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  1. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    So now Gladys tells parents not to take children to school unless necessary. Complete 180 from Scomo yesterday. Great leadership skills right there... just wing it and don't communicate.
  2. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    So when are they going to cancel school holidays? Isn't keeping children at school mission critical strategy? Oh wait, no, was just a bullshit excuse to keep non-essential workers out and about in a desperate attempt to slow economic decline in the very short term. Not to worry, the schools will just have to get children to behave perfectly in overcrowded demountables were social distancing is impossible, and teachers are considered front line workers but are allowed no physical protection. Perfect breeding ground before it's all unleashed in time for Easter. Enjoy everyone!
  3. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Call it early? We've known for weeks that Australia is set up for failure.
  4. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

  5. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Not closing the schools means people like my partner with asthma have the choice to keep teaching and potentially end up in hospital, or reject work and make no money. Casuals get no relief. But also, why the heck would you want children in cramped rooms together? The virus doesn't just stay behind in school when they leave, once one kid gets it without obvious symptoms they'll all have it by the end of the week. That will hit all of those families. Social distancing is social distancing. Those infected kids will still be at the mall after 3pm and on weekends... this open school tactic is economic policy not health policy.
  6. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Need some advice re: life direction / job choice

    My partner just did the opposite, moved away from teaching after wasting a fortune on her Masters degree because it was doing her head in . She's not in IT per se, but now training in UX, which works closely with software developers. In the end the staff room politics, the bullshit promises of contracts that end up being 'trials' if they even bothered to contact her at all, and the arsehole kids that know even a detention can never be enforced these days made it hellish. Not worth it unless you know for sure that you'll love it. That said, she was perpetually stuck in causal because her area was not STEM. The work she got she was never paid fairly for because of the broken SAP system overtaxing, or staff forgetting to put days in. Very fun when rent is due. You already have a job lined up - that bypasses a lot of the stress of finding work and being paid reliably, which honestly is half the battle. Teaching has the potential to be very rewarding in the right situations. Smaller schools especially should be easier to work with. IMO, do what you enjoy. You might get paid more in IT, but if you hate it, therapists (human or the retail kind) will cost you a lot more.
  7. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Haven't opened it yet, was going to wait until my team were all together to try it out! Then if I don't like it I won't have two open bottles.
  8. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Was lucky enough to get myself two bottles of this bad boy today! First batch Archie Rose Rye Malt whisky! One for me, one as a reward for my team for killing it already this quarter. Can't wait to get it in my hand and then promptly into a tumbler!
  9. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Speaking of drones... anyone gonna back this?
  10. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Interesting, I might try that on my old Eachine H8! The Eachine Trashcan I bought is a brushless quad flashed with Betaflight, so probably not the target setup for Silverware. I grabbed the X-lite because I wanted something easy to hold. Personally not a fan of the larger transmitters as someone who uses thumbs. In terms of what I'm trying to achieve, I want to learn acro rather than racing. Been looking at some of Mr Steele's videos and would be happy to do a 1/10th of what he can.
  11. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Been getting back into playing with quadcopters, except this time FPV instead of line of sight (and now not $18 toys ) Bought a Fatshark HDO and an Eachine Trashcan. Got the HDO set up with an OSD modded Pro58 module and Achilles Plus. Still waiting on my X-lite to arrive so I can actually fly! Until then simulators.
  12. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    So - who's around these days?

    I pop by every now and then. ?
  13. +1 to JavaScript. It's dead easy to get started (no IDE required), and opens up a lot of avenues for both front and back end specialisation down the track. It's also 100% relevant to modern day stacks (e.g. Node.js, React). You can even flash Sphero's to program them in JS if you want to introduce robotics down the track, which is what a principal dev on our team has started doing with his kids. ?
  14. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    What's on your mind?

    Moving out of my current place to live with my GF. Anxious and stressed and a tiny bit excited. Looking forward to the cleaner air and a 2 min walk to the station.
  15. .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

    What's on your mind?

    That's assuming it was the engineers that signed the deal off, I suspect that that's rarely the case. Good for marketing but as an engineer I'd be pretty upset personally.