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  1. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    :o) Yes, it's stock footage of a McDonnell Douglas used to fit the context of a sentence. Why wouldn’t you use the freeze frame video image of UA175 just prior to impact with WTC2? It’s a similar perspective and would be more appropriate in the context of the movie, especially one with an 18+ warning.
  2. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    What about the second link Chris? This is an alleged 'factual' video reporting the 'truth' of events as they unfold. Did the plane in the image have the same profile as a 757?
  3. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    I applaud your effort Chris, but I'm not convinced... https://youtu.be/-2_em8G6DJE Did you ever watch 9/11 MXL? What's wrong with this picture? https://youtu.be/y2LxmESkV0Q?t=167
  4. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    http://www.whale.to/b/flight_93.html Scroll down a bit to the annotated crash site image and read from there. "What happened to all the jet fuel?" was one of my first thoughts when I watched the initial news reports. Nobody has come up with a plausible answer.
  5. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    One of the reasons conspiracy theories exist is that there are more questions than answers (answers that are generally given, in such instances, by the very people who control the media and demand that everyone believe their "truth.") Despite my 'Belief/Faith'-oftimes denigrated as believing in something someone wrote (40 authors over approximately 3500 years; as opposed to one author & his proponents over 156 years)-I am quite cynical & skeptical by nature. With regard to the redacted quote above, my questions revolve around the data (see links) that provide ample rebuttal to the alleged 'facts.' http://www.aerospace.org/cords/reentry-data-2/summary-of-recovered-reentry-debris/ http://www.spacesafetymagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/columbia-debris-hangar.jpg Typical low earth orbit re-entry speeds are near 17,500 mph for any object, despite size and mass. The average collisional velocity in LEO is 10 km/sec. Considering how much debris from LEO's survived impact without vaporising, one does need to question the veracity of the claims that a terrestrial object that was travelling nearly 3,700 times slower left only the type debris that someone wanted to be found to endorse their communiqué. "Flight 93's estimated speed at the point of impact was 975kmh. In its final moments, it spun 180 degrees, hitting the ground upside down and at a 45-degree angle. (Is it 'true' that witnesses cannot be bought??) A section of the engine, weighing almost a tonne, was found on the bed of a catchment pond, 200 metres downhill. (Convenient??) Some of the plane's cargo was found intact: 200 kilograms of mail in the hold, a Bible, its cover scorched but its pages undamaged and later, as the excavation began, the passport of one of the four hijackers." (Fodder to trigger public interest??)
  6. A.S.Wolfe

    World War 3

    It seems that, sometime during breakfast at my workstation tomorrow morning, I'll read a news article proclaiming CERN 's successful failure in blowing a hole into interdimensional space, and confirmation of Michael... oops, Michelle Obama's sex. Freda Murcury would be sooo envious at the latter... Queen of America ;o)
  7. A.S.Wolfe

    Einstein's Riddle

    quod erat demonstrandum. Kraut. Took all of two and a bit hours to fill the 6 x 6 square in highschool... It was a longish night from memory; after having picked the Brit incorrectly on the first go (close though, considering the British bloodline & stiff upper lip ;o).
  8. A.S.Wolfe

    American support for The Jews and Israel

    One of the drawbacks of using a Samsung Note in the comfort of ones bed... Just for you, and other's with the same issue, I've dragged myself to the mistress for a proper edit. ;o)
  9. A.S.Wolfe

    American support for The Jews and Israel

    ;o) Yep, GWII. My bad. (Edit) Trying to find the original hand written matter but it's likely found its way to a recycling mill during the last three moves. Something about the US buying global communication for its armed forces & IA at a third of the actual cost... With the (then) current potential while fixing their beady eyes on the development of laser communicaton sats.
  10. A.S.Wolfe

