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  1. Mudman

    And What Are You Listening To?

    So impressed with the qualities of the responses here. And what am I listening to? What you guys have just posted, that's what.
  2. Mudman

    The Avengers movie

    I remember when Thor was trying to tell the Avengers that "I need to take Loki alive" and saying that "I am his brother". Someone in the crew said "but he killed over 80 people" and then Thor said: "he's adopted". That actually made my entire cinema laugh. Same here. It was even better then when Captain America told Hulk, "...Smash." and when Iron Man asked Bruce how he dealt with his anger, "...big bag of weed?". It was genuinely surprising to see that many people laugh in unison. I admit though, the kids in the audience didn't get the latter film reference, thankfully.
  3. Mudman

    NukeJockey is

    Happy Birthday mate, have a good one. :)
  4. You'd think with an army that sexy that they'd just send them peacefully into other countries and force the very brightest of their neighboring countries' people to mate with them again and again. Thus taking over the other country slowly with an increasing amount of their people in the other country as citizens already, leading the countries toward a glorious merging. But one can dream.
  5. Mission Tortilla Corn Chips - Extreme Cheese. Best nachos chips ever.
  6. Mudman

    what beer do you like?

    It's not. It just has a funny aftertaste that seems a little strange at first, but once you have one, you'll soon want more and find that they're easy to down. Leaves you wanting more. Low Carb is myth? Figures. Oh well, I'm just going to enjoy what I like then.
  7. Mudman


    I've got a pair of "Beats" by dr dre. They're pretty damn good. I quite like 'em.
  8. Mudman

    Religious Public Holidays

    Yeah, I'm copying that to HDD to watch later on. It should be good.
  9. Mudman

    what beer do you like?

    Boag's Premium Lager is really nice when ice cold. That's generally my favourite. I'm probably going to be switching to low carb beer soon though, so, perhaps XXXX summer bright, pure blondes, XXXX gold or XXXX ginger beer. Anyone else tried that? Bloody good. Not so much like Stone's ginger beer in that it is a ginger flavoured beer, but more like a nice light beer with ginger in it. Kind of tasty and refreshing. Perks you up slightly. :)
  10. Mudman

    Religious Public Holidays

    Shouldn't we obviously promote holidays that result in economic stimulis?
  11. Mudman

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    I am going to read every word of the series so far once again just to make myself clear on all of this. Starting from tomorrow.
  12. Mudman

    Game of Thrones Season 2 discussion (spoilers)

    Who Joffrey? Don't you worry about him, he gets killed by a night walker. No he doesn't. Tyrion kills him. Nope, sorry he doesn't. Damn, I'll have to read it again. Although I'm sure in A Dance of Dragons that Tyrion made many references in thought to himself being both a king and kin killer. I think I do even remember reading that he enjoyed killing joffery in a moment of rage. And then had to leave. Immeadiately. But no one clued on to it being him. I suppose I could read the entire series again. I'd probably be able to manage that with the space of a few months. Can I get back to you? :) Also, I notice not many spoiler tags being used now. I too will follow lazy suit. Huzzah! :)
  13. Mudman

    Beyond the Black Rainbow

    How does one come by a way of seeing said film? I think I'd like it.
  14. Mudman

    Gaming laptops.

    Hmmm, you both make good points. At least neither of you has said "Oh hell no, XYZ is heaps better then that rubbish, you poor fool.". So, thank you. I guess I was freaking out a bit too much. I have made a bit of a look around on my own and what makes me happiest about this new laptop of mine is that I shouldn't need to upgrade for a good length of time now. Something about it just feels right and that's why I bought it in the first place, statistics and figures be damned. Cheers guys, you've made me feel heaps better. :) I might even add a pic to the "My latest purchase" thread just for the fun of it. Thanks again. :)
  15. Mudman

    UFC 146

    Yeah, that's true. I'd prefer to see a good fight with loads of technical ability, daring and courage then someone leave the ring with a serious injury, or worse, a ruined career. Just incase anyone might have read my post to seem like I enjoyed hurting that guy's arm, I just want to say for the record that I didn't. I am not that kind of person on the inside. Anyway, it'll be good to Noguiera back in action again once he's recovered from that. I would imagine that it would be one hell of a psychological blow as well as a physical one to go through that kind of defeat. I hope he comes back better then ever.