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    Batman 3

    I only recognised Talia from having played through the arkham city game. My mates had no idea who she was, but her character fit in nicely from what I vaguely knew of her in the game. In it they desire each other, but she wants Bruce to join the league, Bruce wants to defend gotham from her father's plans, or some such Awesome movie, I've heard a few people including mates, who say they didn't like the series, I really can't see why o.0
  2. illdrift

    Street safe suburbs in Perth

    Used to live in bentley last year. Gf woke up to some aboriginee kid standing in the doorway to our room. She woke me up as he ran for the front door. I heard the front door slam, but by then was too late, he took off with my wallet and a laptop. As the police arrived later, turns out that a few places nearby were robbed that same night. So i prefer to avoid bentley and vic park :)
  3. illdrift

    Crime rates and you.

    Had a dude walk into our bedroom a couple months ago while i was asleep, gf woke me up n chased him out. He got off with a netbook and my wallet i left on a desk. All up i think almost 10 robberies at various places over the last few years -.- .... another ex of mine set my car on fire in the middle of the night lol
  4. illdrift

    The Rock / Metal thread!

    Slipknot didn't make the list? Awesome thread, scrolled through my library and was surprised to not see them considering stone sour was mentioned. Here's some interesting bands i've come across which hopefully are closer to the metal genre. I'm bad with genres so im not sure which bands are closer to say sepultura or heavy metal bands, and which lead closer to the likes of say, P.O.D. These were bands not already listed in the OP August Burns Red Dry Kill Logic Ektomorf Marc Rizzo (Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy) Nonpoint (<- were at soundwave, missed the concert unfortunately, aswell as 36 crazyfists :( ) Project 86 Trigger Point (no wiki page?) Twelve Tribes And lastly probably not even any form of metal, but i had to mention the kiwi band :P Blindspott /youtube spam
  5. illdrift

    Turbo diesel owners

    I think you'll find it varies alot between engine setups. The (turbo petrol) one i'm using now makes the same peak torque at 2400rpm as it does at 6000+ rpm, so it's a lot more fun. I was amazed at just how much the engines vary. I guess the differences don't apply as much to diesels, but shop around and test drive?
  6. Does it go something like this? Gamete = half a cell, one set of 26 chromosomes Since there's a pair of each chromosome type inside a cell, that means one of 2 possible chromosomes, for each of the 26 chromosome-pairs ie, 2^26 possible variations in gametes, per parent When the sperm and egg combine, that means 2^26^2 possible variations in chromosome combinations? Or am i completely off :P, can chromosomes split sections or something?
  7. illdrift

    Home Data Storage For 70 TB

    That's quite interesting, i never knew about that. Is it possible to force a write to disk somehow from the os? Is there anything that zfs can do to help overcome this scenario? Or is avoiding such drives the only way?
  8. illdrift

    4-stroke engine question...

    I'd imagine multiples of 4 is more "balanced" on a 4-stroke engine. with 1 1000cc piston you'd have a massive stroke and wide bore but it'd only fire every 4th stroke. every 2nd stroke for 2x500cc, whereas a 4cylinder engine has a power stroke every stroke. hmmm apparently a V6 is a perfectly balanced engine lol well yes, i was just trying to give a simpler example for comparison. You could expand that to a full sized engine, eg 4000cc i4 vs 4000cc v8, 6000cc i6 vs 6000cc v12 or whatever combination of cylinders/capacity you wish to compare (obviously no-one really produces such high cc/low cylinder engines, for vehicles atleast)
  9. illdrift

    4-stroke engine question...

    I would have thought given a certain capacity, more cylinders tend to lead towards more power - the larger number of intake/exhaust ports, more spark plugs, and smaller combustion chambers (less volume for the flame to spread) would result in more cylinders giving somewhat of an increase. I'm not sure how much mass would come into effect, or how much of a difference in mass there would be in a 1000cc vs 2x500cc setup Just throwing that into the convo :P
  10. illdrift

    Hoon issues

    this from what i hear it 's pretty popular amongst the residents who see frequent disturbance
  11. illdrift

    Opt out for organ donations

    *shrug* it's an arbitrary ethical line. For some reason, swapping organs crosses that ethical line of interfering with the body. I can't really describe why i feel that way, and i agree just as much with people's reasoning towards organ donation (even reasoning that a person's 'feeling's' are a moot point and of no relevance) I'l gladly go out of my way to help other people before crossing that arbitrary ethical line
  12. illdrift

    Opt out for organ donations

    The vehicle of ownership is dead. Gone. What makes you think you should have a say in how it is used? Same goes for any use of said remains, no? Whether it be for 'scientific use', or whatever a person may deem to be an unpleasant act to do to a deceased human body edit- sp
  13. illdrift

    Opt out for organ donations

    I must be the only person who doesn't agree with the idea of organ donation -.- (^^ or not :P) Just on a personal basis, what each person wants to do with their body is their own business. I don't like the idea of receiving organs, blood, medicine, vaccinations etc, something about it just feeling too un-natural. I'm not sure where i'd put the ethical line at, but i prefer to keep my body away from such things. For some reason though i'd consider giving blood.
  14. illdrift

    If you aren't going to race...

    "You must not operate a motor vehicle in a race or in an unnecessary exhibition of speed or acceleration on a road (unless authorised by law). You must not, without reasonable excuse, operate a motor vehicle on a road in a manner that causes the vehicle to undergo sustained loss of traction (unless authorised by law). If you commit either of these offences the maximum is 3 months imprisonment, or $4,500 in fines, and a minimum period of disqualification of 6 months. " http://www.police.govt.nz/service/road/boyraceract.html That's for NZ, which is why i said it wouldn't surprise me if Aus had similar laws in place. I got pulled over for it 7 years ago, was luckily let off with a warning since i had not heard nor read about the law before. How do you plan to get off fines such as a vehicle defect, when all it comes down to is what the officer said he saw?
  15. illdrift

    If you aren't going to race...

    I'm not so sure on the australian law, but i would expect there to be one regarding 'unnecessary acceleration'. Likewise for loss of traction and any other acts, to help the police enforce upon dangerous driving.