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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Yeah, seem's that way. All I've been told is "Germany isn't doing planes any more, it's on a boat". I don't know why that would slow boats down, but there's not much I can do expect curse the postal system.
  2. Sir_Substance

    It's time to spill your guts

    Well this thread has been a friggin' revelation. I feel like a kid who's just been told what mummy and daddy were up to whenever he got sent to grandma's for the weekend.
  3. Sir_Substance

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    https://www.creoven.eu/bathroom-fans/vents-mixed-flow-inline-fan-duct-fan-tt-pro-100-series/a-1353202635/ I have some thermal dissipation problems in my datacenterbedroom. They've been in transit for around 4 weeks now though
  4. Hyper-V also has a lot of gnarley problems that microsoft will struggle with in the developer community. If you try to have hyper-v, docker for windows and virtualbox installed at once, you get random bluescreens when you use them. This means there's a mutually exclusive fight between: a, in the red corner) Vagrant + Virtualbox b, in the blue corner) Docker for windows + Hyper-V c, in the...green corner?) Minikube on Virtualbox providing a linux docker host for WSL1 and now, adding an unwelcome fourth combatant, we have d) WSL2 + Hyper-V Basically there's going to be a broad segment of the dev community that can't install hyperv without breaking their dev environments. All those people will just go back to running linux VM's (or bypassing all this nonsense by running linux natively, if they can).
  5. Sir_Substance

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Surprisingly, I'm still buying them fairly regularly. Always at airports, I've never regretted picking up a tech mag to fill in the time on a long flight.
  6. WSL2 is getting further away, I believe. WSL1 was a set of drivers that allowed a linux kernel to run on top of the windows kernel. There were some pretty rough edges to that, but it was extremely cool technology. WSL2 is just a VM running on hyperv, with all the usual downsides of full virtualization.
  7. Sir_Substance

    Give me a Language!

    HTML5 isn't a programming language, it can't do generalized tasks. However, if you already know HTML5, node.js might have another advantage for you. Node.js is basically server-side javascript. It was made with the goal of being able to write javascript+html in the browser and javascript on the server. Thus requiring only one programming language to make a website (along with html and css and the usual bucket of markup languages). So, if you're wanting to make webapps, it's a strong choice because that's what it was made for. You can also use it to make webapps via electron, which you've almost certainly used in the form of slack or discord. Electron lets you take a node.js webapp, and package both webpage and server into one desktop distributable exe. Some people critique that technique for being resource heavy, but it does mean you can use the same skills you use to make webapps for desktop development as well. The primary downside of node.js is that because it was designed based off of javascript, it uses a callback oriented program structure by default. That's a very different strategy from most imperative language, and it'll probably take a bit longer to really get used to, but it's perfectly valid. As a secondary concern, there's a bit of a turf war between python and node.js, and as a python programmer I would say that I find node code messy and hard to read, and javascript as a language extremely inelegant due to it's very short design period back in the late 90's. However, your needs are somewhat specialized and thus I don't think my concerns there are very important. For what it's worth, nodejs is also a very marketable skill. Javascript is #7 on the TIOBE index: https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ Go is 12, and Rust isn't in the top 20.
  8. Sir_Substance

    Give me a Language!

    I'd suggest node.js Rust tutorials are going to be denser than java tutorials, and go may not be much better. Nodejs is in the same kind of area as python in terms of being very forgiving and doing it's best to just figure out what you meant, and it has a very strong package library. It also uses brackets rather than whitespace for managing scope, much like java. Normally I would consider that a downside, but if you're having problems with whitespace that's probably an asset. However, there is also another possible solution to your whitespace problem if you do want to use python. You could use an IDE that colors whitespace, somewhat like this guy did accidentally: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360007578499-Weird-yellow-color-in-spaces- The Intellij IDEA ide does have a free community edition if you want to try to modify his accidental config.
  9. Sir_Substance

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Oh yeah, you're right, that was the Wheatsheaf! Tangible proof of your existence was provided, I forgot
  10. Sir_Substance

    Just shy of a month ...

    New goal: force nich and chaos.lady to ban everyone before the shutdown happens.
  11. Sir_Substance

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Despite your allegedly living in SA I don't think we ever did manage to get you to come to a meet Maybe it's not too late!
  12. Sir_Substance

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Depending on how international travel sorts itself out I might be able to make such an event, I just need plenty of warning.
  13. Sir_Substance

