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  1. commanderjarak

    New HTPC

    Hi everyone, Looking to put together a HTPC running openELEC using some spare parts and some new parts (Case, PSU and Graphics Card). It'll be running a E6420 (I think) on a Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 with a stock cooler. I'm looking at getting either the Silverstone LC10-e or the Silverstone LC17 and a ~400W PSu ( probably an XFX Core edition) The main thing I'm not sure about is the Graphics card. Does Linux still have problems running AMD cards? I'm guessing that if I want to go silent for the GPU, than I'm going to have to go reatively low spec, something line a GT210, or a 6450? How would either of those cards handle some light gaming duties if so needed down the track? Anything else I should add/change, while still keeping it as cheap as possible? EDIT: I just realized I have a spare radeon 5570 kicking around which I don't remember being overly loud?p. Just a question of whether AMD has picked up their game with Linux
  2. commanderjarak

    CPU for design software

    Not sure if you've bought one yet, but keep in mind that for AutoCAD the i5 may well run faster as AutoCAD is still only single threaded, so you'd get better performance with a higher clocked CPU. I think the 3570 is a little higher clocked than the 3770?
  3. commanderjarak

    *Budget* Gaming PC

    Cool, I'll go with the 7750 then. Still not sure what size PSU I'll need though. Edit: Just had a look at Thermaltake's PSU Calculator, and it says 300W is the minimum size needed, I'm guessing I should go at least go 350-450 to account for peak power? Something like XFX Core Edition 450W?
  4. commanderjarak

    *Budget* Gaming PC

    Managed to get my hands on a Gigabyte GA-965P-SA3 and an E6600 for free (the other processor I was thinking of was an E6420), also got a free Antec SLK3800B to stick it in and a free 20" monitor (goota love having an uncle who never throws anything away). Got some of his spare HDDs as well, they'll do for now. The only other things I need are a Graphics card and PSU. I'm looking at getting something like a 7750 or a GT630 (not sure which will be better), but not sure what watt PSU I'd need for this?
  5. commanderjarak

    *Budget* Gaming PC

    Problem is, I don't have a case or anything at the moment, I'm running a laptop that's about 3 or 4 years old, and slowly dying. So how would an i3 system fare against an old Core 2 (Quad or Duo) system, or an older am3 system in terms of gaming?
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to get some ideas as to what people thought would be the best way to go about building a cheap gaming PC for the next year or so. I'm thinking buying secondhand from here and the classified section may be my best bet, as I've already got a couple of gig of DDR2, and a Core 2 Duo E8400 ( I think?) and aftermarket cooler. In terms of budget, I'm looking at a couple of hundred, say $300 at the most? What would others recommend?
  7. commanderjarak

    The Hobbit Review

    Just thought I would point out that TLotR is actually only one book (composed of six sub-books) published in three volumes. Don;t have much else to offer atm, as I have yet to see the movie, but should be seeing it this weekend hopefully.
  8. commanderjarak

    Israel Vs Gaza

    Metal Storm would only be good for point defence due to it's short range. Missiles can intercept rockets from miles away. EDIT:- Given that Palestinian rockets are hand made from fertiliser and steel tubing, and are said to cost no more than a few hundred dollars each, one wonders how many missiles the Israelis will have to manufacture, and at what cost.... One could easily imagine one of these missiles running into the tens or hundreds of thousands each, in addition to the tracking and transportation system. So used in much the same way the the Phalanx CIWS are used then?
  9. commanderjarak

    Israel Vs Gaza

    If anyone's ever read "World War 2.0", this is Metal Shield, right here! Nah I get the feeling that MetalStorm is Metal Shield. Also, a system like that would help take down missiles better than shooting missiles at them?
  10. commanderjarak

    Grand Theft Auto V

    It's probably just those wonky looking hedges, they look really unnatural to me. They really do... I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
  11. commanderjarak


    Oh, so you're french. Well that explains a lot. ;{D Spanish. Wut? and that, my liege, is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped. This new learning amazes me. Explain again how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.
  12. commanderjarak

    Oh Drats

    Pretty much, i can't see why they are as restricted as they currently are. Slingshots i can understand having seen a roo taken down with one. I'm assuming it's more of anything that you can point and send something at a velocity more than anything. Unless you live in the NT, where AFAIK crossbows are NOT prohibited weapons. Just need a drivers license and a bill proving your address, but you still can't buy a slingshot? Surely a crossbow is deadlier than a slingshot?
  13. commanderjarak

    New Gaming PC

    So at that point as far as users are concerned, the two act as a single hard drive?
  14. commanderjarak

    New Gaming PC

    What do you mean by cache in this sense? A 60GB SSD would still fit windows and most of your apps on there, and you could make a folder for games on the 1TB Black. I have a very similar setup currently, but I have a 120GB SSD (only using a 70GB partition though) and I store most of my games and stuff like steam on a 1TB WD Black. Using an SSD as a cache basically copies any frequently used files there so they can be accessed much faster next time you need them. I've not tried it but it should give you most of the benefits of an SSD, but a lot more capacity, like a hybrid SSD/mechanical drive. Is Intel's SRT a cache system? And would I need to partition the SSD and use the partition as the cache?
  15. commanderjarak

    New Gaming PC

    What do you mean by cache in this sense?