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  1. Cybes

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    I never ascribed blame - merely pointed out that it was happening. To me, it seems odd for them to target people closer to their own political stance - unless Vlad has an interest in keeping Agent Orange on the throne?
  2. Cybes

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Not showing any favouritism - just all the new Dems.
  3. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Interestingly, you can click that link and it works fine, too, so it *should* embed. Damifino.
  4. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    That does not appear to be a valid url is why. At least, it won't go anywhere c/p'd on my 'phone.
  5. Cybes

    Bernie. fucken. SANDERS

    Since the election? Not that I know of. However, the GOP already had district lines hugely distorted in their favour. It wasn't just the lines, though, it was also closing or restricting access to voting sites in Dem districts.
  6. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Me twice in a row? You lot just aren't trying.
  7. Cybes

    What a joke

    'Fraid that one will always be fictional. Or at least, for as long as we can't figure out how to reverse entropy.
  8. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Should especially be of interest to Chrisg and probably Leonid , wrt how non-ionising radiation can lead to ionising. (Hint: ain't gonna happen without matched object and frequency, especially not at low power)
  9. Cybes

    What a joke

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/2-Squadron-42 ie: Sq42 in beta Q2 of 2020. SC is the MMO of Sq42, and will follow it 1 year later, which you can see for yourself on a link of the linked page. Yes, CIG have a history of slipping deadlines, so you can't take ^that as gospel. However, SC has made incredible and obvious progress in the past 12 months, and that figure actually does seem plausible.
  10. Cybes

    What a joke

    I knew you'd get it, hence the comment. It's been "about a decade away" for almost 50 years. Although, to be fair, it *has* been on basically life-support funding for most of that time - fusion produces no warhead material, so breeders got the lion's share. Now that people that matter are starting to realise they need clean(er), cheap, plentiful power that doesn't make billionaires in dangerous places, the taps have been opened right up and real progress is being made. Real progress, but nobody's quite sure how far there is to go, so sometimes even the researchers feel like they're running on a treadmill.
  11. Cybes

    What a joke

    Cheer up! It's only a decade away! /dies laughing
  12. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    ...Why? He got everyone stirred up for the Brexit idea, and as soon as he got it said "Right! I've done my bit" and fucked off to Majorca. (OK, probably not - he doesn't seem like the type for Spanish islands.) If he'd had an ounce of integrity he'd have stuck around and tried to make it work.
  13. Cybes

    What a joke

    That be what the "T" in "LFTR" stands for.
  14. Cybes

    What a joke

    I believe he's referring to LFTR and pebble beds, and the like. The Europeans have all old tech stuff that fails dangerous rather than safe. These 'new' designs are untried at large scales and times. (LFTR had a university trial plant for a while, but I can't recall the details.)