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    It's weird that I can trace the entire trajectory of my life to this place. I read a sweet computer magazine in our family holiday home in the blue mountains when I was around 12, it had a section called "hotbox" where someone had modded a computer case to have two integrated CO2 cylinders so they could flash-cool their processor by hitting a missile switch, and that was awesome. I kept buying the magazine on the reg with pocket money for the next few years and joined up to the forums in highschool because I was bored during lunch. I posted a bunch of shit for months if not years, including a lot of lies and nonsense because I was teenager trying to figure out who he was, but everyone tolerated me anyway. I started meeting up with a bunch of amazing nerds from here at pubs or whatever every so often, and at some point one of them was like "man, I'm playing this space MMO it's pretty great come check it out with me". So I started playing, he stopped playing it pretty soon after but I was hooked for years. Eventually I started my uni degree and about half way through I decided I wanted to go work on that MMO, and now I've been in Iceland for 5 years and the shutdown of these forums is going to coincide pretty much to the day with my being granted permanent residence in this tiny icy duck shaped rock in the middle of the atlantic. Very odd how such small things can divert peoples lives so much, and thanks to everyone who was involved, at every level! Facebook's not my thing but I'll keep an eye on the reddit, and if anyone wants to contact me they can definitely route via cybes or beardmaster, both of whom have me on steam. See ya's all on the next incarnation! edit: Found it, this mod right here, issue 42, July 04: Not sure who Albi is, but if historians from the future come asking, it's all his fault!
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    3D Printer and drawing software - advice would be nice

    Let me know how well sealed the tank is. The main reason I'm curious about the slicer (and alternative slicers) is that I don't have any windows machines any more and I've heard mutterings that the photons linux support is pretty bad.
  15. Sir_Substance

    Whats the worst way you've connected to the interwebs?

    At some point during uni myself and some friends were over at a mates house down around norlunga when we realised that although we'd finished a really important assignment that afternoon, turns out none of us had submitted it for the group and we had about 15 minutes to do so. This guy had just moved in so the broadband hadn't been connected yet and it was *slightly* pre smartphones being common. However Someone had a laptop with a built in dial up modem, and my ISP at the time was internode, who included an hour of free dialup a month in every internet package. Not sure why they did that, but apparently they don't get taken up on it very often. We called up the internode support line at like 9:50pm to ask him what the phone number for the modem was, he told us he hadn't had anyone ask for that in about 5 years. Fortunately he was able to lay his hands on it, and we got the assignment uploaded about 3 minutes before the deadline. All hail dialup man, it's there when you need it!
  16. Sir_Substance

    Home Server advice

    Noice! Let me know if you want a copy of my nginx configs. I remember it took me a while to piece together all the magical incantations that various random pieces of software wanted so they could tell they were behind a proxy.
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    3D Printer and drawing software - advice would be nice

    I'll be curious to see what you think of it, especially their slicer software. If you want to make decorative models (be it anything from fancy doorknobs to DnD minis) then blender is still the go. If you're making engineering components then I use freecad for most of my stuff. Autodesk fusion is fancier and more robust, but it's also expensive if you don't have a student licence.
  18. Fair enough. I don't consider what's currently available to be "self-driving" in any meaningful sense. The tipping point at which the interesting stuff will happen is the point where insurance companies start offering to ignore your past driving history if you buy specific models of car. That'll be the starting gun indicating that the actuaries who are running the numbers have decided that robots are better than humans at driving. Personally, I rate Teslas autopilot feature similar to how I rate their "dancing car" feature. Gimmick and maybe kinda neat under some circumstances, but ultimately not very significant.
  19. I certainly consider it to be the logical development once there's a critical mass of self-driving cars on main roads. It'll be much cheaper than re-designating some roads as self-driving only, so it'll get government support provided it can be done accurately enough. Yes, I think it'll happen to motorbikes They're not actually allowed to sneak up the middle of lanes in most places anyway, and they'll slow down all the traffic behind them at the lights because they won't be able to accelerate in a single unified block with the 50 networked self-driving cars behind them. Cyclists are harder to deal with because they're so much slower than cars, and not as well equipped. It's pretty easy for car manufacturers to program the scar tissue planner so that if a human-driven car doesn't indicate, it won't be given a slot to cross traffic, which would enforce good behavior on human drivers. You could *try* that with arm-signalling with bikes but it's a harder computer vision problem to solve and not everyone has two arms. I don't have a good prediction for that one, other then probably self-driving cars avoiding lanes with cyclists in them entirely.
  20. Sir_Substance

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    I'm actually still on there all the time, I think I set it to invisible 6 months ago and never unset it ?
  21. That's where we disagree, I don't see that practical need. Self-driving cars are going to push out human drivers, so it doesn't matter if the human drivers feel the traffic is going "too slow". Insurance companies won't want to cover humans who might run red lights at 100km/h when they could cover robots that never do, and so increasing insurance costs will marginalise humans. On top of that, the ability to time-share a car between 3+ people and have it autonomously route between them will rapidly speed the adoption of self-driving cars once they become available, with one obvious result: Self-driving cars will form "scar tissue" around human drivers on main roads to prevent them from messing with the traffic flow. When you drive in a traditional car, you'll get gently and tactfully boxed in by the three nearest self-driving cars, they will watch your movements and indicators and move with you to let you get where you indicate you want to go, but they will body-block you from running a red light at 100km/h or even getting to 100km/h, so that other cars can be more certain of your behavior. And yeah, that means those self-driving cars are going to force you to drive at 15km/h if they're not sure you can drive faster without causing an accident.
  22. Sir_Substance

