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  1. I have my old system that I built in 2006/7 (it really does not feel like that long ago) that back then was quite good. I have since then not upgraded it at all and have not really turned it on in the last 12 months as I had no need as my phone and now ultra book do all my computing and my Xbox360 does my gaming. Now that Guildwars2 is coming out I would like to upgrade So I can put windows 7 on the computer and play Guildwars 2 on a decent setting. Here are the stats for the system as it is core 2 quad Q6600 Nvidia 8800 GTS 640mb 2 gig ddr2 ram a mid range motherboard from the time Here are the min system reqs for GW2 that I would like to better GW2 min reqs looking at them I believe upgrading to windows 7 (currently has PCBSD installed) and upping the ram to 4 gig with a new graphics card should do the trick easily. I just dont know which graphics card I should upgrade to. a few years back I would have known this but my tech knowledge is now crap and i am really just interested in upgrading so I can play this game.
  2. LKC master

    Warhammer Online: Age of Rockening - A Player Registry

    seems to be quite a few ppl quiting this game. whats the game like? is it good is it worth the money? im looking for something to play after VCE exams but i dont want to waste money on an empty game. are most quiting to return to WoW. i mean i want an MMO but refuse to play WoW. i am now also very catious after conan. BTW what happened to conan. did it just die or something
  3. You reckon you could move out of your apartment? I got an aborigine here who says his grandad shat in your backyard once and therefore it's his land, you lying thieving white oppressive annexing, genocidal racist. Did that hurt? It should have. Don't judge others when daily you walk on the graves of a once-proud race living in misery and poverty because your ancestors wanted not a land of their own, but another entirely unnecessary landmass on which to shit on. They didn't settle here because they were persecuted everywhere. They don't have to fight daily for their very existence, and best of all, nobody judges Aussies for living on blackfella land, land that was owned by Aborigines for 40,000 years. One thing you need to understand though: Not one Palestinian had their land taken away if they were prepared to recognize the government of Israel. Many did. And many did fight and still fight for the existence of Israel against Palestinians/Lebs/Syrians. How many Aborigines got to keep their land if they recognized English supremacy? None. The ambassador of Israel to California is a Muslim Arab who loves Israel. Because instead of living in a shithole Arab nation like Egypt as a first class oppressed citizen, he lives like a prince as (what you would call a second-class citizen - but not really) with little to no oppression in a first-world nation like Israel. But people like him - they're not talked about - because they're an embarrassment to Arab Muslims worldwide. And there are millions of such "embarrassments" What you say is only true to an extent. Israel still make life for the arabs hell (christian or muslim). earlier this year i heard a speech from the bishop of bethlehem a arab christian who talked about the region and being an israeli citizen. he told the story of how after WW2 his family gave there house to a jewish family after being told it was only temporary, then only to have his father kicked out of israel for asking for the house back. then 20 years later when the courts gave the land back to his village just before returning the IDF bombed it to the ground. He still lives in israel as it is his home. please dont make it sound like a great place for its arab citizens as its not perfect, yes i know the jews get treated worse in other M.E countries
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    OMG im obese

    don't want to imply anything, but photobucket has deleted your pics was it that ugly ? no they havent i have. i got rid of them once the thread died off a bit. i have learnt photos of yourself on the net are infact a bad thing
  5. Yeah, there really was a Samuel L Jackson movie about that! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0417148/quotes Oh, you mean, the Air India thing? Yeah, that happened too :) http://www.watoday.com.au/world/snake-slip...80904-49r0.html hahahahahahahaha yeah i know both are unbelieveable
  6. LKC master

    Something's wrong with me...

    http://www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx? is the site you may want to vist good tips and if im correct they also have a hotline, maybe just have a chat with them some times a chat can really help
  7. did this really happen? even if its just a joke thats really funny
  8. LKC master

