haven't been up one of those things for over 20 years.