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    Martial arts, mountain biking, gaming, fishing, 4WDing... not necessarily in that order.
  1. moz

    A bit about me

    Bloody hell, you're a worry. Had me shit scared I was going to lose you there for a good while. I think you need to stay away from women, mate... they don't seem to do you any good.
  2. Crikey.. there's so much to tell... I got crook... Real crook. Lost huge amount of weight. Dropped down to 68kg. Haven't been that light since 9th grade. Found out it was arthritis. damn. Back on board now but struggling with the booze. Finally got off my ass and got a real job as a surveyor in Qld. Realized i liked being on my own, so I'm single now with only the company of a recalcitrant cat (who i love). Job is kinda cool but sucks too. Depression has always been a part of my life and it has been rearing it's head lately. Off on stress leave for two weeks. Back now and trying to integrate which is tough. Still... could be worse. I get cat cuddles every night. :) .
  3. moz

    Roll Call!

    And another. ;)
  4. moz

    Do you remember this from the archives?

    Fantastic to hear, Noddy. :)
  5. moz

    Losing a Parent.

    Ah dude, I'm sorry to hear of your dad's passing. I'm very, very happy that you have managed to forgive him. Life can be shit, and we often do things that we regret. Dealing with it and trying to heal the hurt (both inflicted and taken) is possibly life's biggest challenge. Love ya mate.
  6. moz

    20 years on...

    Dude. Seriously. You know we were meant to be together. Stop faffing about and come see me.
  7. moz

    Terry Pratchett, dead at 66...

    Very sad about this. Definitely one of my favourite authors. Hope that his afterlife is as interesting as the world he created.
  8. Virul, mate. was just the other day I was thinking about you. No, not that way. leave that to Hulkster. I know a smeg-load of people on the forums, past and present, and if I had to reveal their true names I'd be knackered. Atomic names may be old hat, but gawd-damn that hat is fine! Embrace your inner at0mic! Be the man that at0mic made you! I know I have. :)
  9. moz

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Bigger can be taken more than a few ways. Probably best if we don't elaborate on this.
  10. moz

    Happy Birthday Moz

    /pokes head out from under Hulkster's couch Did someone mention cupcakes?
  11. moz

    Roll Call!

    It's meeeeeeeee! /chases tail
  12. moz

    Roll Call!

    Goodness gracious, it's Jeff! I was wondering where you had gotten to!
  13. moz

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Honestly, the place is sooooo much better than it was 20 years ago. I worked out here a few times and was afraid I'd be mugged in the street... in broad daylight... on a working day... And I've got fuck all to steal... Nowadays, first impressions show a town steeped in history (it was founded before Brisbane I believe). Exquisite old churches and magnificent buildings... and the local parks are simply gorgeous and very family friendly. But spend more than 10 minutes in Riverlink (the local shopping centre) and you'll see what I mean. Still, could be worse. Rent is cheap (reeaal cheap - I'm living in a three bedroom, split level Queenslander with a huuuuuge back deck, on a 1000 sq m block, 5 minutes from the city centre and I'm paying $290 a week) and you get to see the Super Hornets and C17's flying around every day. :) Score!
  14. moz

    Happy Birthday Moz

    No, it's pretty straight forward... I always used to joke that I liked pigs. Everyone assumed it was in a sexual way. Combine that with the fact that Ipswich, Queensland, has a reputation for being a little... Rural. Maybe redneck would be a better description. Cue toothless Grannies sitting on rocking chairs, plucking banjos and calling out to Fester to "Leave that dang paig alone!"
  15. moz

    Happy Birthday Moz

    Gawdam, huh? I aint seen any of the old crew in years... I spoke to you last year, albeit briefly. Had to run... and I never got back to you. Slack or what? Isn't it funny how we all get lost in life and drift apart. I think chrisg, Hulks and Flouncy are the only ones I keep in semi regular contact with. And that's probably more their doing. (Fuk I'm slack.) Well, my phone number hasn't changed. If you want to bell me sometime, go for it. I'm out Ipswich way now. Been here about 4 years now I think... I'll have my very own banjo and pig soon. I'm still working on the toothless grin. Single, slightly eccentric, and turning into a male version of an insane cat lady. I luuuurve my pussycat. :) Tell you what, if you want to feel old, listen to this... Daffy turned 18 last week...