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    sadly the multi doesn't have damage in it yet so its just about building and exploring. you can't kill animals and if you put mobs in they just case youa round forever since neither of you can do dmg hehe.
  2. Azawrath

    StarCraft II at0mic Invitational Tournament

    hehehe nice work the_vege, poor mudg3 couldn't keep up 8^(.
  3. Azawrath

    [BNE] Madman's Reel Anime Festival

    hehe it was a movie marathon of epic proportions thats for sure!. Summer wars is still my pick of the bunch, its just plain amazing 8^). I did enjoy Redline, King of thorns and the Eva's aswell, they are all worth seeing. Glad I watched them all aswell because I probably would have passed some of them over based on their descriptions >_<.
  4. Azawrath

    [BNE] Madman's Reel Anime Festival

    always good times seeing anime on the big screen 8^), really looking forward to the next set. cheers to rion for giving me a lift home aswell \o/ (thats a cheer fyi) saved alot of time hehe. hah thats highly likely actually and its probably only about half my threadless collection too >_<.
  5. Azawrath

    [BNE] Madman's Reel Anime Festival

    I'll deff make an attempt to do this ^_^, pita to get too but should be worth it. happy to do multi movie sessions aswell due to the pita factor 8^P. Summer wars is a fantastic movie, its very akin to girl who leapt thru time... Highly recommend it.
  6. Azawrath

    GuildWars 2 In game footage

    Human walkthrough from gamecon, shows off alot of gameplay and how the quests/dynamic events work etc. Great watch if your interested in GW2.
  7. Azawrath

    New DLC For Borderlands Announced

    I have to agree knoxx was piss easy you just need to hit him in the head alot, hell I did it with a corrosive revolver as a sniper speced hunter hehe.
  8. Azawrath

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    yeah best thing i can reccommend is watching afew replays of games with the race you want to play as and watch the order they build in and when they do certin tech advancements. this guys vids are worth watching as well if you want to learn abit more.
  9. Azawrath

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    the download is 6-7GB not 12 8^P the final install is 12GB.
  10. Azawrath

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    goto Add a friend, there should be a number in there you will need to give others.
  11. Azawrath

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    azawrath 345 if you want to add me 8^)
  12. Azawrath

    War Is Coming. With All Its Glory...

    FYI south east asia region is now open so if you have the game install it and activate it. I've installed (via digital dl) and watched the intro hehe but sadly will have to wait till tomorrow to grab a copy (digital dl copies don't go on sale till 3am on the 28th).
  13. Azawrath

    World of Tanks

    *\o/* <-- pom pom cheer
  14. Azawrath

    World of Tanks

    I'll give it a go, looks like it could be fun 8^).
  15. Azawrath

    Total War: Shogun 2

    DO WANT! can't wait for this ^_^.