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  1. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    Ready? "Dunno." That's why it's called "dark" - 'cuz astonomers have no swagger. If it was a descriptive name, it would be better called "invisible mass" - it casts no shadows; blocks no light; does not appear to clump tightly enough to form stars or planets, let alone anything smaller; and doesn't seem to react to magnetic or electric fields. Whatever that gunk is, it's damned weird. News flash: He ain't god. The best astrophysicists and cosmologists have no clue about the stuff - what makes you think he does? From what I just got through listing, though, it's patently obvious that it is NOT matter. That rules out it being listed on the periodic table, or being called an element.
  2. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    Leo, iirc. And I did not laugh at "finding new elements" - that is absolutely certain to happen. What I laughed at, and still do, is the unspoken assumption that said elements will allow magic to happen. This is not Avatar - floating mountains are not going to happen by means of magic Unobtainium rocks.
  3. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    I suggest no such thing. I state that those yet to be discovered will be increasingly violently radioactive, and the product of completely mind-shatteringly large energetic events - like neutron star collisions and up. We have accurately predictive models of atomic construction, you know. Moreover, none of them is going to exhibit magical properties, which is what you're going to need to break the physics we know already. There is almost certainly more physics to know, and maybe some of that will flat contradict what we have now, but the majority of it will be compatible with it - essentially extending our current knowledge in unforeseen directions. (As was my point about Newton before: he wasn't wrong - just incomplete) You are assuming those were solid objects with mass, let alone that they had organic beings aboard. Try not to do that. That sounds snarky, and it's not supposed to be: assuming things is a natural human behaviour, and scientists try very hard not to do it - not always successfully. Assuming that something is a certain thing, rather than what the evidence is telling you, can hold up progress for decades. The thing moves in impossible ways for machines - so it's NOT a machine. But if it's not a machine, what is it? Fucked if I know. I'm content to leave pretending to know the answer to the big hats in Rome.
  4. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    ...Right, I'm staying out of this thread from this point on. It's bad for my blood pressure, and worse for my impression of people. "Different elements"...ffs.
  5. Cybes

    Bert and Ernie, the perfect mates

    Programming humour. A bool can be either TRUE or FALSE and nothing else. A floating point value is a real number. ie: you can't be a little bit pregnant, but gayness can be anywhere between zero and all-possible.
  6. Cybes

    Bert and Ernie, the perfect mates

    Pregnancy is a boolean value - sexuality is a float.
  7. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    This is true, however those bits I'm talking about cannot be extended to encompass such behaviour - only broken, replaced by new rules. And the rules we have, whilst maybe not complete, are right as far as they go - just as Newton's laws are still right for the circumstances to which they referred (ie: in the same inertial frame).
  8. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    I am. Because for them to get here, it means a very large amount of physics that has been proven is wrong. Stuff that has made predictions, been tested, found to have results that matched those predictions - that kind of proven. And we're not just talking about one or two fringe bits either - we're talking about the stuff that made the moon shot and makes GPS satellites, cellphones, and computers work.
  9. Cybes

    how crap is this government ?

    "All in favour of declaring it bullshit?" (in unison) "AYE!!" (two greens) "Nay?" "Motion carried. We'll get on with strip-mining Queensland, shall we?" I mean, ok, having a debate is better than nothing, I guess, but it's not what is required. The science has been in for a long time, and those numpties have to say about it matters not at all.
  10. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    That is weather, not climate. Climatologists can't and don't have to be able to tell you the temperature for July 28, 2030 - just that the average for that year will be (fudge number) about 3 degrees higher than this year's average. And if there's that much more energy in the atmosphere, weather patterns planet-wide will be fubar'd. There are several models with slightly different results, and a couple with very different results, but ALL of them have one thing in common: nearly all the farmland in nearly everwhere is going to change. Maybe, that means what used to be pasture turns into banana plantation, that swamp dries out enough to be good farmland, or that your wheat field becomes drifting sand, but whichever it is it isn't what you have now, and that disruption is going to kill people until people adapt practices to it.
  11. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    Well... not really. There'll be quite a lot of land even when every last bit of ice is gone. The issue is how much of the current population live about 10-60cm above current sea level. All very well to say "Sell your house and move" (a la Ben Shapiro), but who's going to buy inundated property - mermaids? And with no money from selling up, how are they expected to procure transport to and residence in a drier locale? Hence, whilst some will be ok, an awful lot of people are going to become refugees - and considering that so much of the asian chain is densely populated, low-lying, an close, Aus is going to get a large share.
  12. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    I want to know how they plan to deal with the floods of islanders that are going to turn up in the next decade or two.
  13. Cybes

    The truth is out there.

    I'm the son of a pilot (since before I was born), was a pilot myself (private, civil - no fighters or jets here), and was pretty much soaked in civil aviation upto commercial carriers for the first 20-odd years of my life. There is absolutely shit flying through our skies that we don't understand. But that's the key phrase: We don't understand. Humans also fake shit a lot - both accidentally, through misattributing or misidentifying things or plain pareidolia (seeing Jesus in a dog's backside, Jimi Hendrix on your toast, or Godzilla in the clouds); and intentionally, because some people like attention more than respect (even for themselves). When you hear any report, or see something yourself, treat it with extreme scepticism - subject it to every attack you can think of, and then rope in others as well - and even then you might still be wrong, or have just witnessed a natural phenomenon we haven't identified yet. Aliens should be the absolute last thing anyone thinks of - Moon Nazis are more likely. @Rybags gets huge props on that score, because I have no idea what that was either.