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    GOTY 2012

    Think I'm going to have to say Skyrim. Mainly because its the game I have logged the most hours with this year. And because it is a damned good game. On my third play through so far, Mage, then Warrior and now Thief. While the main story ark left me a bit disappointed, the huge wealth of side quests have entertained me to no end. Favorite so far would probably be "The Eye of Magnus", and then the quests to find all the claws (emerald, ivory, golden ect) Those dragon priests masks that you get as a reward offer some nice buffs. Especially Morokei for Mages. Other than that maybe Arkham City. Was a great game, just played it a little soon after Arkham Asylum so it was kinda more of the same. Nothing else really stands out in my mind. Was a pretty meh year for games. Just like to mention I have yet to play ME3, Dishonored, Borderlands 2 or Max Payne 3. So my vote may yet change, though I doubt I'll have a chance to play all those titles before the end of the year. Plus Farcry 3 if it releases this year looks amazing!! I loved the previous 2 games in the series, have my fingers crossed this one delivers.
  2. ae86represent

    Anyone playing the Hawken BETA?

    As per title. Was wondering if anyone else has been playing over the weekend? Had a little trouble getting the main metafile to download, then a little more trouble getting connected to a server. But once in had a blast. Runs very nice on a i5 2500K, HD7870 combo. Maxed everything out and frame rates were nice and consistent. Ended up droping the MLAA post, as I liked the look of the game better without, the MLAA post processing seems to gives everything a much grainier look. Combat is tight, mech movement feels heavy and nicely weighted. You quickly learn to avoid hugging walls and obstacles too closely, as you do get hung up then when strafing/hiding behind walls. I expect this will piss some people off, but i kinda like it. Adds to the realism (which is what they are shooting for with Hawken I think). I mean grind a 20 tonne mech along a reinforced concrete wall and see if you don't get hung up lol. Going to jump back in later tonight for another blast. Haven't nutted out all the mech customization and weapons systems, but looks to be a dumbed down version of old classic mech warrior customization. Weapons generate heat, which must be managed. Can upgrade chassis, legs, cooling system, load out ect. Didn't see any weight or power draw specs though? I would have liked a little more depth, but this is just the BETA so I have my fingers crossed for future releases. Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. ae86represent

    SSD Failure

    Hi again peps. Rig is up and running on new mechanical drive. Performance is perfect again, (aside form woeful load times now on games/booting to windows ect.) but hopefully that will be alleviated somewhat by using the SSD as a cache. Speaking of the SSD. Seems to have failed completely as the computer wont even recognise the drive at all now. Meh, its been sent back to be replaced anyway. Thanks for all the advise guys, much appreciated.
  4. ae86represent

    SSD Failure

    Thanks for the advise lads. Once i have the computer up and running on the new mechanical drive, I will try a firmware update on the SSD. Fingers crossed it comes good. It will be used in a hybrid drive array with the new drive. Will try that instead of using the SSD as a OS only drive. 60Gb was a little small for a boot drive anyway. Again thanks for the help.
  5. ae86represent

    SSD Failure

    Drive is a Corsair F60 60Gb item. Part Number CSSD-F60GB2-A. Would a firmware update help? Why would it suddenly stop working after months of flawless performance? Hell I'll give it a go. But rig is out of action till the new drive turns up. So firmware update will have to wait till then. Thanks for the feedback mate.
  6. ae86represent

    SSD Failure

    Hi Peps. Have an issue with my new rig. Only 3-4 months old, and as of yesterday has started hanging 15-20 seconds after booting to the desktop. Not BSOD or crashing/rebooting. Just stops. Keyboard stops responding and i get the little spinning windows loading icon and thats it. Ctl alt del does nothing and I have to power off and reboot. I actually don't have a spare mechanical drive (or any drive for that matter - long story) to check my theory of a SSD failure, but have ordered a new 2TB segate drive. Should be here tomorrow. Has anyone had a SSD fail, do they just stop/fail (like a mechanical drive) or do they slowly fail/have errors ect. I even tried to reinstall a fresh install onto the drive off the windows CD, but again suffered freezing issues once the windows installer fired up. If I disconnect the SSD I can load to the windows installer fine, but obviously have no drive to install to lol. Any advise? Am I completely on the wrong track?
  7. ae86represent

    Game pricing changes over time

    I always remember games being about the 100 buck mark. Even in the PS1/N64 days. It does seem a little strange that the relative price of most other things have gone up over the years, yet games have stayed about the same (maybe even dropped a little). Perhaps it's is because the sheer volume of games sold had increased exponentially over the years? Does anyone have any figures on what the whole games industry was worth 10yrs ago vs today?
  8. ae86represent

    Skyrim and its crap shadows!?!

