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    ASUS's ROG CG8565 Tytan case

    I don't mind the look of it externally, but once the side panel is taken off it shows it for what it truly is, a $60 case with a heap of added unnecessary plastic. This just seems like a system designed by Asus' marketing department in an attempt to capitalise on their ROG branding, the only problem is there's nothing ROG about it. ROG products are typically expensive but offer a level of 'experimental' functionality not available in there standard products. That's what I'd expect to see in a ROG system, a system where all of asus' top engineers are crammed into a small room with loads of highly caffeinated beverages with one objective - design a stupidly powerful system that integrates all the features they personally would want in a system but no sane company would integrate. The outcome being something unique and 'experimental' and equally highly priced. Given asus' over all product folio they have all the talent needed in house to create are truly incredible system, but instead they come out with an over priced system that most people could happily build for a fraction of the cost, very disappointing.
  2. Your reasoning is sound, however i'd still recommend when your new sound card arrives test out both analogue and digital options then use which ever sounds best to you.
  3. Atx are rather easy, all you need is a couple of staples: Take 2x staples connected together, and bend one set of prongs back like shown, make 2x of these. Insert them into your connector as shown, push the staples in as far as they will go, and give the wire a pull to remove. This technique works on both male and female connectors, pcie, eps, atx all use the same pin type. I'd personally recommend the use of a proper depinning tool but this is a handy technique to know
  4. Nice work p0ison, that's the right technique for depinning the old 3pin shielded male connector, thank your self lucky that you've got the crimped variety and not the soldered. If you happen to break a few along the way you can always buy them here: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/12299/el...?tl=g51c393s323 Installation with a proper crimping tool is dead easy, but a pair of pliers will suffice for such small pins.
  5. aliali's suggestion is by far your best option, also look at plastic fabricators in case you want some cnc/laser cutting, bending etc done too. However if you just want some acrylic and ordering online is your prefered method then check out gammods: http://www.gammods.com.au/store/index.php?...&cPath=7_19
  6. m0zes

    New case

    Shyne if your after a case for a water cooling project have a look at dangerden or mountain mods range, they're pretty bare bones that is you will not find any hot swap hdd bays, tooless this or that. But what they do and do very well is provide you with heaps of room for your water cooling hardware and to show it off. I particularly like this one: http://www.dangerden.com/store/dd-double-w...es-edition.html
  7. You got shipped the old version, that sucks. But since we are on the topic there was NO flaw in the RV02 in regards to the hdd bays, it was a user issue flaw, see image below: http://i803.photobucket.com/albums/yy312/m...pg?t=1297328035 See that, that's my RV02 and the hdd bay can be inserted in and out the front no problem at all, why? Because when the case ships the front bays have these in place: http://i803.photobucket.com/albums/yy312/m...pg?t=1297328338 These are standard on most steel cases, simply pop them out and away you go. This is were I just don't understand how people can be so obtuse, you've got to remove one of these plates to install an optical drive, who would have thought you'd need to remove them to access the hdd bay through the front too.
  8. m0zes

    Project: RED

    Frunj, how do you find working with vinyl dye over a standard paint? Would you recommend people stick with vinyl dye for fans or would an acrylic spray pack work well too?
  9. m0zes

    Project: RED

    Oh bugger me I see your point, yeah I agree that would have been silly business, you definately went with the smart option there no doubt. Great work again Frunj, looking forward to the next update
  10. m0zes

    Project: RED

    I think you've missed what I was getting at frunj, you'd no longer be using the eject button that came with the optical drive you'd be using the reset button that came with your case. The button that the optical drives uses is a simple momentary switch, the same basic 'type' that case switches use, so you can wire up an optical drive to a cases reset button or another momentary switch and use it to control the optical drive drawer - if you wanted to be really fancy you could tap one into a keyboard. However the way you've got yours working is a very nice option too.
  11. m0zes

    Project: RED

    Nice work Frunj, you hate me now but you'll love me later. A quick question on your optical drive mod, since you were already soldering around the activity led is there any reason why you didn't do a full electrical mod on the power switch ie solder on a couple of wires then running them through and connecting them to your reset button?
  12. Well if you're going to go for the Lain Li cost wise the antec is a perfectly reasonable option too: Lian Li = $280 or Antec + matx = $140 + $115 = $255
  13. Okay, so it's not just the look of the case, it's that it's over kill for your system. Now that raises a question do you have an atx or matx motherboard? If you have an atx would you consider switching it for an matx model? I ask this because a nice compact micro atx case could be an excellent option for you. A case like this Lian Li, Silverstone or Silverstones up coming FT03 could just be the perfect cases for you. So long as your psu isn't massive you shouldn't have any problems fitting the rest of your hardware into them. Then you'll have what you want, a case that's better suited to your hardware, small, light and compact, just right. As for a replacement motherboard if you need it, this Gigabyte should be sufficient for your needs.
  14. Wait what? You want to replace the RV02 one of the best air cooled cases on the market with a rather average case like the Fenris Wolf just because you don't like the way the RV02 looks anymore. Each to there own, but if I was getting rid of my RV02 i'd want to replace it with a case that was actually better than it. My money for a replacement case would be the Corsair 600T, excellent build quality, packed with features, some of the best cable management in the business, decent cooling and well priced. Some other cases that are well worth a look at: NZXT Phantom, a well rounded feature packed case, if the look of the RV02 is grinding on you then this might not be the best option, but worth a look none the less Silverstone FT02, all the good things about RV02, but with a sleak aluminium body.
  15. m0zes

    International Computer Sites

    I'm all for buying things from overseas when you can't source it locally, buying water cooling hardware from overseas will often save you money and you get access to pretty much all the hardware you want with out the typical dramas that you get locally. Also water cooling hardware is low risk, the chance of something failing is minimal, unlike system components that have a much higher risk of failure. Don't bet on the manufacturer warranting your product, why? 1-The manufacturer doesn't warrant you, the manufacturer warrants the company that they sold it to, that company warrants you. 2-If your sending a piece of hardware purchased from another country back to your local distributor the chance that they will warrant it for you is the better part of sweet f*** all. They didn't sell it why would they warrant it?