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  1. TallyHo

    Sony Ericsson W705

    Don't get it 3 months free. That's a sucker's bet. Get it on the 12 month contract: http://store.three.com.au/Sony-Ericsson-W705-29-Cap-12-Month Dunno if you can get 12 months from a store though.
  2. There's hasn't been a drive for sale in the country over the past month and a half by my reckoning. 25th May is Austin's current ETA but that's after 3 previous pushbacks.
  3. TallyHo


    Friday it'll be in your hot little hands. Happy?
  4. WDDM 1.1. It no longer keeps a copy of the backing store in system memory drastically reducing DWM's memory footprint and giving you more free RAM back to use for apps.
  5. Serials? What the fuck are you smoking? OS X has no serials.
  6. Apple could buy EA in cash and still have more in the vaults than Microsoft. And Apple have a game console. It's called the iPod Touch and it's been going pretty well so far.
  7. So I've been waiting two months for these drives to come in already for my MBP. So, uhhhhh, anyone have any clue whatsoever what the deal with these puppies are?
  8. Only mail, calendar and contacts support push.
  9. TallyHo

    Ever ordered your own pcb designs off the net?

    IMHO, for simplish stuff use a ruler + permanent marker on the PCB, mix some hydrochloric acid with hydrogen peroxide, chuck your PCB in the bath and enjoy the fireworks. Seeing as you're making a guitar pedal this might be slightly more practical and inexpensive rather than getting them fabricated by professionals.
  10. TallyHo

    386 vs 486 and up

    And yet still cheaper than trying to run two dies and trying to ramp up yields on them both at the same time.
  11. TallyHo

    Dole withdrawn for under 20's.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civilian_Conservation_Corps In the grand scheme of things this doesn't seem like too bad an idea. The problem with Work for the Dole is that it's done by each individual Job Network member. Most of them couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel. On the dole for more than 3 months and can't find a job or placement within study or a job training program relevant to your field? Report to the Australian Labour Corps. 40 or so hours a fortnight (i.e. working the number of hours of minimum wage for your welfare payment) and you can contribute to Australia's infrastructure (hopefully in your skilled field if you have one) instead of sitting on your ass. Government can't hide the long term unemployed because the membership of the Labour Corps will be your long term unemployed. You'd effectively become a part time employee of the Australian government. 10 sick days, 4 weeks paid leave (accrued on a pro-rata basis), 40 hours hours a fortnight. Don't show up? Don't get paid. Want to sit in the ALC so you have a defacto part time job? Go nuts cause you're doing work at minimum wage and limited to 20 hours a fortnight. Want to earn more than ~$500 a fortnight? Well you have 20 hours a week spare that you can use to go look for a job in the mean time. I've been on Work for the Dole personally as a long term unemployed (got out of uni right after the tech boom crash) and it was mostly pointless busywork and quite unproductive for the economy in general.
  12. TallyHo

    90% of students entering high school now...

    Oh the joys of reactionary know-nothings. Schools aren't going to force kids to stay until year 12 or keep them on a junior school curriculum but find strategies to entice kids who would typically drop out to stay on past year 10. Part of this has been the rollout of vocational education over the past 15 years. Instead of kids leaving school at year 10 to "learn a trade" (in a lot of cases this means go work as an unskilled labourer for a pittance with a brickie or roofer or carpenter) they stay on in school and do pre-apprenticeship work relevant to the field they want to get into along with some other subjects that make a well rounded curriculum that is (in theory) relevant to their lives ahead. For instance my father used to teach "Building & Industry" when he was in a Senior High School. He had a couple of groups of kids that he would teach practical skills to like bricklaying, carpentry, paving and other industry skills. They would often work on a project on a second semester (for example one semester they built a gazebo for the school, brick paved and landscaped the area around it and generally changed a shitty corner of the school a nice place to hang out). The kids could experience all the different types of trade work and find out what they like the best and have practical experience in that trade before they even started an apprenticeship. But I suppose we could all sit here an go on about how kids don't need year 12 rather than offer otherwise "deadbeat" students (who are merely more practical than scholastic) a way to both graduate from high school and give a solid foundation to their future as a skilled worker in a trade career.
  13. TallyHo

    386 vs 486 and up

    Oh yes ... that's right. I think they also had crippled bus speeds so any SX chip was a crippled DX chip. You're getting a couple of things confused. The 486SX was initially a 486DX with a faulty FPU that was disabled. After yields improved on the 486DX Intel made a completely separate 486SX die with the FPU circuitry removed. The 80487 was just a 486DX in a funny socket. Now the bus speed had traditionally run synchronously with the CPU. This worked pretty well until you got to the absolute limits of the VLB (40MHz or so, 50MHz was possible and was sold in the commercial marketplace but shouldn't be relied upon for anything serious). After that you needed to clock double or clock triple (despite its name that suggests otherwise the DX4 was only clock tripled) to hit higher CPU speeds with the slower local buses.
  14. TallyHo

    Removing/uninstalling an update

    You won't do the simple thing of leaving a combo update to download and install for a couple of hours and instead take the complicated route of backing up all your shit and installing a whole new OS which will take twice as long and will cause a hell of a lot of grief if you forget to backup something important. Now you're just being silly talking about installing 8.1 over the top. Like herding cats it is.
  15. The thing about the measles vaccine (the whole MMR vaccine actually) is that it's a live but attenuated virus. The virus is basically bred and the less virulent strains are selected. They end up being less intense (since they reproduce extremely slowly) but still teach the immune system about the virtus. There is a minuscule chance that a secondary mutation will revert the virus to a more virulent form.