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  1. Cybes

    how crap is this government ?

    Is that the 100 year flood that now happens every decade, or the one that will be happening every year soon?
  2. Cybes

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    IMHO, Boeing is not going to recover. They may fix their current issues, and they might not even have any new ones, but the damage to their reputation has been done and Airbus et al will have filled the gap by the time they can do that. Bad enough to have issues like this on one product line, but obvious cheap-out errors turning up on their freakin' space capsule - the thing they should be treating like it was crafted from gold-plated diamond dust and high explosive... That's indicative of big fat systemic problems. The kind with 'corporate bean counter' written on them.
  3. Cybes

    Software Boardgames - any good?

    I have played board games on the PC before and generally enjoyed it more than MtG-type card games on PC, but that probably says more about my feelings on card game mechanics then anything else. After having had a squiz at the bundle, I'm afraid I can't offer any first-hand knowledge of those on offer.
  4. Cybes


    The clause to which I replied said 'left leaning folk', which includes me - and anyone else left of centre who feels like chiming in. If you want to specifically limit future comment scope to him you should probably use 'you'.
  5. Cybes


    I am definitely a lefty according to every metric I know of, and the whole 'woke' thing afaic is a steaming pile of fresh cow pat. What I think is important is recognising that I live in a society of actual people that each matter just as much as I do, even if I disagree with them or think them idiots; I don't ' take pride' in that, it just is. I prefer to ask, not assuming I know what other people think. I find I make fewer mistakes that way.
  6. Cybes


    I have that reaction often.
  7. Cybes

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Heheh - Bernie pulled over 17,000 people at the Washington State event. And all without bussing in pretenders or paying actors. Totally biased presenter here, but it's the only video I can find atm:
  8. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    Er... First time in a twin, it's real easy to get caught unawares by its peculiarities - the speed of certain things, weirdnesses caused by having multiple thrust points. Doesn't take much to lose you concentration for a second or two. That said, WTF were they doing that close to each other? There used to be this concept called "air separation"..?
  9. Cybes

    Roll Call!

    Just. I think those of us still here are the the ones who'd become Fallout ghouls when the bombs drop.
  10. Cybes

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    'Enter'? You're running a week or so slow. Bootyjudge is a Republican in disguise; Bloomberg is a Trump that can speak in full sentences, buying a Dem position because he hates the real Trump. No, really. He's every bit as racist, if not more (quietly rejoined his Whites-only club recently); as sexist; has a large number of sexual assault allegations pending; thinks poor people are an inferior species; and is a NY billionaire. And he's a mental weakling, attacking Bernie's voters rather than his platform. If they put him up against Trump, Trump will destroy him.
  11. Cybes

    The Atomicans Discord

    G'day, DJMI! Been a While. The link is fine - there's just (almost) nobody here. Ohhh, you meant for the Discord? No idea there - I never used it.
  12. Two-week old gameplay clip. I would dearly love to watch with the sound off, but ye kinda need to know what the hell he's up to. There's a minor version patch coming up, but not much will change (I think), and this is the current ordinary-player experience. Almost ordinary - he has more starting cash than a fresh player would.
  13. Cybes


    IMHO, locking that thread was not only the right thing to do but overdue.
  14. Cybes


    Ok, I can get behind that. Given that the "Box & Tools" groups are almost certainly going to be way slow, maybe those should be listed below the "Geeks" section?