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    23" Acer monitors

    I have a 24" acer monitor and its got one stuck red pixel. Sent it away to acer to get fixed and they told me they wouldn't fix it as 1 pixel isn't covered under warranty, even though I told them that It was one pixel when I contacted them. then when i got it back it was packed poorly and the bezel was brocken. All this took a couple of months BTW. they said they would replace the bezel but i couldn't be bothered waiting aother couple of months so its now my TV.
  2. almando

    Hooking up an spare Computer to the TV

    chuck some headphones in the 3.5mm jack to make sure your getting output, then make sure your plugging the RCA's into the"RCA in" port and not "RCA out" on the TV. If that's all good then it's like aliali says, you will change the audio input option on the TV.
  3. almando

    Televisions, which to choose?

    bit off topic but how do ppl feel about flowmotion? I disabled it, makes everything look likes its in fast-forward.
  4. almando

    Car stereo .. help me make noise.

    I personally haven't been had much luck with no name head units. could have just been unlucky though. the jaycar kevlar splits sound pretty decent for the price. Have you considered sound deadening? I used a 4L tub of tar stuff from supercheap to do the front doors and boot, worked quite well.