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  1. I copiec the Steam folder, deleted that file and it seems to be working. Let me patch a couple of games. However it won't connect to the store, although I've unblocked it from the firewall...
  2. Hi guys, just setting up my new rig, and I'm having a problem with the sound. At first I thought only the right channel on my headphones was working, but then noticed I'm getting a tiny bit of sound from the left. It's set up just as it was for my previous system; cable runs to a splitter where half goes to the buttkicker gamer amp, the other is the single cable for the headphones. The mic is plugged in and works fine. The audio is plugged into the front/out jack on the rear, I get full volume on the right, but only a trickle on the left. When I plug it into the front jack it works perfectly. Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it? I'll get by with it plugged into the jack at the top, but I really want it tucked away behind it eventually... Cheers, Dan. Bah! I tried the only thing I hadn't, and switched off the function that automatically detects what's plugged in, and it's working now. Sorry to waste your time :)
  3. Ah you're a legend, thanks :)
  4. Gah, I thought you said you don't really have a budget :) Got me all excited. Sort of throws out what I was going to suggest, but I'd recommend going with an Intel chip. I'm all for competition, but the Core 2's win hands down against current line up. A pity in a way as it means there is really no other choice that makes a great deal of sense, but they offer great performance at a good price, and overclock well to boot. For that price point you really won't get something that will last a long time (ie. able to play the latest games at high settings). If high graphics settings aren't important to you then there's no reason it wouldn't keep you going for some time. Bear in mind that XP doesn't support DX10, so if you're playing later games you won't have that option - although there's not a great deal out atm that supports it, and so far it hasn't really been all the hype led people to believe. For $1500 I'd be looking at a dual core Intel chip, probably a GTX 260+ and a good PSU. Just my opinion and I'm by no means the most experienced bloke around here (in fact I had a similar topic to this a few weeks ago). Good luck with it all :)
  5. First of, my apologies if this is in the wrong section, and please move it where it's appropriate if so. I'm getting my new system tomorrow, and have the contents of my old hdd in a folder on the new one. I know with steam games you can install steam, then copy the old steam install over the top of it. Just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to copy the Warhammer Online files in a similar fashion? (Even if I could install the game then copy over all the patches etc) I know generally this doesn't work due to games making registry entries etc, but it would be frustrating knowing all the files are right there on the very same hdd but having to download it all again... Google is not my friend on this one. Thanks in advance for any replies. Dan.
  6. DanAus1983

    Age of Conan

    I played it for a few months. Had the early access, so I was right there from the start of the bugfest. It was the first MMO I played, and even with all of the broken quests/items/locations/systems and random crashes every couple of hours, I enjoyed it for a bit. It may have something to do with the fact that it was my first MMO and it brought me back to my Diablo days in a way. It NEVER should have seen light of day in the state it was in. If it had have been finished and polished, I think it would have had a very different future. With everything working as it should, it would be good. I just wonder if they haven't missed their chance by releasing it in an unfinished state... Even with everything fixed, it is probably too late for it now. It does look pretty though :)
  7. DanAus1983

    How do I copy old emails etc to a new Vista install?

    Oops. They were using Outlook Express, currently setting up Windows Mail on Vista.
  8. Hi guys, my parents in law needed a new pc, and as I was upgrading I built them a system using most of my old components. Now they have a fresh copy of Vista, which I got set up for them today, and I've configured their net and email. The contents of the old hdd (it was a 20gb hdd!) are on a folder on this one. When I set the email up, it downloaded 250 odd emails (that I assume were still on the mail server?), but he needs his 1k odd older emails as well. I know they're still there somewhere, but any idea on how I can retrieve them for him? I've mucked around with this once before and couldn't work it out, but I'm sure there must be a way... Cheers, Dan.
  9. DanAus1983

    Finally decided on new PC build

    Yeah good idea. I'll put the existing dvd burner I have in (it's fairly new) and use that for my burning needs.
  10. DanAus1983

