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  1. I like how personal experience is automatically bias... as opposed to some people on here who are just armchair experts.
  2. sm1ddy

    Trolling and the internet.

    Charlotte Dawson says charming things like: "New Zealand is small, nasty and vindictive. It's a tiny, little village ... a tiny country at the end of the earth," So I really don't care if internet trolls make her cry, some people bring this shit on themselves.
  3. Yep, take the riot as a warning. You let Islamic fundie groups grow and there will be problems. Australian citizenship is obviously too easy to obtain and keep.
  4. sm1ddy

    U.S Ambassador killed by angry Libyan mob

    Sydney has people walking around with signs saying "Behead those that insult Islam" (or something to that line). Good to see we have these well adjusted fellows in our country as well.
  5. sm1ddy

    U.S Ambassador killed by angry Libyan mob

    Surprise, surprise. Gaddafi is gone so other thugs are causing trouble in the country. News programs making the rebels sound like noble freedom fighters was always good for a laugh, a large proportion of them also had messed up political/religious views.
  6. sm1ddy

    Vote Liberal

    Enjoy your NBN after Labor slaps a big flawed Internet Filter onto it.... (which is what they will most certainly do once they can get a majority) I'd rather stick with ADSL2 to be honest....
  7. sm1ddy

    Come hither..

    Regardless, my policy is not to own an animal that can gain the upper hand in strength and kill me. (goes for any dog) Crazy I know!
  8. sm1ddy

    Come hither..

    Pitbulls are bred to fight and kill. I've known a few pitbulls and while they can be nice animals, there is always a very strong attack instinct that can be triggered. The pitbull owners that I know have always had special rules about what not to do around the animals etc (often rules that you don't see other dog owners expressing). Can't say that I like most dogs but these ones should certainly go imo.
  9. Well, I feel somewhat better about never owning an Apple product. Fuck em.
  10. sm1ddy

    Assange granted Ecuadorean Asylum

    Just curious, this may have already been answered. Why does the media claim that once sent to Sweden he might run the risk of being sent to the USA? You would think that the USA could just as easily reach Assange in the UK. Anyway, I'm surprised that Assange is still around... I always thought he would have an accident like a "car crash" or something. Assange has annoyed a lot of people out there.
  11. sm1ddy

    Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

    Yeah, my nexus s still hasn't updated. Gave up on dealing with Vodafone (useless) and decided to flash with no problems. Whirlpool has a handy thread for Nexus S owners: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...592360&p=53
  12. sm1ddy

    Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

    I'm assuming that doesn't include Vodafone. D: I purchased my Nexus S through Vodafone but it is completely unlocked meaning that I run a Telstra sim in it.
  13. Eh, nuts have found ways to go on mass killings without guns... doubt a ban would change much. Just look to China, mass killings in schools with knives since they have limited access to guns. My problem with the "gun control camp" is that many think just banning guns will fix the problem when really the root of the problem won't be addressed,
  14. sm1ddy

    Android 4.1 - Jelly Bean

    Nexus S has been delayed due to it not meeting Australian regulatory requirments surrounding emergency calls. No ETA from Vodafone either yet.