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    GTX680 issues

    well it doesnt always happen, happens sometimes... i can play bf3 fine and no issues...sometimes get a small stutter and i notice the fps doesnt go down at all during the stutter.. thats about the only issue there, just when i quit sometimes it will lockup with a red screen..thats happend twice both times was after recording, it also locked up but showing a normal screenshot of the scores etc at the end of the round... that was without recording last night. But yeah most of the time its all good. i think i will wait to the weekend and do a fresh install of win 7, been a while and im due for it i guess.. i have already used driver sweeper to uninstall the old drivers, good program that! :D Re: poison on red screen of death. Just basically what happens is it locks up the whole system on a bright blood red screen and you need to hard reboot to get out of it.. and yeah been hearing about it abit with 680s and nah it hasnt happend with afterburner not open...still going to be testing that further... i heard about those monitoring program issues can cause it but afterburner is about the only one i use! ive selected it not to open with windows startup now thanks guys for the replies and advice, i really hope all it is, is a driver issue...would hate to RMA the card lol...only heard of 2 others turning into a brick after red screening but from what they told me it was happening much much more frequently than mine.
  2. Sasquatch972

    GTX680 issues

    i recently bought a Galaxy GTX680 GC video card... loving the performance playing bf3 with everything maxed out but have had a few issues. My computer has Frozen on a bright red screen right after i have either quit or alt+tab'd out of BF3 while recording with Afterburner, ive had this issue twice, also it has frozen while quiting out of bf3 (the red screen has only happened twice and i have frozen on a normal screen twice...all requiring a hard reboot), never had this issue before with my other card, it has only came since the upgrade. im running 301.10 drivers and havent overclocked the GPU CPU is @ 4.2ghz, using a Corsair TX850watt psu that is about 2 years old. would like to know what other people think? thanks
  3. Sasquatch972

    New rig

    you would gain a little with a new GPU, of course not as much as if you bought a new cpu + mobo setup at the same time, but as others have said, ivy bridge is going to be released very soon so its worth say buying the videocard first, then saving abit more money and buying an ivy bridge setup. FYI i had a Q6600 oc to 3.2ghz and running the same video card ive got now which is a 5850, even overclocked to the max i could barely play bf3 on medium-high settings with the Q6600 oc to 3.2ghz....yet when i got the i5 2500k + mobo and ram, i was able to play everything on ultra with 2xmsaa....there is a pretty decent difference felt in games. but my advice is wait for the new series to come to upgrade, GPU first.
  4. Sasquatch972

    2500k CPU cooler advise

    im running a corsair H70, not tooo bad
  5. Sasquatch972


    plantronics gamecom 777's! got a set, they were recommended to me, good for gaming or music! about 60-70 bucks
  6. Sasquatch972

    GPU recommendations.

    im in a similar position, i have a near identicle system with a 5850 Oc'd to max able settings, i mainly play battlefield 3 and from what ive done research wise ive not really found much of a reason to upgrade the GPU until the 7970 and 680 came out. Having said that though from what fellow BF3 players have found that the 680 quite easily out performs the 7970, so im going to be looking at the 680 direction, but hopefully with a non reference card when they start to come out. Best of luck
  7. Sasquatch972


    im looking at a 680 to most likely replace my heavily OC'd 5850.. im mainly a battlefield 3 player and according to benchmarks the 680 has the upper hand...15fps or so alot of people in my bf3 platoon that have got 7970's have been having FPS issues, just generally running slower than expected, yet the blokes with the 680s are getting exceptional FPS on ultra settings...
  8. Sasquatch972

    MS Flight - new era or doomed dodo?

    used to love playing MS Flight sim for hours (kinda sad to some i know) but i loved it, at one stage i wanted to become an airline pilot, used to fly all around the world. Used to download lots of mod aircraft. used to play it all with the keyboard but bought a saitek cyborg joystick and found it so much easier, and started playing online too with FSX, havent really played it for a couple of years though.
  9. i agree, get a cheap i3 and upgrade the CPU later on (if really needed) i3's are very under rated chips, mind you i bought a 2500k (upgraded from a Q6600) and i must say its been one of the best upgrades. And rather cost effective!
  10. Sasquatch972

    Overclocking Question

    yeah i get the same thing too, highest temps in prime95 yet never really get it that hot in games or encoding, that was with my old Q6600 though.... had that upto 80 degrees plenty of times with prime95. I havent been OCing the 2500K just yet though...
  11. Sasquatch972

    Upgrade to GTX580?

    yeah your GTX480 would be fine, im playing with a 5850 and it does great on ultra settings, 1920x1200 and AA turned down a notch. i get about 45-55 Fps on average. I would just wait abit longer personally, atleast till the new chip types arrive or until you cannot play games anymore.
  12. Sasquatch972

    My CPU collection

    nice collections there I also have a numerous motherboard,hard drive,Cpu,optical drive...etc etc collection from older Pentium 3s right to Socket 775..... I am missing Pentium 4 though as around that period i was going with Athlon Xp's.... Mine are all Ex main rigs,donations or random hard rubbish finds lol i should probably get rid of alot of the older crap
  13. Sasquatch972

    Blast from the Past II: 286 build

    ah this brings back many memories of playing street rod,sim city etc etc on old 286's and 386's before we got our first 486 with windows 95! (that we still had as the main computer till about 1999) ive got a P3 1ghz with 512mb ram sitting next to my desk that im gonna fiddle with, got a couple of old 20gb,10gb,8gb and 4gb hard drives too. about a year ago i sorted a whole bunch of old computers out and threw out a few pentium 166,120,133 systems that had been sitting in the cupboards collecting dust... i still have some old motherboard,ram and cpu setups sitting in boxes from the last decade too. if you are in melbourne, caribean gardens have a computer swap meat every sunday they used to have alot of old systems there for sale, and old floppy disk computer games too.
  14. Sasquatch972

    Upgrade assistance needed

    Fantastic, thanks for all the help. While I've got you, for curiosities sake how would my system fair with a GTX590? not that I could afford one. i had been running a Q6600 @ 3.2ghz with 4gb of ram and a heavily overclocked 5850 till saturday when i upgraded to an i5 2500K and 8gb ram and noticed a massive difference, pretty much with any new gpu you will then be bottle necked by your cpu, i would suggest something like a single 560,570 or 6950/70 and put the other 500-1000 bucks into a new motherboard,cpu and ram before going SLI/Xfire on your old setup.
  15. Sasquatch972

    BF3 Benchmarking

    Yeah beta was unplayable for me wiht constant lockups and sound loops. I have an e8500 stock and 5850 (see sig). I run at 1680x1050 on high. I get around 25-30fps but every now and then I get shuddering for a second or 2, looks like 1-5fps and then seems to run smooth again for quite some time. For me it is ok enough that I am holding off upgrading until Jan, when I have some more coin, but initially I thought I was going to have to upgrade straight away. Probably most worthwhile would be an SSD, long load times for levels and maps is really apparent with my Samsung F1. Tye Yeah i had a Q6600 @ 3.2ghz with 4gb ram, P5Qpro and running a Gigabyte 5850. i found the same jumping on mid-high settings and couldnt stand it so i bit the bullet and upgraded today to a i5 2500K on a Gigabyte Z68 UD3R and kept the 5850 and it runs as smooth as anything, i noticed the jumpyness on my old rig mainly when i was in areas with alot of people around.. the whole upgrade only cost $470 so its not too bad.