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    Best Music/Media player?

    VLC for Videos, MPC for HD movies foobar2000 for music both work fine on Win 7 x64
  2. FreshWater_Sn@ke

    dsicreet 2.1 setup recommendations?

    Consider some Altec Lansing speakers, they have a 2.0 system with 4" speakers in the bottom of the units and 1" tweeters in the top.
  3. FreshWater_Sn@ke

    Whats your 'All Time' Favorite movie quote?

    Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. V for Vendetta.
  4. FreshWater_Sn@ke

    So I started playing WoW again

    I've been busy. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.x...gus&n=Cront