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  1. Cybes

    how crap is this government ?

    TBH, my outrage circuit is kinda fried atm. I know I'm ropeable, but having trouble feeling it. And I don't often do that kind of news here anyway - surprised Jerusalem hasn't, though.
  2. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    Better that they get it sorta wrong than wildly wrong. I've had Windows locate my laptop in Dubai when I was in Mt Gambier. Except for nav systems, what does it matter, anyway? The weather won't be that different in only 20km, surely - most of the time, at any rate (once in a blue moon you might be on the edge of a rain cell or something). You could regard it as a sort of security feature if you get paranoid about others locating you via your google profile.
  3. Cybes

    And What Are You Listening To?

    I see the forum software still doesn't like YT's URL shortener. (Edit: Apparently, you can bork the normal version recognition too - had to repaste the original) That's awesome, btw. I also love their cover of Land of Confusion.
  4. Cybes

    And What Are You Listening To?

    I feel a great need to say "You're shitting me!?", but I know you're not. You should check out his discography when you have a long weekend to spare. Personal favourites: Jimmy Blackmore's Rainbow and Rainbow Rising (close sequel); and "Dehumanizer" - Black Sabbath, 1992. But imho there's a lot more highs than lows in that man's career. Notable, to me anyway, is that he tended to have a lot of the same people with him through the years no matter which band name he was playing under. Not constantly, but recurringly.
  5. Cybes

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Fixed. Thanks Nich!
  6. Cybes

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    I've set this screen up properly via all the calibration sites I can find, and now that I know where to look, they are just barely visible under normal conditions. They do highlight on mouseover, but just barely - you have to really be paying attention to notice it. And you have to know where to do that. They are plainly visible when manually highlighted, but that's a PITA, and you still need to know where to do that.
  7. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I first heard them when Strong released, loved it and looked up the video. Then I kinda forgot about them for a while, and found them again a few days ago. Just posted that one because it's a brilliant performance for a TV show - those sound stages suck as a rule (even the ones for music shows).
  8. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Live performance on an Italian talent-search TV program; performance starts after 30 seconds.
  9. Cybes

    Do own many things that others wouldn't?

    I think most of what everyone has is going to be from commercial sources. Obtaining new copies of said items, however, might be near impossible - like out of print paperbacks, for instance. Something almost everyone will have that is unique to them will be their collection of photographs. Personally, I've had a couple of major furnishings custom made for this house, but they don't look obviously bespoke. I also have a couple of trinkets you can't just buy off the shelf that were basically participation rewards - you could get copies made, but it wouldn't have the emotional tie.
  10. Cybes

    Dear Tech Support

    Off is easy enough, but is often irreversible. Also, can lead to severe modification of one's own operational parameters.
  11. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    I had not realised that was quite such a rangey piece. I mean, I know Amy's showing off a bit, but even so...
  12. Cybes

    how crap is this government ?

    The tender process for that grant:
  13. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    Oh, of course it was all above board. That's why he spent the ENTIRE LAST FUCKING YEAR lying about it! Not that lying about anything and everything is his default mode or anything.
  14. Cybes

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    /blink Well, at least I know I can still read html when I see it.
  15. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    My guess is that they goofed and used the leading digits from the Milky Way diameter (~100-150 million). Frankly, though, I don't think most people would have any concept of the size of the discrepancy, save that it's ~50% too much. Monkey brains don't cope with understanding hugeness of that magnitude, we just recite the number - like a someone can read a word without knowing what it means. <shrug> For me, it's about the visualisation. If the numbers for the narration are off, I don't care much - anyone who is ever going to use them will know they're wrong. If the numbers they use when determining the graphic sizes are out, however...that would be more serious.