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  1. lunchbox1988

    It's The Big One

    Get her an experience, sky-diving or bungee jumping, or a helicopter/balloon flight... Take her for a tour of wineries (if she likes wine). Not sure mate, good luck, I struggle finding things for my missus, we are both quite independent and buy what we want when we want it, so gifts are always fiddly... Or... being into tech, get her a 3D Printer... perhaps...
  2. lunchbox1988

    Pingtest.net - How is your line quality?

    Ran it 2 minutes later;
  3. lunchbox1988

    Concerts. Who, When And Any Good?

    Most memorable shows for me (in no particular order); True Live Paris Wells Joelistics N'Fa Jones Eminem Kendrick Lamar Kimbra Example The Streets The Herd TZU Butterfingers MC Lars Ok now I am just listing every bloody artist I've seen... Have never been to a concert where I felt ripped off. Have left a few gigs before they started, one because we realised on getting in, that it was all ages, and I was in no mood for that shit. Another one, was going through some rough sht with work and it was putting me into a really sad mood...
  4. lunchbox1988

    Getting a faulty product replaced under ACL

    This is good to know. Taking it to email would have to work for me, I find in person and on the phone I get too sarcastic and emotionally attached to the situation. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. lunchbox1988

    Grudges. Do you keep them?

    I try not to, but I do. I worked at a place where there was lots of backstabbing, blaming and terrible micro management. One of the team members was reported to have been badmouthing me to anyone who cared to listen, I chalked it up to him being jealous of my taking over a lot of his responsibilities since he had been moved into a less technical role. I got shitty at first, then I got over it, started trying to be nice to him, including him on tasks and conversations to help him feel part of the team and useful... His shit stopped for a while, then it started again, but then our boss got shit canned and we all got mad. I stuck it out for a couple of months, then got pushed into a role and duties I never signed on for, so I walked. I am now in my third week at a company where I am valued, respected and have a great team with me who are all a pleasure to work with. Long story short, holding grudges just got me worked up to boiling point and angry enough to quit. I changed my attitude, took a break and found a place where grudges aren't needed.
  6. lunchbox1988

    Surface Pro 3

    I'm considering asking work to get me a surface 2 or 3. Would need at least 250GB SSD and 8GB RAM to run my work apps.
  7. lunchbox1988

    Why Don't They Write Good Songs Anymore?

    What makes a classic? I think it is all a matter of opinion. I have songs in my collection from the 60s through to the 90s that register as classics for me, in that I can put them on and enjoy them regardless of how long ago I heard them, but I feel the same about songs in the last 15 years. What I like and what charts barely syncs up, but it's all relative.
  8. lunchbox1988

    to update or not.

    Was upgrading yearly, but I think my current machine will last me a few years... Maybe...
  9. lunchbox1988

    My Photography - shameless plug

    Thanks for the feedback, will have a bit of a play with some of the shots of N'Fa to see how I can get the WB to improve.
  10. Some of my shots from my website http://www.toddapplebee.com Joelistics performing live in Newcastle N'Fa Jones also in Newcastle Bartender at a whisky event at my barbershop Ex-Owner and Ex-Barista at a cafe I used to attend.
  11. lunchbox1988

    Am I the only one cracking the s#$ts at social media.

    I'm getting to a point where I want to get rid of my Facebook, but it is proving to be a somewhat effective way to promote my photography website. If it weren't for that little fact, I would probably have deleted my FB account for the 10th time already.
  12. lunchbox1988

    Come back you bastards.

    I'm back damn it! EDIT: And a new avatar of my ugly mug!
  13. lunchbox1988

    First World Problem, laptop size

    I started on a 13" Pro in 2010. Got a newer 13" pro in 2011 Then went to an 11" Air in 2012 Upgraded to the newer one in 2013... By the end of 2013 I was doing enough photo work that I decided on upgrading again to a 15" rMBP. About 80% of my laptop use is graphics work (mostly photo edits). Am about to start using it for VMs for training for work, but not sure whether to use VirtualBox or to put a bootcamp partition and use VMWare Workstation on a windows partition... Thinking I could even use parallels to do this, am downloading the newest release now to test it on Yosemite.