    Thanks Fabman. Deleted the whole skyrim folder in steam, un-subscribed to all the mods in the workshop, un-installed nexus mod manager, and finally deleted the skyrim folder in my games. Carried out a clean install off the game disk, and re installed the HD texture pack. Am currently going through the process of re-installing nexus mod manager and the mods I want. Have decided to leave the steam workshop alone and just use the nexus to simplify things. Have read through the links you posted on shadow fixes and have decided to try out the medium quality fix. It seem very similar to other fixes I have tried in the past, but think where I went wrong was not setting the .ini files to read only after editing. Fingers crossed. Will update with results later.
  9. ae86represent

    Skyrim and its crap shadows!?!

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback mate. Specs are as follows. I5 2500K Gigabyte Z68 MB HD7870 (currently using Catalyst 12.4 might roll back to 12.3 to see if that helps) Steam currently installed on SSD Graphics options set to ultra preset, 1080p resolution, with AAx8 and AFx16. Have installed the official HD texture pack and have been playing around with a crap load of different mods. Find the nexus mod manager far superior to the steam work shop so far. It is way too hard to find what you are looking for in the steam workshop. Thanks for the links. Will check them out and see if I can find some details on the various fixes and give them a go. On a side note. I have finalised the list of mods I want to use for my next play through. The thing is I have loaded and un- loaded a lot (a shit load really) of mods and wanted to return my game to a "fresh" install, before loading the mods I have settled on. What is the best method of doing this? I though of deleting the local game files of my Skyrim steam install and obviously un-installing nexus mod manager. But is there a sound method of guaranteeing a nice clean install? Again thanks to everyone for the replies.
  10. ae86represent

    Skyrim and its crap shadows!?!

    Hey peeps. So what's up with the shoddy shadows in skyrim? Is there a working fix? Or is this just something that I will have to put up with? If it was just the shoddy jagged edges of the dynamic shadows out doors, I could probably learn to live with it. But what really gets my goat is the flickering/striped shadows on my character and NPC's. It looks awful and is really distracting. Shadows indoors and in dungeons look fine, characters included, so I hope this is something that can be fixed with a couple of tweaks? Please oh please help. Skyrim is looking so very pretty on my new rig (have been playing around with modding and have just about settled on a final build to start a new character/game) but am loath to play through with the shadows as bad as they are. Have tried playing around with the in game graphics settings to no avail. Have also tried a couple of fixes involving editing the SkyrimPrefs.ini file, again to no avail. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  11. ae86represent

    twin HD6870

    Hi Mate. Now I asume you already have on 6870 and want to add another? I which case you can. Your board supports CrossFireX. Though I question the value of doing this. Plus the 6870's are getting hard to come by. You might be better off simply upgrading to a faster single card solution.
  12. ae86represent

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    I'd probably be interested in those, any idea how much shipping to 7321 would be? Not sure mate. My post code is 4814. Feel free to calculate freight, and if you thinks its worth while I'll box in all up in bubble wrap and send it off. I would expect $30-$50 worse case scenario. I might even be able to organise freight through the company I work for. They have a national account with TOLL/IPEC. I'll hit up the boss on Tuesday. It would make me smile to know the gear will see a little love. I really don't think I'll ever do anything with it. Just make sure you post up some pics when its running. Oh and be sure to OC the f'k out of it and post some scores. I remember those 6600's were close to top of the atomic charts for 3d mark scores back in the day. Very impressive for passively cooled units. Though I did have an ass load of fans pointing at them lol.
  13. ae86represent

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    Not sure who that was directed at, but the pair that I have are PCIx. Sorry mate.
  14. ae86represent

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    Didn't atomic do an article about an oil cooling setup using (castor?) oil and dry ice? Oh look there is a vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tpTrtjwixc Wasn't that long ago.
  15. ae86represent

    Upgrading to AthlonXP

    I have a pile of old Athlon 64 gear floating around I am willing to donate to anyone with enough motivation to do something constructive with it. ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe MB 2x Geforce 6600gt cards (gigabyte passively cooled items) 2x 512Mb Giel ONE ram 1.5,2,2,5 And an Athlon 64 processor. Can't remember the specs, but has these numbers printed on the top. ADA3200DIK4BI CBBID 0509CPDW 1219666C50095 Just sitting there collecting dust. Keep thinking I should clean it all up and see if it fires up. But really cant be stuffed.