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    My pants just exploded!

    Ooo! OK, my expectations just took a dive skyward. That white-haired guy withe the Van Dyke and fingerless gloves on the left was one of the writers and also the newsreader on the original Bloodlines. If he reckons it feels like the original, it probably does - despite being in a different city.
  2. Cybes

    My pants just exploded!

    If they bring back Deb of Night, the defamatory political ads, and the news anchor speaking directly to my Malcavian, I will be very happy. Very, very happy indeed.
  3. Cybes

    My pants just exploded!

    You can still get VTMB on GOG.com - $7! (Damn, I bought too soon - again. It's on sale.)
  4. Cybes

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Fast forward this to 3:16. I would include the time code if I could, but it won't embed with that attached.
  5. Cybes

    Project Binky

    It doesn't handle the .be links - use the youtube.com version.
  6. Cybes

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    Most definitely. One I have never acquired. Also, Bjork. <shudder>
  7. Cybes

    LifeAfter, Real survival game

    Not the full game, but I have watched the play clips on Steam. Nice graphics, but didn'tt look like my kind of thing back then - I'll take another look, but if my memory is correct I doubt my opinion will change much.
  8. Cybes

    What's on your mind?

    Or covering for a family member who's carriage has derailed.
  9. Cybes

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    Not any kind of guarantee, but it's usually cheaper to just manufacture identical hardware and leave the differentiation to software.
  10. Cybes

    What a joke

    His economic plan is now reaping the rewards everyone told him it would: https://amp.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/the-sudden-shift-that-should-have-all-of-us-worried-about-the-global-economy-20190321-p5163x.html
  11. Cybes

    What a joke

    Even better to arrange for many large companies to buy back their stocks thereby driving the share prices through the roof.
  12. Cybes

    LifeAfter, Real survival game

    Never even heard of it. I might give it a look when my gaming rig is back online. TBH though, I'm kinda burned out on zombie stuff atm.
  13. Cybes

    Good stories thread

    2014 article? Try this:
  14. Cybes

    What a joke

    That does not strike me as unusual for elected officials of any rank, let alone the POTUS. You seem to think I approve of Obama. I don't. The man's record is incredibly spotty - and not just with failures of well-intentioned actions. I'd still put him back for a third term over letting Trump go further. Something you might like:
  15. Cybes

    What a joke

    I said "allies". I also acknowledged "far from squeaky clean". I must have missed the memo where he announced invasion in a European state, or us, or NZ. Do you recall any case of Obama entertaining multiple Russian officials in the Oval, or indeed anywhere else, without - or even with - anyone else present?
  16. Cybes

    What a joke

    First, despite Obama being anything but squeaky clean, he was nowhere near as dangerous to his allies or his own country throughout his entire 2 terms as Trump has been in the half of 1 that Trump has been so far. That those sane people (and for some of those I question that evaluation) voted for him is either mystifying, or a very sad indictment of their judgement: they would have had to look at a billionaire with a record of dodgy businesses and some extremely questionable public appearances on campaign, and think to themselves "Yeah - that guy really cares about us little guys!". Sure. Second, no mystery at all: He was (and is) charming, intelligent, and erudite. He also never made completely unhinged rants in public.
  17. Cybes

    What a joke

    Nice. I was prepared to disagree but still respect, but... Yes, the future will play out, and neither of our opinions will have any sway in the matter, and Mueller will face any issues of his own. That is not germane to Trump's wrongdoing or otherwise, or to his completely unacceptable public behaviour. It is most especially no excuse for your name-calling.
  18. Cybes

    What a joke

    I see. So you feel free to impugn my sanity and/or honesty, and when challenged about it decline to defend it. Just so's we both know where we stand.
  19. Cybes

    What a joke

    If you think I'm deranged on this, put up or shut up: tell me with which point *exactly* you disagree and give evidence to the contrary. As I've already said: Mueller is a Republican; the inquiry was set off by Republicans; therefore the Democrats have nothing to do with it. In addition, Mueller has been praised by both sides, and Trump himself before he was subject of his attention, for being meticulous and accurate. AND, the report is not yet in. AND an awful lot of people who've been brought in for questioning seem to have either been given an orange jumpsuit or an immunity deal.
  20. Cybes

    What a joke

    Jesus, man - any more Trumpist rhetoric and you'll start playing banjo. FWIW, I don't give a shit which party the yanks vote for. I might think they're mistaken to vote for one Party or another at various times, but it's *their* problem. What I *do* care about is that dickhead doesn't seem to be able to tell the truth; that he has, on video, contradicted his own position of one minute prior, also on video, and denied saying either; that he can label Mueller's inquiry a "witch hunt" on behalf of "angry democrats" and have people believe him - despite Mueller being a Republican, and the inquiry being initiated by the Republicans - and have people believe him; that his best friends are criminals and dictators; that, according to his own wife, his only book (kept on his bedside table!) is a collection of Hitler's speeches; that he has threatened *twice* to ignore democratic election results against him (before his election: "I will accept the election result IF I WIN!", and just recently: (paraphrased) "The Army, Police, and Bikers for Trump are on my side, and things will get nasty if I lose"). No matter which side of politics you're on, this man should never have been voted in, and should most definite be escorted out immediately.
  21. Cybes

    Some great reads

    If you like Barker, you might like to give The Great & Secret Show a shot. Younger me loved it. Kinda went off him sometime between then and now.
  22. Update installed itself overnight, and now my USB mouse is not recognised. Replugged several times - no change. Uninstalled last updates and restart - no change. This would be a whole lot easier to cope with and fix if Windows had a halfway sensible (and documented!*) keyboard navigation scheme. (*All I can find is hotkeys to start various apps, nothing as mundane as how to choose one of 15 links and right-click it)
  23. Cybes

    Terror attack in NZ

    As far back as Darwin it has been known that there is only one race, biologically speaking - the human race. And that's better called a species. The cosmetic differences are not even as major as those between dog breeds. Cultural differences, otoh...
  24. Cybes

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    Already tried rolling it back. It stayed broken (which I didn't know was possible). So I let it reapply the patch, and that's still broken too. Most people - almost all - have had no problem. Most who have had a problem get fixed by simply deleting the driver and letting redetect. I am one of a tiiiiiiny group. Knowing that does not make me happier.
  25. Cybes

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    Considering that I've already rolled back the update and had it install again, I question your conclusion. I'm about ready to punt the fucking thing out the window (the RL one, with glass). I guess that means my next step is "Fuck my downloads!" - one way or another. And if it's still broken after that, I just might try Linux again. Maybe it's ready this time. Oh, and a DISM scan also turns up nothing. And comparing the laptop's driver list (also rearranged by the update) reveals exactly the same driver config as the desktop unit. I can see no reason why it should not work, but it doesn't. And people ask why I got out of computing.