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  1. pretty

    Need ideas for a dress up party

    How about the Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)? Pinocchinio? An evil wizard? A dragon slayer? Captain Hook? Peter Pan? Aladdin? Batman or any of those superhero kinda guys? Edit: Edward, Harry Potter, Dumbledore etc?
  2. pretty

    Need ideas for a dress up party

    Not too difficult. Blue pants, find a blue shirt at an op shop or some cheapo store, paint on the yellow globe and the red shoulder thing, whack on some red undies over the top and facepaint face blue and green hairspary. Depends how dedicated you are, I guess :) I like the Prince Charming idea. You'd get a sword, and that's exciting! :P I might even have a shirt you could use?
  3. pretty

    Need ideas for a dress up party

    Captain Planet? :D Power Rangers? Tinkerbell? Prince Charming?
  4. pretty

    [Melb] Sunday, December 13th - Cider

    I'm officially piking out of the cider. Sorry guys! I'll see you all on the Saturday night though :)
  5. I'd like a little girl, but that's just so she could be my doll and I'd dress her up in pretty outfits and all those cute baby clothes :D hehehe I love those clothes so much; I wish I could fit into them! I don't care though if they are mine. I'd happily adopt or just babysit my brother's and sister's future kiddies :)
  6. pretty


    He's going really well :) Everything's sorting itself out and has a new job that he really enjoys :)
  7. pretty

    Trying to think of rad 90's cartoons.

    I think before 'Feral TV' it was just 'The Ferals'. That was an awesome show though :) I was watching something the other day and the human guy from The Ferals was on it and it was all very exciting :) Feral TV sucked.
  8. pretty

    Trying to think of rad 90's cartoons.

    Animorphs Degrassi (new or old) Baby-Sitters Club Gummi Bears Pound Puppies There was that one with the twins, with one a white girl with blonde hair and the other was an Asian boy and they had special powers when the held hands I think? The show's credits started with a sea turtle flying through space and there was a whole world on the turtle's back. I can never remember what it was called, but it was an awesome show :) Most of my other favourites have been mentioned. Victor and Hugo, Hey Arnold!, Ahhh! Real Monsters!, Power Rangers, Captain Planet. Other shows we watched were from the 80s, like Lady Lovely Locks, Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and My Little Pony.
  9. pretty

    Twilight New Moon

    Well I liked it :) I only watched Twilight a few days ago and my sister dragged me along with her for New Moon. New Moon was definitely more entertaining plot-wise. The acting is still lacking, but who cares? I'm going to be mildly entertained for a couple of hours, not to see Oscar winning performances. I didn't expect much and I haven't read the books, so I was quite happily sucked into it all :) It was fun :) The most annoying part was the young girls in the cinema going goo-goo gaa-gaa over the shirtless guy, but you knew that was coming.
  10. pretty

    I hate my big feet

    I feel your pain :( I've been trying to find some nice casual shoes that also have good support for over a year now. I don't want anything that looks like a runner, or is too white or had a big fat logo on the side of the shoe, or any of those sandal/runner looking shoes or anything like that. Just a casual, practical shoe that is kind to my feet. And when I finally do find something I like and it fits the requirements, it never fits my bloody foot! Even when it's supposed to be in my size :( Shoe shopping sucks. Unless you're shopping for heels, then it's fun :)
  11. pretty

    Favourite Pixar film

    <3 Wall-E. That little robot is just so sweet and lovely and cute and adorable and absolutely gorgeous :) Without fail, that movie makes me tear up. I love it :) I felt kind of torn through Up, and still do. I was expecting a happy, funny and cheeky story like The Incredibles or something similar. Instead I was trying not to cry behind my 3D glasses through most of it. I kept waiting for a happy-happy ending, not a sad-happy ending, if you know what I mean? In my world, rainbow helium balloons attached to flying house should not equal sad story.
  12. pretty

    Ten years ago I was....

    Ten years ago I would have been getting ready to move to Singapore for the first time. I had no idea what to expect, but I was excited. I was planning my perfect imaginary boyfriend that would fall madly in love with me in Singapore and make all my Australian friends soooo jealous and think I was sooooo cool :P It's always a popularity contest like that when you're 11 :)
  13. pretty

    21st Birthday Present

    Trawling antique shops for something is quite a good idea :) I like that one. I found a lovely unique necklace at an antique shop on the weekend, which was also very reasonably priced. I love it :) Jewellery is hard though if you don't know the person's tastes. My friends gave me a necklace that I love, and some great flower teapots and teacups. They were great gifts :)
  14. pretty

    Summer gardening

    Ooo I like them! Not so sure on the eating them part though :P I've seen some lovely boronias at the nursery that I'd love to put in, but our soil is lacking in moistness and well drained-ness. So instead we have to live with banksias and grivellias. From everyone else's posts though it sounds like we ought to be rejuvinating our veggie patch :P They all sound so delicious!
  15. pretty

    Summer gardening

    Your garden sounds lovely :) We had a lovely veggie patch last summer, but everything died in the heat and we haven't bothered replacing everything. That said, we do have a couple of blueberry trees but perhaps they didn't survive either... My summer gardening consists of my pretty fairy plant that I got the other day :) It's a native with beautiful pale violet coloured wattle-like pom poms that look like they should be fairy wands :) But the wind blew away all the blossoms the other say, so it's a bit sad at the moment :(