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  1. bolt_krank

    Virtual Kiddy Pron for pedos

    Was just curious of peoples ideas of this. Do you think it's dangerous ? or could it actually help reduce possible events ? Especially in the light of the current Catholic church investigations.
  2. bolt_krank

    XML Question

    I'm not sure if it's what you're after, but I print stuff as: <pre> <Example_tag></pre> The <pre> tags keep the spacing, and the & parts aren't interperetted.
  3. bolt_krank

    Defence Grid 2

    Defenec grid is a pretty Tower Defence game. Not overly original, but I did enjoy it and bought it cheap on XBLA. I thought for a cheap price it was worth it.
  4. bolt_krank

    OUYA: Open Android based gaming console

    Saw a critical review on this, and was partially in agreement. The fact is the technology and the OS that's running this system means that games will be of the quality of current mobile phone games. I kind of look at when Flash games started to game popularity. I could be wrong and am more than happy to be proven wrong, but I just imagine anything spectacular arriving on such a system.
  5. bolt_krank

    Building a database

    One thing you'll need to consider is the amount of data and where she'll need/use it. If it's small amounts, you could just store in on the device itself. If it's large amounts of data, I'd recommend making a web-app with a standard DB like mySQL or postgresql running behind it. That way she can access it via the built in browser, and you only need to make the interface compliant.
  6. bolt_krank

    Hiring a welder

    Thanks a lot guys (especially st8smn) for the info. Really appreciated. I might take the advice and check out a workshop and see if they'll do it. It looks like a split weld on a square rod, should be easy to weld back on. I say "should" - I have little experience with these things.
  7. bolt_krank

    Hiring a welder

    The steel frame of a sofa broke at one of the welding points. I've had it for around 7 years, so I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Is it worth while getting it re-welded ? or is the second weld significantly weaker ? Also, to get it welded by someone (just a small joint on a single rod) - is that expensive ? Apologies for the off-topic question, it just that some Atomicans with welding experience have popped up in the past, so I thought they might know. Thanks.
  8. bolt_krank

    Krav Maga

    Reminds me of Don't f**k with Krav Maga
  9. bolt_krank

    one of the most silly recent movies that I've seen is.....

    After all these years Independence Day holds that special place in my heart as a retarded movie. Too many things about it piss me off.
  10. bolt_krank

    Do you love your job?

    Don't love it - but I don't mind it. I've done plenty of worse jobs to make me appreciate the one I have.
  11. bolt_krank


    I don't think it's directly the games as such - I often feel the same at times, and games are just one of the things that gives release like you mention. Sometimes a movie, sometimes something else does the same thing. But I find a common thread is I enjoy an hour or two each day being by myself.
  12. bolt_krank

    The video shop

    One of my VHS favourites: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092240/
  13. bolt_krank

    The video shop

    I know exactly the feeling. Wasn't so much a family thing, but from as young as I can remember - I used to visit the video shop often. As I got older, I still went quite a lot but would often leave after 30 mins not finding something I wished to invest my time watching. In the end I know more about the video covers than the actual movies themselves :P
  14. bolt_krank

    Its a BOY!

    Or is that Marriage 1.0 with the Kid 1.0 plugin ?
  15. bolt_krank

    Centrelink comedians

    Reminds me of Sharon (or Shazza) who walked into Centrelink claiming child benefits. The person processing the form called her in to check some of the details. "You've written Darren 10 times for each of your children, is this right ?" "Yeah - I got 10 boys, they're all called Darren." "How does that work ?" "Well it saves time - Darren ! Bedtime ! and they all go to bed." "What if you wanted to talk to one individually ?" "Then I use his surname."