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  1. Thank You ! What kind of monitor should i be looking at ? Would any 24inch monitor will do it ? I dont think i want to spent too much on the monitor, probably $500 max ?
  2. Yeah, i think i would love to get a new PC. So i could run those game in high details. And also, My current PSU is making a really loud noise. Tried to do some cleaning but it wont work. Its probably another reason to upgrade. thanks in advance
  3. I did run everything at lowest setting and update all the addon regularly. FPS dropped to 5-10 which is unplayable. As for PoE, it still handle the game reasonably well, but i got alot of crashes and long loading screen. Well, certainly anything under $1000 wont be an upgrade. I can buy something about $2000 ish next month. What about a system package like this? Would it be a significant upgrade from my current ? Thanks https://www.msy.com.au/viconline/mspec-gaming-pc/22388-mspec-infinity-2060-gaming-system-intel-edition.html
  4. Edit: Budget $2000 Looking to build a new PC My current is i5 4670k @3.4GHZ ( stock speed ) NVidia Gtx 770 8GB Ram It seems unable to handle WoW ( raid setting 20 people ) and Path of exile ( on heavy load ). My budget is kinda around $1000 for system, i could buy a new monitor as well separetely in a few months. Should i get intel / AMD ? Thanks
  5. My current PC is about 3-4 years old. i5 4670k @3.4Ghz, 8GB DDR-RAM, GTX 770 and i don't overclock. I will be using PC mostly just for WoW, my current one would run everything at max (solo play), but fps drop drastically during group party 10-15man and i have to lower everything to lowest setting. I'm probably looking to spent about $1800 with installment plan, not sure if it would be a good idea. Here is what i came across so far. https://www.jw.com.au/gmr-x3000-n10606g-gaming-pc Thanks
  6. ladyofbow

    Antec PSU getting really noisy

    Yeah i took out power supply, poke stick on the fan, turn it back on. The noise its gone. So, bad fan ? :/ I never have problem with Antec before, how long normally the replacement process will take ? Because i need to use my PC everyday :S Edit: for whatever reason, i did nothing on the PSU and now the noise its gone ? lol
  7. Hi there, i bought Antec HCG 750m about 4-5 months ago. It was all quiet and good until recently. For some reason, it's getting really loud and annoying both on idle and full load. I have Fractal Design R4 for the case which have dust cover near the PSU. Is there any way to fix the noise ? Should i buy new fan and replace it ? would it require soldering or just simply plug and unplug ? Thanks Here's the noise : :(
  8. ladyofbow

    2.0 or 2.1 Speaker Under $300 ?

    What about Swan M50W Powered 2.1 System or Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 THX PC Speakers ? Just wondering is there significant difference between using sounds card and w/o ?
  9. Not sure what to get. Currently I'm using my HiFi speaker that connected to my amps. Any recommendations ? I was thinking Harman & Kardon Soundstick 3 but i'm curious with AudioEngine product as well. Thanks
  10. Yes, i plugged my HDMI to TV and using DVI for monitor, is there any difference in picture quality ? And i found out what the problem was. Apparently i have to run the game in " Windowed Full Screen Mode " instead " Full screen ". It seems everything work perfectly now, smooth with v-sync on. Before that, I have 5-10 FPS at lowest setting when i was using full screen mode and its unplayable Silly question, Are u suppose to run game in windowed mode instead full screen like in general ? Thanks !
  11. Here's the link - Nvidia driver is latest http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/1703344 I tried to compare my result, just wondering why most ppl Memory clock sets at 3,505 MHz ? while mine at 1,753 MHz ? Thanks
  12. Hi there, What program would be good to test if the graphic card or other parts are working properly ? I bought new system few weeks ago, it was very decent initially but lately the performance become really bad in game. Some people would say it was a virus or malware, so i did reformat it once and it wont fix the problem i have. I'm using Asrock Z87 Extreme 4 Motherboard. Should i install all drivers from website instead from disc that comes with it ? ( update & outdated reason ) I dont have A-Tuning installed or any utilities from motherboard, because i'm not sure how to use them. Also i have MSI video card, is it necessary to install MSI Gaming APP & Afterburner and run them before starting the game ? My full system: Asrock Z87 extreme 4 i5 4670k 8G Kit 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws-Z -Manually set at 2400 in bios - not sure if i'm doing it right MSI 2GB GTX 770 TF 750W HCG Antec PSU 120GB SSD Samsung Running at 1920 x 1080 Res 60hz Game that i have trouble with: Path of Exile - Manage to drop FPS into 0 in party of 3-6 people. Ingame setting med to high, Nvidia setting i just leave it at default. Then installed WoW: Using Geforce Experience to launch the game - able to play in ultra but friend said its easy to run WoW in ultra. So i would need some free program to do actual testing Thanks
  13. ladyofbow

    Gaming Desktop

    Thanks for the reply ! I'm getting this part today Also, i just wondering. I'm planning to get Harman Kardon SoundSticks III within next month. Should i buy sounds card to improve it's sounds quality ? This will be my last question, Would u be able to recommend any other LCD 23-24 inch other than Viewsonics ? I dont really like the model / looks :( Would any of these Asus VE247H / VS247HR / VS248H / VE248H will be a good choice ? i tried to do some research, plenty report about ghosting and such. Or ASUS VX238H ? I dont mind paying postage for this models, It looks good. Thanks again
  14. ladyofbow

    Gaming Desktop

    Hi there, Finally sold my old laptop, took a while i know :/ And now i could spend up to $1800 for the desktop. I made few changes based on what Dasa quoted previously, went to MSY tried to grab the part. Apparently 4 parts were out of stock Here's the list: ( Made few changes on Case, PSU, Graphic Card and MB ) ASRock Z87-EXTREME4 $189 Coolermaster Universal Hyper 212 EVO $37 i5-4670k $265 Seagate SATA3 1TB $67 SATA DVD RW Samsung $18 OEM 64 bit MS Win7 Home Premium $108 Fractal Design Define R4 Black $148 Out of stock: 8G Kit 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws-Z $106 ( Trident X - Both of out stock ) Antec EarthWatts- Platinum 650 $137 ( All earthwatts type out of stock ) Samsung 840 EVO Series SATA3 120G $104 ( out of stock up to 250 GB ) 3G R9-280X Sapphire-OC - Reads alot review, best value card atm - i hope i'm right - but its out of stock as well I was planning to buy whole system from MSY and get them to build & Install all the parts, sadly most of it out of stock. And i dont have any idea for the replacement on the missing part. Could anyone help out with ideas ? I might consider buying whole parts from PCcasegear and paying shipping or i could order parts from somewhere and bring parts to MSY. ( I'm not confident installing thing on my own, so yeah i always have it installed ) So, what would be best replacement for the missing parts ? Especially PSU and graphic card. SSD i could easily grab from local store ( Capitol Square in Sydney ) and save me bit postage cost, Ram might have to order it from somewhere. Thank you
  15. ladyofbow

    Gaming Desktop

    gtx660ti and gtx760 are very similar cards and its sure as hell not worth paying much extra for the gtx760 only uses a little bit more power ~150w while gaming which is probably still less than the 7950 oc i suggested for only $10 more than the gtx760 you can get the gtx670 which is a faster card mind linking us to your post Here; http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/527695