    Finally decided on new PC build

    Hehehe, spot on about the stimulus package! I'll check out that PSU, but I think 750w might be a tad low when it comes time for SLI (or quad SLI... drool) It's just a Blu-ray reader - the burner is $375. I considered it, but then read that it only burns at 4x speed which sort of reminds me of CD/DVD burners when they first came out - slow and expensive, then within a year or two they were dirt cheap and about 10x faster! So I may wait on that, although it would be good for back ups. Thanks mate, my wife might kill me, but at least I'll be happy for a little while before she does :)
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking at ordering the following this afternoon: Cooler Master 4-Pack 120mm Fans $25.00 CoolerMaster ATCS 840 Black $384.00 Intel Core i7 920 $489.00 ASUS P6T Deluxe Motherboard $529.00 OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Platinum 3x2GB OCZ3P1333LV6GK (7-7-7-20 timings) $265.00 Corsair HX-1000W 1000W Power Supply $379.00 Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU Cooler $95.00 Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB WD1001FALS $199.00 64-bit MS Windows Vista Home Premium 1-Pack OEM DVD SP1 $193.00 Pioneer BDC-S02 Blu-ray Reader $175.00 I'm happy with it all, but just thought I'd post here in case anyone had any suggestions on something different. Basically I want a nice base that will be relatively future proof - what I mean by that is a large case with good airflow, a good PSU that I won't have to replace when I upgrade incrementally etc. I have a GTX 260+ that I'll use for now; in six months or so I'll look at getting two high end graphics cards and putting them in SLI/Crossfire. Will the Corsair 1000w PSU be sufficient for that, an overclocked i7 920 and a few HDDs? If Windows 7 is worth the upgrade I'll do a clean install with that, and perhaps get a WD raptor or two and RAID them then. I think it's pretty solid, just don't want to put the order in and regret not posting here first :) Cheers guys, Dan.
  12. Hmm, the Asus board does look rather sexy, although it is $100 dearer. I'll check it out more fully tomorrow when I'm not about to fall asleep :) What happened to my previous system? Well basically the GPU and PSU died, and I got a new GPU that won't fit on the board. I figured it's getting pretty old anyway, and seeing I've got a little spare cash atm I'd upgrade. Hey, we all love new toys :)
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'll grab 6gb of ram, the more the merrier I reckon :) I'll see what the price difference is between the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R and the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P - I read a couple of reviews on the UD4P and it looks pretty good, and it supports SLI as well as Crossfire which the UD3R doesn't, although apparently you can flash it with the UD4P bios to enable it. Also, I think the UD3R only has four dimm slots for ram? I'll grab the UD4P unless the price difference is huge. I like the idea of having two drives in RAID 0, with them being automatically backed up to a bigger HDD. If I get two 640gb drives and a 1tb one, will it just fill it up until it reaches the limit (if I ever manage to fill them past 1gb)? What will happen then? Also, does having them writing to the bigger HDD slow things down? I've read an article on RAID but still don't fully understand it. Cheers, Dan. PS. Sorry, one more thing - 1333mhz or 1600mhz ram?
  14. I deleted my original post because I made up my mind about what to do. Basically I have a case, gpu and periphials, but I need a new motherboard, cpu, ram and psu. I'm getting an i7 920, and a Corsair psu (750w or possibly 1000w so I can keep it when I upgrade), so that's pretty much sorted. I'm not too sure on the ram and the motherboard though. Is it worth paying more for faster DDR3? As far as motherboards go, I want something decent, that will fit a GTX 260 with aftermarket cooler, and possibly another in SLI at some stage. Really doesn't have to be top of the range, which will be more than I want to spend anyway. I must admit I haven't really researched the x58 boards much as I've only just decided to get one, but I'm going to go back over my stack of Atomics. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated though. I'm looking to spend around $1500 all up, which I can stretch a little bit without getting castrated - that's for CPU, Mobo, PSU and RAM, plus installation (the PC is already in a shop, I built the last one myself but I don't really have the time or energy atm so I'll let him do this one.) The case is an Antec 900, and I have a Dell 27", G15, G9, Z5500s etc so that side of things is fine. HDDs are cheap now so I might grab two 500gbs and put them in RAID with a 1tb as backup (is that RAID 0+5 or something?) Alternatively I could just keep what I have. I'm planning on a big upgrade eventually when I have the dough, but this will tide me over for a bit yet. I think the x58/i7 is a pretty good platform, no reason why I can't whack in a better graphics card (or SLI) down the track and that will satiate my thirst for sometime :) Sorry about the thesis in the original post, I hadn't at that time decided on the x58 platform. One final thing, if I go the 1000w Corsair would it be worth using that in my new system down the track, or should I just grab a 750w for now? Appreciate any help guys, as I said I'm about to go back through all the old reviews, but I'm sure someone will have an idea of the best bang for buck sort of board, without going too far to the budget end of things :)
  15. DanAus1983

    32GB DDR3 soon to land

    You can get 2TB hard drives now. And I doubt consumer PC power supplies will ever kick out 20kw. Of power as it is now, anyway. I have no doubt the equivalent of that will be easily produced by alternate power supplies in 20 years or so. Fuckin ZPMs ftw! Tetra, not Terra - whatever that is. *consults google*