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    Is this piece of art acceptable?

    From the article: Saudek's works were in a separate room with a warning at the door that they contained adult content. Anyhow......Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo wouldn't have survived if they were up and coming artists in this day and age: http://www.suggestsoft.com/images/screensa...screensaver.gif http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0dRRcJC9YQ1tu/340x.jpg http://www.oilpaintings-sales.com/images-b...rocks-84947.jpg http://mypaintinggallery.files.wordpress.c...nci15.jpg?w=121
  2. Laptirp

    The Third Reich-ea

    The heat in this thread is fantast(ic). I'm sitting here eating my favorit dessert,and after reading the charm espoused by some of the posts, I'm feelin' rather groggy.
  3. Laptirp

    Post your celebrity encounters!

    I've fucked the best of them.
  4. Laptirp

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    That rocked me... I coulda sworn I saw your arrival, and I didn't think I'd been here that long. Well, two archive searches later: laptirp 11/8/06 11:24:50 PM ...and... Cybes 6/3/06 2:29:27 PM You did say 'circa'. Hell, that went quick. You're right, Cybes.....now that I've bothered to check!!! I knew it was between 2004-2006/7, so I took a stab.... in between... lol!! >.< I can always count on you. You're still the sweetheart that I remember when I first joined. Even though this place has had a complete makeover since I first joined, and seems to be headed towards oblivion, you still haven't changed. Keep it up, hun.
  5. Laptirp

    The crazy turned into awesome!

    The 2nd video was the shizz!!.......Sonify FTW!!
  6. Laptirp

    Doom style alarm clock!

    The kid didn't seem to mind too much, though. Maybe it's son and dad bonding time. or something.
  7. Laptirp

    Well Done Corsair!

    Tech Talk---->
  8. Laptirp

    tips for finding love

  9. Laptirp

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    <-- Circa 2005.
  10. Laptirp

    Riots in London

    No, I'm not a Corporation in the US with no liability, an employee of Halliburton, Xe Services or Insert Overzealous Protected Corporation here. Tou-Che, Guevara.
  11. Laptirp

    Riots in London

    who are these people? do you think i am one of them? Are you someone with no sense of responsibility, who thinks you can do whatever you want, and complain about the injustice you've been dealt, and are willing to maim, injure and rob the livelihood of others', in an attempt to justify your angst, with total disregard to the law and the consequences of your actions? If so, then yes. you're 'one of them'.
  12. Laptirp

    Yet another what you would you do in this situation?

    It's a shame you guys don't live next door to this bloke:
  13. Laptirp

    Riots in London

    Nice word play, Hlass. :) Me no play your game!
  14. Laptirp

    Riots in London

    What's your point here? There's many disenfranchised people all over the world, however,most voice their opinion in ways that don't involve burning and looting or beating the shit out of others'. The one's that do this don't deserve to be heard anyway,