    American support for The Jews and Israel

    Back in GWII, I discarded a three page exposé on the Iridium satellite network in favour of a last moment (The Saturday before my paper was due on the Tuesday) sardonic narrative. Still seems relevant some 12 years later... Conquering US Were the Apostle John more familiar with the twentieth-century, he may have noted that the ‘crown’ worn by the Rider on the White Horse resembled a ten-gallon-hat. Described as having a bow and talons. . . I mean a quiver, full of arrows, this Rider goes forth to conquer — and conquer he has, and will. Needless to say, our great Texas Ranger, George “Weehaw” Bush, fits the bill nicely. Darts have already fallen over much of the world, leaving both craters and corpses, or diners and democracy. For decades, our number one enemy, Communism, inspired the creation of new ‘Weapons of Peace’. However, when the Berlin Wall crumbled and our high-security prisoner shuffled out in his faded red rags — seeking handouts from his warders, no less — we needed a new enemy to justify the making of WoP for a safer global community. Besides, the old enemy could give as well as they’d get (hence the veracious statement from our noble equestrian: “But I also made it clear to [Vladimir Putin] that it's important to think beyond the old days of when we had the concept that if we blew each other up, the world would be safe.”) Enter— stage right — the new global enemy, Terrorism; and with it, Weapons of Mass Destruction; which, as far as we know, doesn’t include nukes. Ever since the untimely demise of the Cold War, our beloved Globo-Cop has used the peaceful method of constructive eviction to defend us from the breeding-ground of terrorism, the Middle East. Now the alabaster steed is again pawing at the dust of the Gulf region; with destruction behind him, democracy is again on the lips of the horseman. With Afghanistan securely pinned under the chargers’ hindquarters, and Iraq still waiting for the horseshoe-shaped welts to subside, the strong arm of Globo-Cop is readying his aim at Syria. The reason: they too have Weapons of Mass Destruction, and “busloads” (according to Mr. Rumsfeld) of suicide-bombers to boot. Oddly enough the Riders’ pillion passenger, ‘The King of Spin’ — garbed in a natty pinstripe suit — has little objection to this. Odd, I say, considering Mr. Blair is the first British prime minister to step foot in Damascus; and that his courting, and role in the election, of Syrian dictator President Assad is no secret. Many believe that the American peace-driven self-assertion in the Gulf region is all about oil. In part, it may well be true, considering that G. “Dubbya” has pretty much admitted to the fact — which, in itself, poses a problem. Investing leaders, like good-ol’-boy-Republican General Jay Garner, to oversee the ‘liberation’ of Iraq; and money for reconstruction, through Republican-led companies — such as Halliburton Co. and the Betchel Group — adds weight to the theory. Let’s face it; it’s always easier to trade with vassals of the Empire than autocratic ‘rogue’ states. We all know that the current cabinet is comprised of members that are all involved, in some way, with oil companies — even the ‘poorest’ member, Condoleezza Rice, has a Chevron oil tanker named after her. With that said, we all understand that this makes it the richest administration in US history. On the face of it, it seems that black gold is fast becoming the standard currency; after all, every industry in the world depends on it. Metallic gold, as a currency, went out of fashion before WWII; and that rollable stuff that helped the trade and consumption of white, powdery, gold isn’t as acceptable as it was in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Again, the problem of the US administration admitting that it is all about oil, and the financial windfall associated with its control, makes one wonder what the real agenda is. Let us not forget that the building, as well as replacing, ‘Weapons of Peace’, so liberally used over the last decade, require a kings’ ransom; a ransom that oil, and its many by-products, easily provides. If one were to peruse a map of the Near East, the scheme may become a little more apparent. It becomes clearer still if one were to consider the statement that came straight from the horseman’s mouth: “There's nothing more deep than recognising Israel's right to exist. That's the most deep thought of all ... I can't think of anything more deep than that right.” Anyone familiar with 20th century history might cast his or her mind back to that formative year of 1917. A time when the great roaring Lion, and her Josephic progeny — to whom the Sun, Moon, and stars all seemingly bow — began the process of re-establishing Israel in his much disputed homeland. But, alas, Jacob has seen little but trouble since his return to Canaan. Removing his brothers’ offspring from the picture, or at least removing their teeth, is the only plausible way, according to our peace-mongers, to restore the Fertile Crescent to a state of tranquillity. Saudi Arabia (the womb, it is argued, of the 9/11 radicals) and Jordan need only succumb to the new Empire before such a “deep thought” will reach fruition. Perhaps, in due time, this may happen. For eons, emperors have made a name for themselves by leaving their mark on the Temple Mount. History has a habit of repeating itself. The day may come when a present day Augustus will install a new Herod over Judea. Moreover, we may witness the commissioning, and embellishment, of a new temple using money from the coffers of the suzerain. That there is a large proportion of Hebrews living in America — New York, apparently, houses the greatest number outside of Israel — and an 80-odd-percent Jewish patronage in the US senate is worrisome, to say the least. Every ‘protector’ that has ruled over Israel has always, notably, become the betrayer. I caution pilgrims to watch for telltale signs: for instance, entering the High Place via twin arches, gleaming golden in the sun or filled with yellow fire at night; and priestesses that greet you with the hackneyed blessing “Would you like fries with that?” ;o)
  11. A.S.Wolfe

    Roll Call!

    ... or three ;o)
  12. A.S.Wolfe

    Green Room Pics Thread

  13. A.S.Wolfe

    Green Room Pics Thread

  14. A.S.Wolfe

    The 9/11 Trllions

    Is it possible that the Sepo's have kept using the same deck of cards since December 7, 1941? Get into a war by inviting, artificially inciting, or manufacturing an attack by 'The Enemy.'