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  1. bowlen

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I haven't got the DLC for this one yet.
  2. bowlen

    X-Plane 11

    So I recently purchased X Plane 11 from Steam and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy it so far. You obviously need to be an aviation enthusiast to enjoy it, but it's definitely a fun game. Any other flight sim fans out there? I haven't even got a joystick yet, but I think that will be a lot more helpful! Landing and taking off with the mouse is doable however, so not the end of the world. I just wish it came with more aircraft, standard. It looks like I basically have to pay money to download more models, which I'm not going to be doing...
  3. bowlen

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I went back into the word once I had finished it. I wonder whether when DLC comes out and there's more stories and quests whether you will need to re-do that final quest again...
  4. bowlen

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I loved it! Definitely waiting for some DLC to come out.
  5. bowlen

    Should I still instal Windows 7

    I would never install W7 again unless it was for a company that had a W7 SOE. W10 all the way.
  6. bowlen

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yeah I got it a few weeks ago. Have been loving it so far. Smashing it every weekend. This is the first game I've played in a long time and I'm definitely enjoying it. I wonder whether there will be any DLC for it.
  7. bowlen

    What are you playing at the moment?

    I've started playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's fricken amazing. Highly recommended game!
  8. bowlen

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Has anyone started playing this game yet? I've watched some videos on YouTube and it looks really good. Ranking very high too so sounds promising.
  9. bowlen

    Are you a compulsive upgrader?

    Definitely only when needed. I don't use my computer for gaming so it's not very common I'd need to upgrade, and it's rather powerful already so I can't see the need to upgrade any time soon either. The only think I could imagine upgrading soon would be the Hard Drive.
  10. bowlen

    Windows 10

    I love Windows 10. Absolutely nothing wrong with it! Working so well!
  11. bowlen

    No Man's Sky

    Perhaps it will get updates in the future to make it better!
  12. bowlen

    No Man's Sky

    I'm sure there must be one plant that has like every resource in abundance, perfect weather and trading stations everywhere you go. So you can become a billionaire really quickly!
  13. bowlen

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah I need to look at expanding my exosuit! The more stuff I can carry, the better it will be.
  14. bowlen

    No Man's Sky

    Hmm I'm not completely sold on this game yet. I haven't played too much since I got it. I am still needing to get antimatter and construct warp cores etc. I want to get into mining and get some serious cash...then I will have more freedom to explore etc. It's very constricting at the moment with the heavy resource requirements.
  15. bowlen

    No Man's Sky

    Ah okay, so you've just been doing that for a long time and then selling it through those trading outpost things hey? Rinse and repeat?