    OMG im obese

    well here are some pics i am bare chested so maybe NSFW depending on where you work. these were just taken so they are as recent as can be http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k48/LKC_...8011cropped.jpg front http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k48/LKC_...8012cropped.jpg best i can do for side constructive critisism taken, direct insults though will be RTM (i am self concious to some extent)
  9. LKC master

    OMG im obese

    well for those who hate figures and would rather pics im uploading now so people can be the judge
  10. LKC master

    OMG im obese

    no what your saying is not harsh at all and i have been wanting to loose weight (the reason i started my kung fu lessons). the problem is that i think i may have left to too late. im doing year 12 so exams etc are coming up, i have my part time job so so i really have no time (morning runs are starting to look good atm). my diet though is my biggest problem ( i havent jumped on scales in months so i was a little shocked, i guess i will start following a better diet now, more soups and less pasta, rice and fried foods (though fried food is about twice a week so i will just eliminate it all together).
  11. LKC master

    OMG im obese

    ahh maybe i should just go for a quick bit of lipo 7 Kg puts me under 30
  12. LKC master

    OMG im obese

    this is a bit of a rant and a shock thread so please bear with it. so im wanting to join the navy as an officer and just sat my second test today, meaning that i have my assessement day up next which apart from a psyche test and formal interview also requires a medical examination. so i thought that maybe i should do a quick test on myself to see how i may go on the examination, knowing that they would use the BMI i thought i would find out what i am and the result... im obese, i knew i was overweight (i have a beer belly but the rest of my body is not that fat) but to be considered obese i was shocked. i am 6 foot 2 or 188 cm and 114kg giving me a BMI ofd 33 (30+ is obese). now i am wondering will they pass me. i think that i wont be put in class 4 (permanatly unfit for service or problem cannot be fixed in 12 montrhs) though chances are i will be made a class 3 (has a problem that can be fixed within 12 months) or at best class 2 (fit for regluar service but not specialist e.g diver etc). this really annoys me as i dont feel obese, i do kungfu lessons once a week in which i survive and push trolleys for my part time job and feel that if i stuck to a strict diet would easily be able to shred some kilos and get fit. so i sure hope they dont rely on the BMI too much and the docs can see that although over weight im not that bad. is anybody else ion the forces and can shed some light on the issue or can tell me what life in the force is like?
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    HAHAHAHA freeBSD too restrictiveand doesnt give control. try using windows
  14. LKC master

    christianity and denominations

    sorry but i never said the trinity was polytheistic. i said it was the closest thing that christianity has to polytheism but i never claimed it was. the trinity is very hard to explain.
  15. LKC master

    christianity and denominations

    That's true, I should have focused on that as being the "You're kidding, right?" statement :P You might view Christianity as being the logical extension of Judaism, but millions of people would disagree with you (the first reason being that Jesus didn't fulfill any/all of the requirements for the Messiah that were available pre-Jesus era). Ergo there are two totally distinct religions, Judaism and Christianity. Judaism has been around longer, and thus was a monotheistic religion much before Christianity was. To say otherwise turns it into a religious argument, rather than one based on logic and critical thought. No different to a hierarchy of the qualities that have been attributed to God. Got anything to back up that statement? Anything at all? I honestly doubt it :P The Greek Gods are no less valid than Judaeo-Christian God. Rob. rob sorry but i think that it is quite clear , wether you believe it or not, that christianity can be seen as a continuation of judaism. now whether jesus forfills the requirements of the old testament is upto you believeing the new testament, there details in Isaiah and other books where what jesus does and what is are clearly forfilled (rising in three days). but you are right this is an argument based on logic so we shall use logic so i think its best to leave that argument alone. to back up my statement well zeus is the king of the greek gods and odin of the norse, many myths will tell you that those gods out rank the others, as for them bieng charms well different gods have been assigned different jobs ie the sea, love etc kothos as for saints i dont pray to them nor use them as charms so in my case that argument is invalid. only catholics and orthodox pray to saints