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  1. Trekker

    New Case

    really hanging towards the 810 is there much difference between to 810 and the 820. I like the 810 most.
  2. Trekker

    New Case

    looks good. Looking into that one.
  3. Trekker

    New Case

    i already have a 120x3 rad got 2 actually
  4. I have atm a i7 ati 7900 series gfx 1xssd 1x3.5 hdd + blu ray writer, only. In a tj-09 that is now beten up a bit and want to get a more modern case with most parts already done. Can anone recommend a case. Must fit a 3x120 radiator in it, and a 2x120 or 3x120 in it would be good to.
  5. Trekker

    Online BF3 cd key

    looking into it now. Good find. 70 is ok for all... I paid 70 i think just for bf3 then 50 for prem.
  6. Trekker

    Online BF3 cd key

    I guy at work wants to buy bf3. I bought mine from a store , but he wants to download it. Where is the cheapest place we can get these. Also i have bf3, then bought the premium. do you have to buy both to get premium?
  7. Trekker

    rat 7 mouse

    The m60 looks good, but i am concered about the pinky finger gap, as on the rat 7 my pinky always loops under the mouse near the palm part of the mouse. stupid finger....
  8. Trekker

    rat 7 mouse

    i have been using a microsoft sidewinder mouse x8 for a few years. It finally stopped working. Then i just bought a R.A.T 7 mouse and after 5 days of using it...i dont like it. I dont like all the hole areas, my fingers always go there. SO i thing they dont make the x8 any more? Anyone recommend a good gaming full mouse ( this one needs to be corded). Is there a x8 , but with a cord?
  9. Trekker

    half life 2 mod 11

    Been overseas for a 6 weeks. back. Now i am trying to download the file to make the mod work ..I think it was in the first few pages of the mag. There is alot of link to alot of stuff that i know fuck all about. I have the game via steam, half life 2. So what do i do download episode 1 and 2 then the mod 11 then the patch. Is this correct?
  10. Trekker

    buy diablo in usa?

    when on a holiday 2 days before d3 came out. Should i jut buy it in the usa? would itbe cheaper. ? BTW still another 4 weeks till home ( 6 week holiday). Great timing hey :( Loooking forward to the game, as i remember playing d1 when it came out and loved it.
  11. Trekker


    Hi going on a holiday soon. Can anyone recommend a camera around 250 bucks max that can shoot good pics and video. Can they do video for 20 to 30 mins? 720p or something like that. Holiday camera too, so in pocket all day. Dont want it to bulky.
  12. Trekker

    skyrim mods

    thanks for that :)
  13. Trekker

    skyrim mods

    Hi i just bought skyrim and am looking at playing it over this long weekend. Can anyone recommend and mods i sohuld play with it. I read in the mag about a interface mod that makes it easier. A high res pack maybe, any ideas. But i dont want to modify the game that much as in story as i have not played it yet.
  14. Trekker

    reimaging files

    I have a blu ray disc i ripped .. played around with the files and now trying to reimage, but to hard drive. I was using alchol but i can only get it to reimage to a dics , which i dont want to do. Want to reimage it all to a single file. (50 gig odd). Help please. :)
  15. Trekker

    Light laptop needed.

    ..ops wrong area..... move please