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    So - who's around these days?

    hmmm... what kind of green? this consideration is particularly particular around here. as in, i'm totally vetoing slushie green....
  2. Catmosphere


    Lol... my next problem turns out to be the power supply. From what i can understand it has to be specialised. So unlikely i can get it from MSY tomorrow. Im really regretting this MB right now.
  3. Catmosphere


    My motherboard is LGA2011-3 so it doesnt look like it fits The back plate that is. Also MSY Ultimo guys are wonderful - theyre v helpful and explained a bit more what you said Rybags
  4. Catmosphere


    Hi :) First PC build myself not asking friends to do it and if i dont F it up I will end up with a monster. So massive derp up, I start and Ive forgotten the CPU heatsink/fan. So MSY Ultimo tomorrow. I have the Asus X99 and an i7. Will not be overclocking. What is reliable, good and not too hard for a newb to install? There are like 50 to choose from and reading tech screens on mobile phones sucks (thanks Microsoft anniversary update for ruining my birthday long weekend)
  5. Catmosphere

    Avid Pro Tools

    Hey, it looks like I'm going to be taking over from someone the post-production of audio files before publishing them on the internet. I asked him what he used on the .wav files (sound is captured using Audacity) and he commented: "I worked within Pro Tools 11, where I would use the Channel Strip plugin on the audio track. I think the preset I used was 'vocal leveler'. I'd then put a Maxim plugin (which is a limiter) the master channel. Again I think the preset was 'radio limiter' or something. I didn't try to make it as loud as possible (I may have played with the wet/dry signal in the plugins to tone it down), but I was trying to get the level to be in the ball park of any other published audio. I was aiming for having the master level bouncing nicely away between -15 and 0dB" Just sort of feeling my way as I read various things on the net and wondered if anyone here had any comments? * should I get Pro Tools for a Mac instead of a PC? * I really know very little about published audio - where is best to start to learn about this? Reading on the Pro Tools site they suggest online courses - does anyone have recommendations? * I asked whether just using audacity plugins was enough and was told that a high quality approach was required I've mucked around with a sound desk before and have a little bit of an ear for EQ but this is the whole post production thing... Helpful comments appreciated.
  6. Catmosphere

    What's on your mind?

    I guess you could write Excel macros in C, but I've never tried, and it seems a bit overkill for manipulating lists. Another approach is to export the Excel data as a CSV file, then either write or use an existing CSV parser. Shouldn't be too difficult, even in C. Personally I'd use something higher level like Clojure or Python. It's got some funny delimiters but yeah whichever to preprocess the data. ty suggesting Python. I've been dragging my feet so it's good to hear that would be worth the effort if I tried. Edit: but bitbucket lets me do C... so maybe another day :)
  7. Catmosphere

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Nice. I should show my dad. He inherited one from my great uncle (yes, its old older old). What are you going to use it for? Specific projects or do you have a particular hobby?
  8. Catmosphere

    What's on your mind?

    Depending on the problems you're looking to solve, you can use an online REPL. What do you have in mind? Nothing terribly complicated - shuffling a large number of lists around that refer to one another in various ways. Old days I would suck up as a linked list in C and then process. Data is just in excel so maybe muddling through how to get it in the macros but I'm not sure if it supports those types of data structures as well as linked lists (well - I don't know macro stuff very well). I can sort of psuedo code it. Maybe. Maybe I haven't really though if I can't work out how to set it up. Got bitbucket and sourcetree and am stuffing around trying to work out which way is up. :) Kinda fun. Even though I have nfi what I'm doing :)
  9. Catmosphere

    Do you remember this from the archives?

    Very satisfying to read. So often you hear stories but you don't hear about end justice. To hear justice for you particularly nodnerb is very comforting. But man what an ordeal. So glad all your efforts have made for a solid result. *And* staring them down. Courage. Hoping many others hear and are warmed or warned as they deserve.
  10. Catmosphere

    What's on your mind?

    What's on my mind? Trying to rediscover an old love - coding. Having problems working out the programming spaces and impatient of setup - wanting to start to solve the puzzles again and create things that are useful.
  11. It's drizzling and not pouring. If it goes from one to the other there are comfy pubs nearby :) Bring a brolly. Lovely peaceful place. Even more peaceful when people are scared of a bit of damp... and it adds to the kind of artistry and mood of the graveyard itself. My number to SMS me on : 0408408865 If you ring me I might answer too.
  12. Well I will wander past at 3pm tomorrow and sit under the figtree near the cottage. If anyone shows up we'll go for a wander on the interesting stuff. Otherwise I will wander (with book in hand) to the Shenkin cafe for a bit if there is seating.
  13. Catmosphere

    Do you still identify with your handle?

    Catmosphere was chosen because it sounded a bit more neutral sounding and inclusive - so not really (except the cat bit... but it's the internet so... cats... so that's not saying much). So I don't really feel all that emotionally attached to it other than a convenience thing - it bugs me a little when I need a handle on some site and that's taken, mainly in terms of mild inconvenience of finding another. Would I change it? Again inconvenience means apathy wins out. My personal names, nick names, terms of endearment I keep just between close friends I've known for a while - this handle then is mainly to create a little distance for any randoms that might stumble across it. When I type a post though, I would hope that my post's contents indicate I care something about the person who wrote the OP ( :P hi Virul ) and other posters. But as you get to know people the handle means something because you know the person, not necessarily just the handle. Unless the handle is deliberately provocative. Like a suspicious tendency to provoke a certain type of fruit eating by a particular technology choice for example (Chosen, not at random... :P )
  14. /wigglebump THIS COMING SUNDAY! (how did that happen??? It's almost APRIL??!??!?) Just one person and I'll happy make sure this happens. I live in the area so this is easy for me. Yes/no/maybe?
  15. Oh sure... I can do the 22nd of March still. 3pm. Meet at the fig tree just inside the front drive. Would love to see you Chaos, Squidy or Fenn. And anyone else. A nice relaxed afternoon. :) Will confirm again nearer the day, and if people can't make it then no matter - I could do another one at any time.