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  1. Well, booting from the disk totally worked. Had a hiccup when I got a message telling me bootmgr was missing but fiddling with the order the drives loaded in solved that. Upgrading to x64 also meant the other half of my 8gig ram actually exists! huzzuh! All thats left to do is put games back on with fresh drivers and see if its drm time for my poor 5870 and then im going to give overclocking a proper go. Keen. Thanks all :D
  2. Its a SATA drive, has pins on the back but no jumper connected to any of them. Going to give booting from a disk a go. thanks!
  3. I've pulled an older 320 gig drive out of my last computer and tried to put it in the new one, for extra storage and wot not, but it aint playing ball. For starters the comp just wont boot outright when its connected (its got my old win7/xp pro dual boot on it) so I cant format it that way, and if its plugged into the old system it runs fine but refuses to format saying its the system drive... is there a way around this? even my valkrie nas wont format it with a 10 foot pole.
  4. Eh I was hoping not to have to RMA the thing, its still under 1 year manufacturer warranty at least. Being able to move to x64 for free is gold, onto that shit. Are there alternate drivers at all for it other than old ones, like ya used to be able to use omega drivers? are they still around?
  5. Built myself a new rig a couple months back, has been great but I've been having trouble running games of late. When playing, the screen goes black, then blacker black (as in its gone black on purpose then got no signal at all) followed by game getting minimized and a little message saying video drivers have recovered from failure. It is possible to continue playing if it's a game that doesn't normally commit seppuku on alt-tab. This happens on an off. The other problem I often have is the screen becoming vertical stripes, generally of a similar color to the games palette at the time. Sometimes it comes right after a few seconds sometimes it locks up completely, and the in-game sound continues as usual like the game keeps on playing behind the wall of stripey fail. Culprits are Blood Bowl LE, Just Cause 2, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2. Possibly others I don't remember. There are also number of games that run without issue both old and new. Anyways its bloody annoying, Ive tried clean format with newest drivers but no dice. Swapped the HD5870 out for my old HD2900 to try and isolate the problem some more. Both problems solved, except that old reliable is made of old. Could it just be 5870 drivers having a hissy or maybe the card itself? or something I have not thought of? Sadly I don't have a spare 5870 to check it that way. Running win7 32bit, 8gig Corsair 1600 (I know, 32 bit is no good for 8gig ram etc.. its on the 'to upgrade' list), core i5 760, ASUS P7P55D-E PRO mobo, XFX 650W psu. Should be with a Powercolor HD5870 but its sitting on the desk beside the tower being a reject right now. Please excuse my disjointed chicken scrawl, any advice is welcome. Cheers.
  6. ankhe

    My sound has stopped working

    Device manager reckons there are no conflicts, device is working properly. It disabled/re-enabled with no problems. EDIT: Also, going into control panel-> sound I can set its speaker or digital outputs to the default and the little green bar jumps around with the music, just doesnt make any actual sound.
  7. I came home from work the other night and booted it up, only to find it has no sound. Now, I've been through and checked volumes/made sure nothing is on mute and all the cables are plugged in, which is when the next problem presented itself: plugging in or unplugging my speakers (simple 2.1 setup) from the soundcard or the motherboard causes the comp to either freeze up or blackscreen/die completely. I hooked the speakers up the the laptop and they worked just fine so next I went into the device manager and disabled my sound card so it would use the onboard audio instead and after a crash/reset from putting the speakers into the motherboard jack I got music playing again, so im wondering if my soundcard is buggered even if so, how could it cause the entire computer to fail just from moving the damn plug? Tried updating all my audio/video drivers but no change. Running win7 home, mobo is a Gigabyte p35 ds3, sound card is a basic Creative X-Fi job, if that helps at all. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Is it possible to set up a LAN between a desktop machine running XP Pro connected to a router via cat5, and a laptop running Vista Office Pro connecting to the router by way of wireless draft-n? Want to set up home network but I wasn't able to find anything in vista allowing me to join the LAN with other desktops connected by cat5 to the router, not sure what the story is. Thanks in advance.