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    Hrm, is my memory failing me, or do I remember HentaiBob eating the ultra-spicy megadeath burger at the maid and magpie without using the provided gloves, touching his face and immediately bellowing in pain, and then shoving a small tub of yogurt into his eye? Good times :D
  23. This is a beloved ethical question, but it's actually not a realistic one. Who is responsible if a driverless car runs over and kills a person? Definitely the company that made it will be found liable, for one specific reason: Driving faster than your braking distance is a strictly human problem. Self-driving cars _will not_drive faster than their confidence speed. The confidence speed will be the speed at which the car is certain that no pedestrian it can currently see can manage to jump in front of it before it can stop, and no pedestrian who might be hiding in a shrub out of LIDAR view could jump in front of the car. Critically, that means that whenin CBD's, down streets with lots of hedges, going around blind corners and in any other situation where visibility is compromised, self driving cars are just not going to exceed 15km/h, which is around the speed that a car with a reaction time of almost zero can confidently drop below injury speed from at short notice. That sounds like it'll make self-driving cars uncompetitive with human-controlled cars, but there's a few mitigating factors. 1. Insurance on human cars will go through the god damn roof 2. Self driving cars will eventually (and it'll take years from when the first self-driving cars hit the road) start sharing networked sensor information to help mitigate the problems with blind cornders 3. Self-driving cars will /really quickly/ start sharing map data about areas with shit visibility or lots of pedestrians and avoid them where possible 4. You won't care if your commute through the CBD takes 15 minutes longer if you can be eating breakfast and reading the news while it happens 5. Self-driving cars can all accelerate as one block when the traffic lights go green, and you get about four as much traffic (IIRC) through each light change if you can do that, which means what self driving cars lose while driving near pedestrian zones they make up in spades during light changes But yeah, this notion that self-driving cars might end up in a situation where they can't stop in time and have to choose someone to kill? Humans suffer from impatience, robots do not. Robots just won't ever drive fast enough to allow that situation to be possible.
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    Keenly awaiting the promised linux port :3
  25. Sir_Substance

    What happened to the good space games?

    I keep looking at the Steam page for this, and not buying it. :/ Screenies look really nice, but the reviews are very polarised: one side loves it, and the other... eg: http://www.quartertothree.com/fp/2016/05/18/bone-dry-sci-fi-stellaris-game-doesnt-even-work/ I'll pick it up in some insane sale. I'm not sure I really rate that guys criticisms. I've put more time into stellaris than almost any other game I own. I'll respond to his two main criticisms: 1. The sector system increases late game micromanagement instead of reducing it. Bull. Shit. I raise my eyebrow that he can assert he loves Paradox's historical games, and then trot this line out. Comparing late game EU micromanagement to this is utterly night and day. However, it's a bit of an irrelevant argument because it's invested in the notion that micromanagement must be objectively bad, but the reality is that micromanagement is a game mechanic. What matters is whether you enjoy the implementation, and I think the Stellaris system hits a happy medium that would be about right for quite a lot of people. 2. The storylines are dull and the game has no soul as a result. I know what he's getting at, but I think he hasn't delved into the game very deeply if he thinks that. The game basically has two types of events. There's little mini-events that happen as you explore the galaxy. Because galaxies are big and you're going to play lots of games in big galaxies, these events repeat a lot. It's basically the same problem as the NPC's in TES: Oblivion repeating the same dialog all the time. However, there's a second layer of longer, more detailed and way more interesting stories buried in there that you're much less likely to come across (horizon signal being one of the best, but far from the only one), and I've even seen two separate storylines unexpectedly interact. I still don't know if it was a bug or deliberate, but it sure was interesting. There's depth there, but it's not spoon-fed to you. Spend a game digging into the universe instead of conquering it, and you'll find some interesting stuff. I'd also say that it's been a great game for roleplaying for me. The species creator is extremely versatile, and I've had a lot of fun playing everything from short-lived temperamental space-nazi penguins to dull-witted, pacifistic psychic space cacti with a fetish for government paperwork. If you can invest in your own stories a little it's a fun playground. tl;dr I think his review is pretty shallow. The main reason I would suggest holding off on buying it is that paradox has been muttering for a while about making it mandatory to have a paradox account to play MP. I'm a big hater of forced accounts for things which have no technical need for it. Depending on how you feel on the matter, that may or may not be a factor for you.