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  1. Evil_Monkey

    Steam Boxes, what market segment are they aimed at?

    Intersting tech, but atm it doesnt provide a compelling buy against a custom build steam box, for me. Though i do plan to sit and wait. Maybe in a year or two when the tech behind those NUCs mature a bit it might be more tempting. But the idea of a localised OS natively supporting tvs with its own controller etc seems pretty good. But atm im still happy with my ps3 and 360, still got plenty of games to go through yet before i seriously consider my next upgrade path.
  2. Evil_Monkey

    Do Virus checkers spy on us

    I remember years ago using norton. A couple of months after installing it i noticed, in the software, i was repeatedly getting attempts to hack my system from a couple of ip adresses. I had a look into it and it turned out tue ip addresses in question were coming from nortons hq somewhere in the US. I promptly uninstalled the software and have never used it again. Im all for antivirus software programs like norton trying to remotely hack my system to test for vulnerabilities etc, id just like to be notified first...
  3. Evil_Monkey

    Steam Boxes, what market segment are they aimed at?

    To get back onto topic... I find myself, these days, mainly using my laptop as a media player. I seem to be doing more and more things on my phone, and am finding my laptop, well, becoming relatively obsolete in the next five or so years. So yes, i am someone who is looking forward to the steam os. To be able to build a custom "console" to take full advantage of my tv and stereo for gaming. Hopefully extra code will come out to support htpc like functions, and considering its open source, i imagine valve having the brains to make this os fully capable with media players etc. Otherwise, since a steambox is just a small form factor pc, i can just dual boot windows 7 for any other programs i migt need that steamos doesnt support. The chance to play games at 4k on a nice 55" + screen really appeals to me after seeing the quality of the 8th gen consoles. I felt a little let down by their lack of fidelity, tbh
  4. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Mmm, thats a nice example of a well made passive radiator enclosure. If i can get my homejob to look one tenth as good as that ill be stoked lol Yeah ive decided, the passive radiator style enclosure will suit my needs perfectly. I checked the specs on the sa12, it seems(to my limited knowledge) to be an ok fit to this type of enclosure, now ive just got to sort out dimensions etc and find a suitable passive driver, im leaning towards something with high excursion potential since the sa12 throws pretty hard... On the look for an old worn out 15" with a decent cone etc to modify, since im not too eager to keep shipping form the us lol, nobody seems to stock them here... Would fibreglass be better for sound characteristics? Fibreglassing is not an issue, im just curious, your opinion, if sinking the extra cash for fibreglass would net any noticable improvement in sq?
  5. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    A passive radiator style box... Im liking that idea quite a lot. Kind of a best of both a ported and sealed enclosure, with few of the drawbacks... At least from what my research has told me. Im definitely going to look into this, cheers Master
  6. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    I was considering a sealed enclosure. A little easier to design/setup etc... Im going to sit back, think about this a bit, and then decide what course of action to take. Btw the coils on those subs are 2ohm dvc. I figured dual 2ohm would be better for wiring to 4 or 1ohm, depending on what im thinking of doing with the subs.
  7. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Hi again. Yeah, this is definitely a "because i can" project. I was over at a mates place, and he had a 1000w svs subwoofer. He gave me a demo, and i was literally blown away by how much bass that thing produced. It ended up with some light hearted bantering, and now with me trying to make something capable of hitting lower frequencies louder than his sub, for cheaper. I brought two of those sundown subs, am going to use one for my car, one for the ht(something i decided recently after checking out prices on plate amps). I picked them up because for the price i payed for them, i cannot find anything anywhere near as capable as them for the money. Im aware of the fact that theyre not designed for ht, something i figure i can offset partially with a ported box. (and its mainly going to be for music anyway) Ive found the part i need, off of parts-express.com, a thousand watt plate amp for around 400 ish. Getting it over here for under that same price again is proving to be a hassle. Off to give shipito.com a try, i guess :) After the research ive done, and advice given here, ive decided against the psus, will go with a suitable plate amp, and will spend probably ages tinkering with box designs to get something im happy with. And yeah Master_Scythe, i came into this project thinking i had a basic understanding of speakers etc principles, and have now realised i know nowhere near as much as i thought lol, basically nothing All part of the fun with projects like these though, im learning alot
  8. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Ouch, looking at over 300 for two suitable plate amps... Something to consider for the future, i guess
  9. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Ah, okay then, ill cross that one off of my list. And in terms of 240v amps, im not aware of any that can come close to outputting the wattage im chasing for a reasonable price. Ive looked at plate amps, cant find any at over 300wrms, looked at home amps, none of them come close to giving me the output i require... Maybe im missing something? Lol, just realised since im getting dual 2ohm voice coils that twin plate amps would work... Off to do some research
  10. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Or would a couple of these be a better option? Server PSU
  11. Evil_Monkey

    Mc Caffee to defeat government snoops?

    Soon terrorists and drug traffickers will have a new way to comunicate without the powers that be investigating, and it sounds to be fairly idiot proof... It will be interesting to see in how many countries this lil piece of technology gets banned in, and how many of the seedier organizations around the world pick this up to keep their affairs quiet.
  12. Evil_Monkey

    Connecting multiple psus' 12 volt rails together

    Hey Master_Scythe. Yeah, i know those subs are rms 600, but i know for a fact they can handle over 1200wrms a piece. Ive seen them in action pushing 145db at 1150wrms @ 2ohm, in a single sub ported and tuned enclosure. Hence why i am buying them, the sq and spl potential per dollar make them one of the best bang for buck subs i have ever seen in my life. So the amps/watts ratings im giving them are pretty mild, all things considered. I hope i dont come across as if im talking down to you or anything, by no means was that my intention. And yeah, ive had a look at those 12v converters, unfortunately they dont have anywhere near the output potential i require. I have seen on a youtube video where a guy hooked up four psus to (i think theyre called) dual channel rectifiers(?) and a few capacitors to make, what he claimed, was a fairly bullet proof high amp 12v output(if i remember correctly, about 72amps stable). Unfortunately i have been unable to find any wiring diagrams to check out myself, nor do i have the ability to figure it out for myself. So yeah, if anyone knows of where i can find more info on what i am talking about, or really, any help pointing me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi all. On the way from america ive got two sundown audio sa12s coming. The reason for this is to upgrade my old subwoofer in my house to something capable of truly high spl, with some decent sound quality thrown in. Im looking at getting a hifonics 2000w amp in the near future to run. So anyway, im looking for a 12v source capaple of providing me between 150-200 amps reliably, and as cheap as possible. Ive been running a 300w kenwood kac model off of a ebay brought hps 850w psu (capable of 38amps peak on the 12v rail) for quite some time, with little issue. So ive been reading on the net, and i found a site that said (regarding to the old AT psu style), that as long as you negate the chasis ground on your "slave" psus, you can daisy chain as many psus as you like, for me in this situation, 5. What im wondering is, does this apply to the newer ATX style as well? Or will i run into (potentially catastrophic) issues with this setup? For the record, i was planning on removing the yellow 12v wiring out of the psus and upgrading to heavy gauge wire to fix any issues i may find with running to high a current through the standard (5a or so i believe) wires. So yeah, any other advice you guys could give me with getting this up and running would be sweet.
  14. Evil_Monkey

    Robo Story

    Lol, thats the one. Seems to be the only place on the world it can be found, cept maybe some oldskoolers vhs collection from the 70s-80s...