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  1. Thanks Dasa! That is the exact model I have :) Checked the side panel and it matches up (only 17A for the 12v rail), looks like I am up for a new PSU then, was looking at the GTX 770(about $100 less than the 290) but will look at how it stacks up to the 280 3G. Thanks for the help!
  2. I think I might go with a slightly lighter GPU to save some coin which should take some of the demand away.
  3. So it sounds like it might be a bit borderline, I might just give it a shot though :) See if I get there but it will be the first thing to upgrade if I have stability issues.
  4. Hi guys been awhile since I have frequented this place :) Its time for a update to my gaming PC(I've managed to hang onto this one for a looooooong time), my current Q6600 rig is showing its age, lucky it got a GC update a few years ago or I wouldnt have been able to play anything for the past few years. Been reading the stickies and pulling together a list but a little confused on the PS requirements, seems that the recommended power supply thread has gone a little stale. All of the below is based very much on the gamer build in the sticky, I will probably play around with some OCing(I always seem to) so a little headroom with the power supply would be good. Samsung 840BW EVO MZ-7TE250BW GSkill Ripjaw-Z 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3-2400 Sapphire R9290-4GTX (11227-00-40G) 4G DDR5 R9 290 Tri-X OC PCI-E VGA Card Asus Z97-A Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz 6MB I'll salvage a few things from my current rig(mechanic drives, DVD, and a small SSD) Its got a Antec Eathwatt 500 Watt which I dont think will be up to the task, but I have no idea. Any thoughts?
  5. Lucky me I got a pretty good OC out of mine, stock was 2.4 I think I am sitting @ 3.2 but would need to check that as I haven't touched the settings for a year or so.
  6. Well its arrived and I have installed it. It was actually physically smaller than my old card(would not have been able to fit anything longer in my case). I can run GTA4 on much higher settings now and it cruises along nicely. Have also turned the wick up on Fallout 3 and it looks a lot better with better textures. Now to give it a shot with some more modern games and perhaps a benchmark or two. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Good to hear, I went after one of the good batches when I bought it all those years ago so that might have paid off! Just bought myself a 560 Ti will see if that gives me a bit more time with this system. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Thanks for the input guys, I was thinking that my system would be a bit of a dead horse by now and I was just flogging it :)
  9. Hey guys, I am thinking its time to give my system a little kick in the backside, its mainly used for gaming and browsing. I have noticed it has started to fall behind(A LOT) when it comes to newer games. I am hoping I can get away with just upgrading the graphics card to give it a move along then upgrade the other components later, I know this often doesnt work out too well but I think it shouldn't stuff me over too much. Current setup below: Antec 500W PSU Gigabyte - GA-P35-DS3R Q6600 @ 3.2 ASUS 8800GTS 320MB Corsair 4GB (PC-8500 / 1066MHz) Was thinking of spending around the $200 range, or am I better off biting the bullet and spending another 800-900 and doing a full upgrade?
  10. Sounds like there are bigger issues at play here mate, sorry to hear. If you are feeling downtrodden like this you need to stand up for yourself and see where it goes, try not to be too confrontational about it as it will probably turn into a yelling match that way. Also best to do when you aren't tired as you'll want to keep your wits about you.
  11. Hahah, I've never had that much success with the barter system in that area.
  12. Just approach it differently, people can come to accept very unpopular things if presented in a proper fashion. The Man Cave name probably set you off on the wrong track, call it your study that will make it easier to explain to her friends and such. Think like a salesman, point out the positives but remember don't go on the full sell, you don't want them thinking you are just trying to get them to approve. Using the 'my Dad has one' might not fly to well, no one wants to be measured up to others who are held in high regard. I'd say leave it alone for some time unless you are actually looking for places at this time. Remember that people(especially girlfriends) often don't react well to the 'well you got this so I should get that' defense, it just makes them feel as though you only let them have X so you could get Y.
  13. Windex

    HTC Desire v iPhone 4

    Where are you guys buying your HTC Desires from these days. I have no reason to move to Testra at this stage.
  14. Interesting I am currently running a Q6600 and a 8800GTS and think its time to beef up the graphics card side.
  15. Thanks for the very informative post, I will suggest they move to a different security method, at this stage there is no internet sharing setup on the new lappy as its fresh out of the box. I setup the same type of laptop on a different network last night and had no issues setting it up and no connection issues. Which makes me suspect the router / setup is triggering something odd within Win7.