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  1. psyckle

    Borderlands 2, Anyone?

    I will be getting it. Found the first one grow on me real slowly, it was only after maybe about 20 hours that I started enjoying it.
  2. My boss emailed me a set of files apparently from GoDaddy, and a quick browse on their support articles still doesn't answer my questions - my next step is to go via their support service but I need to find out from my boss (away for almost a month, the bugger!) about support login details etc to ask them. Or just have a go at it and just get new certs if it stuffs up I gues... 8-/ They seem to be Starfire based, so unfort not any of the ones you provided, thanks though Twinny. Well that link gave me more info than I have got elsewhere, thanks p0is0n!
  3. psyckle

    Diablo III

    1.04 looks like buffing legendaries and changing character dynamics - imo not much new content announced so far ie not worth going back for atm
  4. Hi guys, The company I work for is a small company and I've been handed the responsibility to installing some SSL certificates on a tomcat server (prev admin left company, haven't found a replacement). From what I've found online I know how to install the certificates, but I can't find adequate information regarding the certificates themselves ie I have three files - site.domain.com - sf_bundle - sf_intermediate and suspect that the order of installation is important but cannot find information about what the order of installation should be. Further I can't figure out what this sf_bundle cert is...? Does anybody have a good link to some online documentation where I may be able to get some more info? TIA psyckle
  5. psyckle

    Diablo III

    +1 for a journo approaching ACCC or Dept of Fair Trading to enquire. also about to head home is the server up?
  6. psyckle

    Diablo III

    doubtful this will ever happen. There's always been talk to this maybe happening as far back as WoW first started. I've found playing with people you know are from Australia is better. Even with a latency of around 200-300 players in the US / Asia seem to lag me out more than playing with Australian based mates.
  7. psyckle

    Diablo III

    Have elective mode to change the keys- distance from shift to 1-2-3-4 is a little too big for me, I use the shift A-S-D-C and playing around with where to put potion. May even move the right MB to be pot and use the F key for the secondary skill
  8. psyckle

    Diablo III

    <anal>Think you mean weak Aussie dollar. If you sold while the dollar was strong you would get less AUD for 1 USD. If you sold while the dollar was weak you would get more AUD for 1 USD. Unless you are in the US then forget I mentioned it. </anal> Also has anybody opened the pony level beyond normal? Is it worth while running in there for gear?
  9. psyckle

    Diablo III

    Finished off Diablo last night, found it easy, but suspect that having 2 monks in your 4 man party will do that for you. Either than or Normal difficulty is the new Casual. Looking forward to see how more difficult it will get in Nightmare tonight.
  10. psyckle

    Diablo III

    Can someone clarify the drop system in terms of co-op? If a blue / yellow drops is it something that either player can get? In terms of the drop rate, I had about 2 drop from level 1-10 (2 player co-op) then about 7 drop from 10-20 (4 co-op) most of those drops before level 17 have been de'd
  11. psyckle

    Diablo III

    Did anybody find any noticeable difference between solo / 2 co-op and 4 co-op? I started on 2co-op then went to 4 co-op and I found that dmg and survivability started dropping majorly (even after upgrading gear and using runes in skills)
  12. psyckle

    Diablo III

    Question - blacksmith upgrading - when does it start paying dividends? Dumped most of my gold and de'd quite a few items but as yet haven't really seen anything that I would take over the drops I get (granted playing WD)....?
  13. psyckle


    My simple method: On medium heat 1) Half cook off your meat / seafood in pan. Dry fragrants like garlic in during this stage. Oils and liquid frgrants as well at this stage. 2) Add aborio (haven't tried risotto with anything else, suspect it is to do with starch content of rice to make it sticky) rice in. 3) Add little bit of liquid (stock, wine, water), slightly less than contents. 4) Keep stirring until liquid almost disolves / liquid absorbed by rice. 5) Keep topping up liquid until its all gone / rice is sticky / consistency you want. Make sure to keep stirring. I've heard variations on step 4 where you don't stir, but imo and experience it ends up more like a paella rather than a risotto ie paella has crusty cooked rice, risotto is meant to be a bit starchy and afaik starch is brought out by slowly stirring and "braising" the rice. Never heard baking but seems like it won't be a risotto. Keep in mind that meat / seafood keeps cooking while you do the rice.
  14. psyckle


    Seeing the response of supposed Super Heros in this thread just enforces in my mind exactly why this place is going to the shit. Chris for what its worth I spoken to you in the past and I understand where your coming from. I congratulate you for the patience to even create the thread but would probably say you are wasting your time in trying to justify your actions. As they say, haters gonna hate.
  15. psyckle

    Switchable Graphics cards?

    Not sure whether this will apply for you, but my laptop switches between on board and the video cards sometime (think its a sleep state that switches it back to on board). The only way to switch it back is to reboot into BIOS and set it back. Not sure if its applicable in this case, just saying.